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how much is a 78 where u live worth? bc in america that's a C+ lol

at my university getting over 80% is extremely rare. this is the grading system:

80-100 = H1 (First class honours)
75-79 = H2A (Second class honours, Division A)
70-74 = H2B (Second class honours, Division B)
65-69 = H3 (Third class honours)
50-64 = Pass

so considering the massive size of the assignment, the effort i put into it, the standard of the university and the fact that i got the second highest grade achievable, i’m proud of my results thanks. (and tbh i’d still be proud even if i did get a c+.)

Writing Prompts List

Taking prompts for Stydia, Derek x Allison, Hook x Evie, Jay x Evie, Ben x Evie, Scott x Allison, Romanogers, Thorsif, Jon x Daenerys, Gendry x Arya, Robb x Daenerys, Rhaegar x Lyanna, Rhaegar x Lyanna x Robert, Francis x Mary, Linctavia, Dramione, Krumione, Rucas.

1. “ You said it’s us against the world. ”

2. “ You’re my person. ”

3. “ I’m flirting with you. ”

4. “ I can protect myself !”

5. “ You own me. ”

6. “ What the hell are you doing ?”

7. “ Just look at me ! ”

8. “ Why did you do this ?”

9. “ How could you ? I trusted you. ”

10. “ I’m done with you. ”

11.  “ Stop pushing me away. ”

12. “ I can’t do this without you. ”

13. “ This ‘life thing’ is meaningless without you. ”

14. “ Please smile. I need you to smile. ”

15.  “ You now that you don’t own me , right ?”

16. “ Let me go!”

17. “ I didn’t know you were a stalker. ”.

18. “ I’m never going to do this again ! ”

19. “ What’s wrong with you?”

20. “ I wanted to make sure you were okay. ”

21. “ Can I stay?”

22. “ It’s you. It’s always been you. ”

23. “ After all these years , I still love you. ”

24. “ Have you told him? ”

25. “ How are you gonna name her ?”

26. “ I’m tired of running away. ”

27.  “ You’re my home.”

28. “ I have nowhere to go. ”

29. “ I didn’t imagine our first date like this. ”

30. “ You’re jealous. ”

31. “ I can’t believe you talked me into this .”

32. “ I fall for the worst ones. ”

33. “ You don’t have to do this. ”

34. “ What if I’m not good enough ?”

35 . “ I don’t need to prove anything to you. ”

36. “ You still love her ?”

37. “ Stop thinking about her/him/them.”

38.  “ You make me wanna die. ”

39. “ Make me. ”

40. “ This isn’t the guy/girl I fell in love with. ”

41. “ You’re hurting me. ”

42. “ I just wanna forget about this. ”

43. “ I’m glad you came. ”

44. “ You can sing ? ”

45. “ You’re always haunting my dreams. ”

46. “ I don’t trust you. ”

47. “ Kiss me. ”

48. “ You’ll eat that ?”

49. “ Can I borrow your shirt ?”

50. “ Can I keep it ?”

51.  “ You weren’t supposed to love me.”

52. “ I hate you. ”

53. “ Can’t you see? I’m broken. ”

54. “ Someday ? Someday. ”

55. “ Don’t stop now. ”

56. “ Shut up. Your voice makes me want to kiss you. ”

57. “ I want you. ”

58. “ You wanna do this here ? ”

59. “ I’ve been in love with you for centuries. ”

60. “ Shut the hell up. ”

61. “ Are you ashamed of me ?”

62. “ Let’s run away. ”

63. “ We all cry sometimes. ”

64. “ Can I hug you ?”

65. “ Seriously, again? ”

66. “ Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed ?”

67. “ What do you want ?”

68. “ I love your sardonic sarcasm. ”

69. “ You can’t be serious. ”

70. “ Opposites do attract, I guess. ”

71. “ Go on. Tell me you hate me.”

72. “ I dare you to kill me. Do it ! ”

73. “ I just want to be alone. ”

74. “ Don’t waste your second chance. ”

75. “ I wanted him/her to be my husband/wife.

