74 degree

August 23, 2016 (Day 59)

9:30 am…74 degrees

“Hey, babe? Did you see they are having a massive power outage in New York?” Rick chuckled. “They talk about us not being able to handle snow in the South, but it seems like every summer the power gets overloaded and goes out and you see a mass of people walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to get home cause the subway is down. Talking about our infrastructure can’t handle the cold, well theirs can’t handle the heat.”

Michonne glanced up from her magazine as Rick came into the living room. “You’re getting a real kick out of this, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I get sick of hearing them play ‘Deliverance’ every time they show a car stuck in a few inches of snow back home. Back home we need to start running these stories from up here and playing something like ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ That would—“

Rick’s sentence was interrupted by a loud pop that was immediately followed by the power going out.

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Sorority Breakdown- IngloriousBettas

Okay, so this post is basically breaking down the issues with the sorority tank seen in this video

Before I begin, here’s a short disclaimer

Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. This post is both a critique of IngloriousBetta’s tank and an educational post about issues with betta sororities, therefore it falls under fair use and is 100% legal

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Color change Snoots - they turn purple at ~74 degrees and turn green when they warm back up. My warm fingers are warming it back up after a dunk in cold water. #seedarts

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Imagine Bucky having a really bad day and JARVIS helping him to get through it.

He’s flat on his back and the agony is all encompassing, and he can’t see – can’t breathe, choking on the tube down his throat –


– can’t scream, can’t –


He doesn’t so much wake up as open his eyes, and he’s still on his back, still frozen with terror, but he can wheeze desperately. Bed. He’s in a bed. His bed, in the Tower. Fuck. He manages to move enough to curl onto his side.

“Your heart rate was considerably elevated, sir.” It’s JARVIS.

His heart rate is still considerably elevated, pounding hard enough to make his chest ache. He’s had this particular nightmare-memory on loop enough times to know exactly how it ends. He gropes for his left arm, and the metal is a relief, the lack of a bloodied stump is a relief.

“Thanks,” he rasps.

“You’re welcome,” JARVIS says, and there’s no snide there. Eventually, Bucky’s able to sit up. “Would you like me to rouse anyone, sir?”

He wants… fuck. He doesn’t want anyone seeing him like this, still shaking and unable to draw a steady breath. He shakes his head. “Could you just… warmer?”


It doesn’t actually help with the shaking much, but it helps with the breathing, and he can close his eyes for more than a moment without horrible things rising behind his eyelids.

“Would you…” he doesn’t quite have words. “Could you just talk to me?“

JARVIS doesn’t miss a beat. “It’s Tuesday morning, sir, Dawn will be in twenty minutes. It’s going to be partly cloudy, and 74 degrees…”

He dresses slowly, and goes up onto the roof to watch the sun rise over the skyline. JARVIS sends up one of the kitchen staff to unobtrusively deliver dry toast and black coffee, and Bucky doesn’t ask how JARVIS knows it’s about the only thing he could keep down right now.

By the time everyone else is up and moving, he’s ensconced himself with a book so it’s okay that he doesn’t talk much. Steve notices, though, and quietly joins him on the couch, also reading, and it’s good.

Steve also brings him a plate of food from lunch, and it smells amazing - roast meat and vegetables, but he picks up the cutlery, and the metal reflects the light - his own goddamn hand reflects the light, and all he can think is scalpel and all he can hear is the whine of the saw and fuck everything -

“Sergeant Barnes,” JARVIS says, neutral as ever. “Mr Stark requires your expertise down on Level 17.” Bucky carefully puts the plate down and excuses himself to Steve.

“He doesn’t actually, does he?” Bucky asks when he’s out in the corridor.

“Not precisely,” says JARVIS. “But the gym on Level 17 is empty, and contains the new reinforced sparring apparatus. It needs testing.”

Working out until he’s too exhausted to think helps a lot.

It helps enough that he’s okay enough to eat dinner with everyone else, and lasts a whole hour in the common room afterwards before needing to plead tiredness and bailing.

His apartment is … warm, and there’s quiet music playing from above. “JARVIS, are you serenading me?” He aims for a joke, but he can’t deny the relief that’s easing his muscles. The staff have changed the bed, too, and slipping between clean, smooth sheets feels like an unspeakable luxury. JARVIS dims the lights, enough that Bucky can see the room at a glance, but also close his eyes to darkness.

