The new Delta B757 interior // ~x

This is for domestic flights; the B757s operating transatlantic flights, and JFK-LAX/SFO/SEA, have mood-lighting and lie-flat seats in “Delta One.”

Picture is very bright, in real life the colors are darker and less sterile.

Really amazed at how fresh this interior looks with the new 737NG/777/787-style pivot bins and new sculpted sidewalls. Can’t believe this is how a 15+ year old bird looks. Loved the B757 to death before, more so now..


- Luxair or Luxembourg Airlines -
It is the national airline of Luxembourg and was founded back in 1948. Since then the carrier operated a variety of airplanes such as 737s, Caravelles, 747SPs and A300s. They also used to fly to South Africa but ceased operations when European competition grew to strong. Nowadays the airline operates a small and efficient fleet of 737NGs, Embraer regional jets and Bombardier Dash 8-Q400s to different European cities. In 2015 Lufthansa decided to sell its 13% stake in the airline to the government of Luxembourg. In the future the airline is looking to buy new planes such as A320neos, 737MAXs or the C-series.

11/20/13–DL 2410, SEA-LAX. 

With every passing day, I realize how far I am from what I want. I realize that the life and the path that I have chosen will never lead me to happiness. No, not because I won’t meet the person I’ve always dreamed of meeting or have all the things I’ve always wanted–those, I know, I will never get. But because I fear that what I’m doing will not allow me to fly.

Only when I’m inside an airplane, jetting along at hundred-of-miles-an-hour, with only the ground below me as a reference point to where I am.. do I feel at home. All the worries and troubles of humanity, and human things, become irrelevant when you’re amongst the clouds. You can’t do anything about anything.

All you can do is look out the window and appreciate the world. That’s it. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted. To see the beauty in the world. Flying is but a medium, but it is my–and a very select fews’–medium.