76. ” I can kick your ass, you know that, right ? “

77. ” Those things you said yesterday.. Did you mean them?“

78. ” I’m not promise. I drunk. “

79. ” Stay in bed. “

80. ” Go home. “

81.  ” I don’t have a home. “

82. ” I’m terrified of losing you. “

83. ” I can’t give you forever. “

84. ” What’s going on inside that head of yours ?“

85. ” I can’t say that. “

86. ” How can I not miss you?“

87. ” I thought you were dead. “

88. ” Did you enjoyed yourself last night ?“

89. ” You’re mine. “

90. ” Just kiss already. “

91. ” You left me.“

92.  ” I should’ve stayed home. “

93. ” It doesn’t matter anymore. “

94. ” Take your shirt off ! “

95. ” We’re gonna die. We’re so dead! “

96.  ” Sorry, did I stepped on your moment ? “

97. ” I thought you hated me. “

98. ” I won’t let you die. “

99. ” I wish you could love me. “

100. ” Say something. “

8tracks Pop-Punk Summer Playlist - a 95 song strong playlist that got way out of hand.

pop-punk summer

1. alive with the glory of love - say anything // 2. beating heart baby - head automatica // 3. the beach - all time low // 4. the beijing cocktail - the blackout // 5. both sides of the story - we are the in crowd // 6. bulls in brooklyn - the academy is… // 7. summer hair = forever young - the academy is… // 8. stay young - save your breath // 9. six feet under the stars - all time low // 10. approach the bench - the audition // 11. ready to go (get me out of my mind) - panic! at the disco // 12. i caught fire (in your eyes) - the used // 13. hurricane - panic! at the disco // 14. red flag - billy talent // 15. stood a chance - taking back sunday // 16. young volcanoes - fall out boy // 17. 1985 - bowling for soup // 18. ain’t it fun - paramore // 19. your song - mayday parade // 20. cute without the e - taking back sunday // 21. tonight tonight - hot chelle rae // 22. save it for the bedroom - you me at six // 23. we are young - fun. ft. janelle monae // 24. lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - panic! at the disco // 25. move along - the all-american rejects // 26. whoa oh! (me vs everyone) - forever the sickest kids // 27. when i get home, you’re so dead - mayday parade // 28. we love like vampires - sparks the rescue // 29. vacation - simple plan // 30. vegas - all time low // 31. undercover lover - kids in glass houses // 32. tell me i’m a wreck - every avenue // 33. there’s no such thing as accidental infidelity - you me at six ft. aled phillips // 34. this party sucks - the wonder years // 35. tgif - the secret handshake // 36. this is why we can’t have nice things - the blackout ft. josh franceschi // 37. queen of broken hearts - the bigger lights // 38. that’s what you get - paramore // 39. reckless - you me at six // 40. my friend’s over you - new found glory // 41. burn this city - cartel // 42. smile for the paparazzi - cobra starship // 43. runaway - cartel // 44. alone together - fall out boy  // 45. the space between - valencia // 46. dirty little secret - the all-american rejects // 47. pretty handsome awkward - the used // 48. makedamnsure - taking back sunday // 49. not in the mood for kiwi - save your breath // 50. one of those nights - the cab // 51. peace - kids in glass houses // 52. ocean avenue - yellowcard // 53. kids in love - mayday parade // 54. nothing worth having comes easy - save your breath // 55. molly makeout - the friday night boys // 56. no one can touch us - sing it loud // 57. swing swing - the all-american rejects // 58. melrose diner - the wonder years // 59. los angeles - the audition // 60. loverboy - you me at six // 61. i write sins not tragedies - panic! at the disco // 62. the lost boys - save your breath // 63. the middle - jimmy eat world // 64. liar (it takes two) - taking back sunday // 65. but it’s better if you do - panic! at the disco // 66. listen to your heart - the maine // 67. the jetset life is gonna kill you - my chemical romance // 68. la la - the cab // 69. it must really suck to be four year strong right now  - four year strong // 70. jamie all over - mayday parade // 71. if i surrender - the color fred // 72. ignorance - paramore // 73. if i fail - cartel // 74. heartbreak girl - 5 seconds of summer // 75. i just wanna run - the downtown fiction // 76. girls freak me out - the summer set // 77. hey! (walk away) - out of sight // 78. i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance // 79. honestly - cartel // 80. california - phantom planet // 81. check yes juliet - we the kings // 82. fuck u over - the summer set // 83. grand theft autumn - fall out boy // 84. guilty pleasure - cobra starship // 85. the great escape - boys like girls // 86. friends like these - deaf havana // 87. good boys gone rad - kids in glass houses // 88. chelsea - the summer set // 89. chicago is so two years ago - fall out boy // 90. dear maria, count me in - all time low // 91. the deadliest catch - lower than atlantis //92. everything is alright - motion city soundtrack // 93. everything’s magic - angels & airwaves //  94. crushcrushcrush - paramore // 95. my temperature’s rising - the audition //

