I hope these people already criticizing Alissa for joining Arch Enemy realize how wrong they are. Angela had a major role on opening the doors for female growlers in metal, she is talented and deserves the appreciation she receives. But Alissa is a stronger singer, honestly. She can do harsh and also guttural vocals, and she has a beautiful clean singing voice (though she probably won’t use that for the band). Arch Enemy got to the point of saturation, their latest album was heavily criticized as “the same old stuff”, so getting a new singer is actually a huge opportunity for them. Hopefully she’ll bring something new with her. Of course we all can and should miss Angela, but you should be welcoming Alissa with open arms, she’s their best shot right now.


Today November ends, and with it, another wonderful experience in NaNoWriMo. I didn’t wrote the 50k I suppose to, but that was never my goal, not really. In total I wrote 34589 words, which are divided between 4 fics. Queen of Lions with 24672 words (4+ chapters). I didn’t finish it, but it’s almost done. I think 2 more chapters will be suffice to finish the whole story. Then, I have And There Were Three (Enraptured Submission series). This one needs a lot of work still, but a good chunk of it is done. So far it’s at 7375 words, and considering all what I still have to tell there, I’m sure it’ll pass the 10K. If it does, then I’m turning it up in a 2-part fic.

I also work in another 2 shorter projects that complete the rest of words, and I’ll be posting soon 😉

I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo 6 times and this was the first time that I had a whole team of people cheering up and motivating me to keep going. My dearies, what have would I done without you! Thanks @felicity-said–yes  @emmaamelia95 @coal000 @miriam1779 @somewhatinvisible @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline @wanderingmmries @laurabelle2930 @hope-for-olicity @nalla-madness @vaelisamaza @cris101071 @oliverfel4 @mel-loves-all @calzonayfaberry21 @imusuallyobsessed @smkkbert @almondblossomme @djeniiscorner @mtb1002 @somethingsweetsomethingsour @meh-b99 @queenbloisey @idreamindisneyandpink @morning-revivals @mercyme03 @archaeologydigit @lynslogic @writewithurheart and so many others. Your support was immensely appreciated. All these fics are dedicated to you. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

I love you all!!

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