“Would you wake me, if I…?“

“Immediately, sir,” JARVIS says.

“Thanks,” Bucky whispers.

“Sleep well, sir.”

He really, blessedly, does.

after the mistake

the follow up to this (NSFW) because i can’t get enough of the pitch perfect au and neither can u. to learn more about the pp au click here. this takes place two days after bill and dipper hooked up after regionals. (and its much shorter)

“See you later!” Dipper called, waving briefly to Austin and Eric as they went their separate ways for very separate classes. Checking his watch, Dipper saw that he had a good 45 minutes until class started, and decided to grab lunch and something to snack on during the lectures he would have to endure later.

It was nice to live in California, he reflected. Up in Oregon, where he spent many a summer, it would be pouring down rain. But in Claremont, it was a warm 74 degrees, according to his phone. You could always tell the natives from the tourists from up north; Dipper and many of the other students wandering around campus wore long sleeves and jeans, while the out-of-staters wore tank tops and shorts.

He flipped through some stuff on his phone as he headed down the stairs. A few of his friends had updated their Snapchat stories. He had two notifications on Facebook, but nothing interesting.

He rounded the corner into the second floor and ran into the last person he wanted to see.

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Current temperature is 57 degrees with the highest being 74 degrees today and partly cloudy. Tonight temperatures will drop down to 58 degrees with light winds and variable. A strong cold front will interact with a deep plume of subtropical moisture bringing a period of moderate to heavy rainfall to the region beginning Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Besides the front, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will continue through Tuesday evening. Rainfall rate in excess of one half to an inch per hour are possible during the peak of the storm. This storm has the potential to create mud and debris flows in and around the recent burn areas.

Texas Trip Highlights

1) On the warmest day/night/morning, Mother decided to bake cookies. The temperature in the apartment was still a hellish 74+ degrees by morning, with running AC. Never bake in Texas. It summons the heat monsters.

2) With the exception of that one day (which also had warm rain what is that nonsense?) the temps were actually like super pleasant! 35-50 for the most part, with a super nice 43 being the most common. Apparently it got cooler as soon as we left?

3) The three teenage pups had SO MUCH FUN together. In fact, sometimes a little too much. It’s a long story. And Olaf feels no shame. Not does Lemma, who also had an equally undignified episode. @bugzattack knows to what I refer. The rest of you really don’t want to know.

4) When there is adequate room in a backseat for dogs who are friends to curl up separately, they will in fact form a puppy pile instead. Pictures will eventually appear in a separate post.

5) Chicken farms smell awful from far away.

6) Chicken farms smell worse up close.

7) Mannheim Steamroller is absolutely amazing in concert. Except for the fact the electric violin sometimes sounds like a flute and messes with my brain, which okay is actually kind of cool.

8) My sister is still pretty awesome

9) Chewbacca onesies are super comfy pajamas. There will be NO pictures later.

10) Home is still a good place to come back to.

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I just moved from Hawaii, about 74 degrees F, to Washington state, about 45 degrees F- and I am dying. HAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaaaaa please light my soul on fire I am cold.

oh dude that sucks

i know how it is


Crossword Puzzles

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1161

Summary: Sam helps the reader as much as he can, the two growing closer.

Part 2 in the Strange Series. Read Part 1 here.

Yay for Part 2!! I’m so glad you’re all excited for this series, really. I’ts been a while since I’ve written Sam, but I forgot how much fun it is!! :) Enjoy!

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Learn something...

Normally I wouldn’t have taken offense to this until I read the full comment

First off, you’re wrong on every assumption. All 3, not 2, guns are not the original AK-47, just family variants. Unfortunately most of the mass media press journalists don’t distinguish specific firearms. Instead they generalize a platform that suits their reader base, which is your everyday individual not versed in firearms. So any AK variant becomes an AK-47 as a universal term since that’s what most average people know. Rifles that journalists do not recognize will usually just carry the moniker of “assault rifle”. I didn’t put in AK-47, Reuters did because it’s they’re press released caption.

I somewhat expected this because anytime AK-47 gets used in a post on gunblr, people tend to comment quickly that it isn’t an AK-47. That’s fine and cool, standard nomenclature teaches us nothing. I would much rather know what kind of firearm it is than a generic term.