Please take a listen, it’s a super fun playlist.


this is my fave hearthstone video

for those of you who don’t know, lifecoach is a hearthstone player who insists on waiting for the rope to burn out every single turn, making each one of his turns last the maximum of 74 seconds before ending them. this is infuriating in the extreme and boring to watch

so this is a video of him getting punished by the enemy randomly getting nozdormu, a card that’s usually pretty terrible, and being completely unable to make his brain work at anything similar to the speed of a normal human brain since he now loses 59 seconds of his precious turns

1. Write every day. Except on days when you don’t feel like writing that much and you don’t have anything interesting to say.

2. Never write when you’re too hot. Beads of sweat are ideas leaking from your brain.

3. Nobody really eats turnips. They are a ridiculous food. Characters cannot eat turnips.

4. Hypnosis is the writer’s greatest tool.

5. Skinny people are often the cause of conflict. Fat people are often the solution. NO MEDIUM SIZED PEOPLE.

6. If you must write about the travails of being a writer, at least give yourself a glass eye or a cyborg hand or something.

7. After your second draft, read backwards, from last page to first. If it doesn’t make sense both forward and backward, you’ve done something wrong.

8. Always describe the smell of your protagonist’s hands.

9. Fathers and sons do not speak to each other unless one of them has lost a limb and needs help finding that limb.

10. There is no evidence that people have gills, but there is no evidence that people cannot have gills.

11. For photosynthetic purposes, it is essential that you spend time writing in the outdoors.

12. 3rd person narration, like gladiator duels, is a barbaric invention of the ancient Greeks and should never be used under any circumstances.

