10 Great Music Films You Might Not Have Seen
By Graham Winfrey

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Only Jim Jarmusch could make vampires cool again, casting Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as time-weary lovers Adam and Eve in “Only Lovers Left Alive.” Adam is a musician who has tucked himself away in a crumbling corner of Detroit, making haunting underground rock music (akin to The Velvet Underground), that was actually penned by Jarmusch and his band, SQÜRL. The film also features two live performances, one by White Hills, who coincidentally have a song called “Let the Right One In,” as well as a beautiful performance by Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan.

LFRP on Balmung! (And maaaaaaaaaybe an FC?)

the basics ––––

  • NAME: Grim Horizon
  • AGE: 32
  • RACE: Hellsguard Roegadyn
  • GENDER: Cis Female
  • SEXUALITY: Homosexual, Homoromantic, Monogamous
  • MARITAL STATUS: Single and seeking
  • SERVER: Balmung

physical appearance ––––

  • HAIR: Dirty blonde with lighter blonde natural highlights throughout. Highlights are more prominent with time spent in the sun, (natural bleaching,) but Grim does nothing artificial to her hair really.
  • EYES: Bright green and almost always squinting in a smile.
  • HEIGHT: Something something I’m too lazy to look up her proper height something something. Appropriately tall for a Roe lady, however.
  • BUILD: Heavily toned. Arms especially, but her core is strong as well. Probably skipped leg day in all honesty but doesn’t look unbalanced by any means.
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None except a few more prominent scars. All of which were done by particularly vicious foliage, basically.
  • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Hatchet and Scythe, many many pouches and satchels and bags, often many belts on legs, waist, arms, body with said bags and satchels and pouches attached to them.

personal ––––

  • PROFESSION: Botanist, alchemist (really though she only works with potions/salves/etc.), apothecarist.
  • HOBBIES: Botany. It’s her life, really. Also exploring Eorzea as she’s only just started to explore past the Gyr Abanian border now that the war is over and she isn’t needed as intensely in Rhalgr’s Reach all the time anymore. Reading, listening to music/watching performances, drinking interesting concoctions and eating unusual foods (the weirder, the better), and playing Triple Triad.
  • LANGUAGES: ‘Common’(? Whatever the native tongue of Eorzea and Gyr Abania is basically.)
  • RESIDENCE: She has recently purchased an apartment in Limsa Lominsa because she’s fallen in love with the sea and sand there. She still spends a huge amount of time in The Reach though, brewing potions and making other apothecary/alchemy related things for the people still recovering from the effects of the war against the Empire.
  • BIRTHPLACE: Ala Gannha, Gyr Abania
  • PATRON DEITY: Rhalgr, The Destroyer
  • FEARS: Being tempered by a primal is her biggest fear. She has other small ones though, like jellyfish.

relationships –––-

  • SPOUSE: None
  • CHILDREN: None, though she would LOVE to adopt someday and have a big ol’ family
  • PARENTS: Cruel Snake, father, living in Gyr Abania, 68.  Wicked Forest, mother, living in Gyr Abania, 67.
  • SIBLINGS: None!
  • OTHER RELATIVES: Aunts and uncles of varying ages. Cousins galore, including one with the unfortunate first name of ‘Rotten’. Both of her maternal grandparents, known only as Papa Bear and Nana Dove to Grim and her generation, are still alive and living with Grim’s mother and father in Gyr Abania - Grim makes sure to visit often!
  • PETS: Spike, a bulldog puppy.

traits ––––

  • extroverted / introverted / in between
  • disorganized / organized / in between
  • close minded / open-minded / in between
  • calm / anxious / in between
  • disagreeable / agreeable / in between
  • cautious / reckless / in between
  • patient / impatient / in between
  • outspoken / reserved / in between
  • leader / follower / in between
  • empathetic / unemphatic / in between
  • optimistic / pessimistic / in between
  • traditional / modern / in between
  • hard-working / lazy / in between
  • cultured / un-cultured / in between
  • loyal / disloyal / in between
  • faithful / unfaithful / in between

additional information ––––

  • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

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7340: Oh, stop it. That’s not cultural appropriation, that’s just musical influences. Trying to combine traditional music from a certain region into your music is just showing appreciation to that culture’s artistic expression. It’s completely different from dressing a kimono or a keffiyeh merely for fashion. I’m tired of people who have no idea of what they’re talking about spamming this condescending attitude all over tumblr. Epica is awesome.