Yet, you got all of your identifications wrong (either you’re trolling or serious) and you were an asshole about it. If you had commented nicely I would have gladly answered in an Ask.

But onto the rifles themselves since apparently I have to “learn something.”

I don’t know how you managed to confuse the first rifle as a Hungarian AMD-65. It’s a Romanian AK due to the angle of the dip in the side-folding stock. There is a Polish and East German AK with the same style stock but it’s impossible to identify without looking at the stock in detail. Also there are more Romanian AK’s in Africa than there are Polish or East German.

The exact model of Romanian AK is difficult to discern since it has characteristics of both the PM md. 63 and PM md. 90 but also missing characteristics as well.

This is the Hungarian AMD-65.

What’s interesting about the second rifle is that it has a stamped receiver but a double tang rear trunnion. The tangs are exposed since the stock was removed, which is actually common practice in Africa and the Middle East, where they prefer compact folding stocks or stock-less AK’s. A lot of photos of rebel fighters in Syria and Libya have AK’s missing their stocks.

There are generally only 5 major AK-by-nation variants that had double tang rear trunnions; Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Yugoslavian and Chinese. There are some U.S made double tang AK’s such as the Centurion C39 but it’s unlikely one made it all the way to a Burundi police department.

The problem is 99% of the time, double tang rear trunnions are only found on milled receivers.

My best guess as to what rifle this is would be of Chinese in origin. There were/are stamped double tang Chinese AK’s out there. Someone else who knows more about AK’s may chime in and positively identify this oddball.

Lastly, the rifle you assumed was an AK-104 or AK-105, is actually a Bulgarian milled underfolder. The sling is obstructing the gas block but a secondary photo of the same officer shows an AK-74 style 90 degree gas block.

I think the exact rifle is a Bulgarian AR-M1F, due to the gas block, milled receiver and under-folding stock. It is however missing it’s muzzle device. There is also an old New York Times article that covered how Bulgarian weapons had become quite popular with weapons smugglers in Africa.

The AK-104 uses a stamped receiver and a push-button side folding stock, along with it’s distinct muzzle brake.

The AK-105, which is chambered in 5.45x39 (not exactly a common caliber in Africa) looks identical to the AK-104. The only way to really distinguish them from a distance is the angle of the magazine curvature. 

AK-104 (top) & AK-105 (bottom).

Again, I’m not sure how you confused the AK-104 and AK-105 as being the possible candidate for any of the rifles that were in the “Spray n’ Pray” post.

I hope this was informative and that you learned something.

do british people really consider 70 degrees fahrenheit hot??? i remember that one post where they were like “PRAY FOR US DURING THIS HEATWAVE!!!” and it was like 74 degrees… i was like wyd………


10 Day Business Trip to Europe

I was voluntold to speak at my industry’s conference in Frankfurt this week and took the opportunity to spend time with my Crawley, UK employees as well as various clients and prospects in London and Paris.  While in Paris I had dinner with a high school classmate at Georges restaurant on top of the Pompidou.  

I rode the Eurostar from London to Paris for first time and a few days later took the train from Paris to Frankfurt.  The Paris train station had a pedal-powered mobile phone recharging station.  Both train trips were very enjoyable (and relatively inexpensive).  While in Germany I also had a one day trip to Berlin but didn’t have time to catch up with a Tumblr friend as I had hoped.

Traveling in Europe is generally very easy, even for someone who only speaks English (like me).  It was awkward being overseas during the election though - most everyone I met thinks the US has lost it’s mind (and I’m inclined to agree).

The last two pictures illustrate my primary, petty complaints about European hotels.  First, the thermostats are entirely decorative and don’t actually influence the temperature of the hotel room.  Regardless of what setting you choose, your room is going to be 74 degrees with no air movement.  I’m equally perplexed by the half-wall of European showers.  This arrangement ALWAYS results in a puddle on the floor.  I absolutely cannot fathom any benefit of this arrangement. 

Sadly, my training schedule suffered as European hotels are less likely to have a gym and it’s even more rare to find one that’s open late enough to accommodate a post client dinner treadmill run.

I can’t recall the last time I was out of town on business for this long - I’m glad to be home and hope I don’t have to repeat it anytime soon.