13. Using multiple questions marks or a question/exclamation combo makes you look an actual crazy person.

14. Wear non-restrictive clothing that will allow the ideas to flow freely around you. Tunics are good, and cheap.

15. Chronological order is the only structure the human mind has evolved to understand.

16. If at all possible, get your characters to a place without gravity.

17. Cicadas are the most symbolic and underutilized creatures in literature.

18. A sex scene only works if it’s written in precise, clinical detail.

19. More fucking profanity.

20. Always know what size shoes your characters wear. The soul is in the shoes.

21. Most people don’t understand math anyway.

22. At least one character must have a funny accent.

23. Everyone moves clockwise. Counterclockwise is for anarchists

24. No lefthanded characters. Too weird.

25. For every adverb you use, do five pushups.

26. Y is an indecisive letter; using it implies indecision.

27. Children are interesting from ages 0-2 and the not again until they’re 14.

28. Just assume everyone has a weird fetish they’d like to keep secret.

29. A nursery rhyme: short chapters make everyone happier.

30. Start with the acknowledgments page, so that you always know who you’re disappointing on your bad writing days.

31. Include at least one scene in which someone meets an estranged sibling.

32. Characters use microwaves, not ovens. Ovens take too long

33. Highlight all the verbs and replace them with other better verbs

34. Writer’s block is best cured by swallowing a penny.

35. The hard C sound conveys authority. Do not soften yourself.

36. In dialogue, include all the ‘um’s but cut the ‘uh’s

37. Conjunctions, conjunction, conjunctions!

38. Remember, every surface your characters touch is just covered with deadly microbes.

39. Mercury poisoning is great for providing plot twists.

40. Do not have more than two redheaded characters, or people will think you’re up to something.

41. Make sure the plot isn’t lifted from a Nancy Drew book.

42. If an editor gives you advice, do the opposite.

43. Buy a lot of index cards.

44. Every day, pick an unusual adjective from the dictionary and be sure to use it.

45. Your literary heroes were probably terrible people. Be more like them.

46. No boats. Boats are over.

47. No airplanes either. Nothing interesting happens on airplanes anymore.

48. The only reliable way to begin a scene is with an alarm clock going off.

49. If you’re stuck, introduce a blimp. Blimps expedite plot.

50. No lightning. It’s cliche.

51. There is always a ghost in the attic.

52. Twins are interesting.

53. At the zoo, it’s easy for people to fall over fences.

54. Present tense is for junkies and teenagers.

55. It’s easy to distinguish characters if each has a unique hat.

56. Italics makes words sound fancy.

57. Shoot for a minimum of two metaphors per page.

58. If you haven’t introduced the gun by page 50, introduce it on page 51.

59. Diners and bars are the setting for about 80% of all human conversations

60. What does a gerund do? It does nothing.

61. In dialogue, everyone should always be lying.

62. Elevators are the crucible of our social lives.

63. Readers want to know where your character bought his car, what his monthly payment is, what kind of rate he got.

64. Your character may not be a caterer. There are more caterers in movies and novels than there have been throughout the history of the world.

65. See what you can do with SONAR.

66. Time your writing schedule to coincide with the different phases of the moon.

67. Spend two decades traveling before you write a single word.

68. If, in the history of language, anyone has written a sentence like the one you’ve just written, delete that sentence and start over.

69. Most metaphors don’t have to make sense; they just need to be memorable.

70. Rain is always meaningful.

71. Linoleum floors are much less interesting than quicksand.

72. The stars can be beautiful without forcing themselves upon you. The same should apply to your writing.

73. Shakespeare did it first. You can do it second.

74. You haven’t truly made it until you’ve received a threatening email from a stranger.

75. Write as if you’ve been possessed by a demon, but, like, a nice demon.

76. Record a video of yourself sleeping at night, so you know what it looks like when you’re at your most vulnerable.

77. Most people want you to fail. Never forget this.

78. At least 25% of any book should be flashbacks.

79. Never kill a dog in your book. The dogs will know.

80. The best food to eat to stimulate your writing process is a charcuterie tray. D.H. Lawrence ate nothing but cured meats.

81. Writing is 30% perspiration, 40% inspiration, 40% good luck, 50% magic, and 1% mathematics.

82.Every sex act must result in a pregnancy.

83. Repetition is the sign of an unfit mind. If possible, never employ repetition of words or phrases, lest you seem to have an unfit mind.

84. The internet is not going away; your characters should frequently interact via email and hacking. Lots of hacking.

85. Only employ vampires if they are a metaphor for municipal government.

86. Dialect should be heavy and consistent. It is important to know whether someone is from the South, or Eurasia.

87. Leave a few blank pages at the end of your final chapter and encourage the reader to conclude it the way he or she would like.

88. One of the most important choices you will face is deciding which font to use.

89. Spill every secret you know; you can’t save them for the afterlife.

90. Write a minimum of twelve drafts. Then put the manuscript in a safe deposit box for one full year before reading it again.

91. Think about all the cool things you can do with UFOs.

92. Set the scene. A minimum of seven sentences of setting description before even mentioning a character.

93. Readers like mystery. Try to reveal as little as possible during the first two chapters.

94. Characters in neckties are boring. Characters who poach rhinos for a living are not.

95. Every line of dialogue should be performing a minimum of five functions.

96. In your final draft, cut the last line of every paragraph, no matter what.

97. When something is REALLY IMPORTANT, put it in CAPS. It’s the only way for some readers to know.

98. A well-placed illustration can save you the trouble of writing a thousand words.

99. Writing a book is fundamentally a political act. This means at least one character must be given the opportunity to make a political speech of no fewer than 6 pages.

