The Rehab Job

There needed to be more mtmte heists.  Heists are hard to write, so I stole a plot from the show Leverage and adapted it to my needs.

Title: The Rehab Job

Plot: There’s a chance to recover a copy of the starmap!  Unfortunately, an organic has stolen it and hidden it somewhere in the library of Yelsid.

Pairings: Rewind/Chromedome, future Drift/Ratchet?

Rating: General

Length: 7375 words

I’ll probably post this to AO3, eventually.  After I get back into my account.  In the meantime, enjoy!  If you see any weird mistakes, let me know, I wrote this on my phone during a roadtrip.

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I hope these people already criticizing Alissa for joining Arch Enemy realize how wrong they are. Angela had a major role on opening the doors for female growlers in metal, she is talented and deserves the appreciation she receives. But Alissa is a stronger singer, honestly. She can do harsh and also guttural vocals, and she has a beautiful clean singing voice (though she probably won’t use that for the band). Arch Enemy got to the point of saturation, their latest album was heavily criticized as “the same old stuff”, so getting a new singer is actually a huge opportunity for them. Hopefully she’ll bring something new with her. Of course we all can and should miss Angela, but you should be welcoming Alissa with open arms, she’s their best shot right now.