100. Magical realism is a term invented by occultists.

101. Write to displease whatever god you believe in.

102.Believe in monsters.

103. Contractions are a crutch for writers too lazy to type the whole word, but also crutches can be really useful, like if you have a broken leg, for example.

104. Write about the thing you love the most, and destroy it.

105. DO NOT READ other novels while writing. You don’t want to taint your vision.

106. Cut all human ties until you have finished your book. Friends are leeches, family are anchors.

107. The human body has 206 bones and 642 muscles. These are naturally perfect numbers: 206 words per page, 642 syllables per page. Every page.

—  Tom McAllister (107 Ironclad Rules for Writers Who Want to Be Better at Writing)
Manhattan Halloween Terror Hoax, More Details - November 1, 2017

So in light of this propaganda taking place a span of 8 weeks from the borough president’s birthday, the final number killed is 8.

So this is the terror suspect who ran around with two guns, was shot in the stomach and taken to the hospital, yet he is casually just chilling right here, posing for the camera.

Updated at 9:03 with the 1:14 (74 second) video, and the Houston Astros Predictive Programming/Branding.  World War = 114

Flight 93 crashing at 9:03 CST

7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

Look at the big 3 on this actor’s back.

Look at the actor on the left trying to keep a straight face.  He knows this is just a play being sold as real life events by his local police department.

10/31/2017 => 10+31+(2+0+1+7) = 51

Conspiracy = 51
Propaganda = 51
Federal = 51

Numerical art, branding their propaganda.

Sayfullo Saipov, the reflection of 391, saying he was ‘radicalized domestically.’
And why didn’t they quote ‘radicalized domestically’ in the headline, but only in the article?  Shouldn’t they be following the rules of quotation?  A professional journalism organization does not falter on this.  They do not cherry pick these kinds of things.  All this means is that CNN and mainstream news media is not professional news, but rather professional propaganda, coded by the numbers.

Habibullaevic??  That name is completely made up.  Just some shit fusion of an Arabic and North-Asian name.

His initials break down to 181, the 42nd prime number.  Freemason = 42

Execution = 116, 911 upside down.

Check out this video exposing the actor in the Astros hat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0DnOdIzGwQ


Some of our Favorites! (Top 20 Episode List)

Amanda’s Top 20:

  1. Ep 112: PaperMill Factory
  2. Ep 140: Running Man Virus
  3. Ep 168: Wolf Vs. Sheep
  4. Ep 42: First Survival Game
  5. Ep 74: Superpower Nametag Elimination
  6. Ep 129: Winter Olympics
  7. Ep 8: The “I Swear” video makes Appearance
  8. Ep 12: Gary Let’s Jihyo Go
  9. Ep 13: Jae Suk Solo Win (YooRuce Willis)
  10. Ep 96 & 153 & 200s: Park Ji Sung (^^)
  11. Ep 178: RM vs PD
  12. Ep 187: Cross The Han River
  13. Ep 100: God’s Power Episode
  14. Ep 38: Yooames Bond
  15. Ep 133 & 134: Macau & Vietnam
  16. Ep 138: Athletic Vs. Theatre Department
  17. Ep 155: Ghost Sisters
  18. Ep 131: Bounty Hunter (MMA Fighter)
  19. Ep 183: True Match Paring
  20. Ep 135: Jackie Chan Episode

Michelle’s Top 20, in no particular order:

  1. Ep 91: Prison Break/Yoomes Bond Pt. 2
  2. Ep 127: Busan F4
  3. Ep 74: 1st Superpowers Episode
  4. Ep 151: CCTV Episode
  5. Ep 147: Flower Boy Special
  6. Ep 104: 1st Idol Olympics
  7. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  8. Ep 25: Manhwa Episode
  9. Ep 63: SNSD Pt. 1
  10. Ep 138: Student Rivalry 2013
  11. Ep 139: This Winter, the Typhoon Blows
  12. Ep 142: Best Couple Race
  13. Ep 79: Sherlock Holmes
  14. Ep 113: Ddakji
  15. Ep 93: Nonstop Survival
  16. Ep 78: Chun-Han War
  17. Ep 86: Running Man Championship
  18. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  19. Ep 96: Park Jisung
  20. Ep 178: Han River Crossing    

Koko’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 42: First Best Running Man Race
  2. Ep 52: Running Man Hunting
  3. Ep 60: Tru-Gary Show
  4. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  5. Ep 74: Second Best Running Man Race
  6. Ep 77: Tasty Bingo Race
  7. Ep 91: The Return of Yoo-ames Bond
  8. Ep 96: Superpower Soccer
  9. Ep 98: Zombie Special
  10. Ep 108: Don’t Walk, Date!
  11. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  12. Ep 112: The Golden Eggs Race
  13. Ep 118: Running Man vs Hunter
  14. Ep 119: First Superpower Baseball
  15. Ep 126: Fool Choi Ji Woo
  16. Ep 140: Yoo-ames Bond Part 3
  17. Ep 144: Children’s Day Special
  18. Ep 147: Flower Boy Race
  19. Ep 148: Eating Board Race
  20. Ep 165: Search for the Little Girl

Marie’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 11: that one where they stamp Gary’s face without him knowing
  2. Ep 20: that one where they put Jae Suk in a lie detector test and you realize he’s the best
  3. Ep 35-36: that one where Dae Sung and Jung Yong Hwa go hide around that enormous camp ground
  4. Ep 41: that one where Joong Ki leaves (I cry everytime)
  5. Ep 60: that one where Gary becomes a spy but doesn’t but we don’t know?
  6. Ep 66: that one where Joong Ki returns as a surprise
  7. Ep 69: that one where Choi Min Soo returns
  8. Ep 96: that one where they play superpower football with Park Ji Sung
  9. Ep 98: that one where they scare themselves in a big empty hotel
  10. Ep 104: that one where they play against idols in the shows 1st Olympics
  11. Ep 127: that one where Ji Hyo realizes she’s the one everyone’s looking for later than expected
  12. Ep 132: that one where Kwang Soo outmaneuvers EVERYONE
  13. Ep 138: that one where they had a hilarious eating contest with the boys of School 2013
  14. Ep 139: that one where they go to Macau and go bungee jumping
  15. Ep 163: that one where they treat Ji Hyo the princess she is
  16. Ep 175: that one where Gong Yoo is as perfect as ever
  17. Ep 178: that one where the members negotiate their working conditions against the staff
  18. Ep 181: that one where the male guest and one member have a sweet secret mission
  19. Ep 197: that one where Suk Jin made me cry proud tears
  20. Ep 200: that one where they go to the zoo and hilarity ensues

I know it took a long time (again, so sorry!), but hopefully this still helps some of you! We weren’t able to include Beth and Ann’s top 20, but I think this is enough to get started if you wanted watch RM but not from the start, or if you’re just looking for a way to pass time with a random episode binge! :)

What about your top 20?


Buy a stethoscope and listen carefully to your heartbeat. If you are young, it should sound like this:

nobody has paid attention to me for 72 seconds
nobody has paid attention to me for 74 seconds
nobody has paid attention to me for 76 seconds
someone is paying attention to me
leave me alone
leave me alone
nobody has paid attention to me for 1 second
nobody has paid attention to me for 3 seconds

bribroc182  asked:

Hanamiya as a father headcannon? Please&&thank you💖💖


  • Teaches them basketball at a young age. His spouse has to stop him from teaching the poor child his violent tactics.
  • He always makes fruity cereal bars for his kid. And it’s because my kid likes it dammit, I totally absolutely do not eat these with him.
  • Absolutely goes and scares monsters out of his kid’s room so they can sleep better. Papa scares the monsters away because he’s scarier, Mama!
  • Loves his child, but is tired 900% of the time. Often falls asleep .74 seconds after his child has begun their nap.
Basic Guide to Mediguns

The basis of a Medic’s abilities and the finest part of playing the class, the different mediguns are essential to understanding how to play Medic. This guide will help explain the different mediguns available to you and what they do. 

Hopefully by the end of this guide, you’ll have a better idea of the mediguns and how to use them. Each medigun is designed for a different place and time, knowing when to use them is key. 

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Football Meme
[1/1] Manager:
Bill Shankly (1913-1981)
♛ 4 FA Charity Shield (1964, 1965, 1966, 1974)
♛ 3 Football League First Division (1963/64, 1965/66, 1972/73)
♛ 2 FA Cup (1964/65, 1973/74)
♛ 1 Football League Second Division (1961/62)
♛ 1 UEFA Cup (1972/73)
☆  Carlisle United (1949-1951)
☆ Grimsby Town (1951-1954)
☆ Workington (1954-1955)
☆ Huddersfield Town (1956-1959)
☆ Liverpool FC (1959-1974)

“He made the people happy”


Fellow Grammy performer Beyoncé breaks into the Hot 100’s top 10 (13-2) with top Streaming Gainer “Drunk in Love,” which she performed as the gala’s opening song. After a week at No. 2, the track returns to No. 1 on Streaming Songs (9.4 million, up 74%) for a second frame on top. It vaults 8-2 on On-Demand Songs (2.3 million, up 42%) and enters the Digital Songs top 10 (18-7; 151,000, up 94%). It continues scaling Radio Songs, where it lifts 16-14 (68 million, up 15%).

With the song’s Hot 100 climb, Beyoncé scores her 15th top 10 and first since Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” on which she’s featured, reached No. 3 in April 2010. “Drunk” marks Beyoncé’s first top 10 as a lead act since “Sweet Dreams” rose to No. 10 in November 2009. It’s also her highest-charting song since “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” spent four weeks at No. 1 beginning the week of Dec. 13, 2008.

With 15 top 10s, Beyoncé ties Connie Francis and Olivia Newton-John for seventh-place among women with the most top 10s in the Hot 100’s 55-year history. 

Jay Z, meanwhile, extends his record for the most Hot 100 top 10s among rappers, as he collects his 21st (with 12 in a lead role; Beyoncé has sported lead billing on 13 of her 15 top 10s). Among rappers, Lil Wayne and Ludacris share second place with 18 top 10s each, followed by Eminem (17), Diddy and T-Pain (15 apiece).

“Drunk” is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s fourth shared Hot 100 top 10 (and the third with Beyoncé as the lead artist). With Jay Z as the lead, “‘03 Bonnie & Clyde” reached No. 2 in December 2002. The couple followed with “Crazy in Love” (eight weeks at No. 1, 2003) and “Déjà Vu” (No. 4, 2006). (With the pair having wed in 2008, “Drunk,” thus, marks the Carters’ first top 10 as husband-and-wife.)

In addition to its Hot 100 accolades, “Drunk” becomes Beyoncé’s seventh, and Jay Z’s 10th, No. 1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (4-1).

While “Drunk” gains by 62% in overall Hot 100 points and “Horse” increases by 26%,“ the latter song boasts a comfortable 45% points lead over the former atop the tally.



Monet at Vétheuil (74)
The second trip to Normandy
Perhaps the more spectacular cliff paintings are those that Monet made at sea level. Here’s two of them. The first one is made near Fécamp, but the other seems to be made during a short visit to Petites-Dalles, a small village little less than 20 km from Fécamp, where his brother had a country retreat by the sea.

Claude Monet, Falaise près de Fécamp (Cliff near Fécamp), 1881. Oil on canvas, 61 x 79 cm. Private collection
Claude Monet, Falaise des Petites-Dalles (Cliffs of Les Petites-Dalles), 1881. Oil on canvas, 60 x 74 cm. Private collection