u can insult me, my appearance, personality, and my character and i won’t do anything, but the second u insult ringo starr i go into overprotective mother mode. why would u hate on this special snowflake??? literally all he does is promote peace, take selfies, and use copious amounts of emojis. if u have a problem with that then u need to get 7304 miles away from me.

You ever kinda of just start talking to someone unexpectedly? Even though it’s unexpected it may be the BEST thing that has ever…I mean like… EVER happened to you? That’s how I feel about her .. It’s an indescribable feeling no words can compared to. Everything I want or even could possibly ask for, this girl has it. Yea, there are times where I just want to slap her, but even then she tries her hardest to make me happy. I’ve known her way before we got together we was good friends. Hell, we’re together and still act like bestfriends. I love joking around with her, I love the fact she tickles me when I look sad. I love that she says she can’t sleep without hearing my voice. This was the first time I met her in person. We’re a long distance couple. I mean some might not see it that way. She’s lives in Massachusets and I live in Pennsylvania. I got so use to waking up to her and her holding me and just being around me all the time. It sucked when she left… that first night without her was the WORST. Most days she has to sleep early due to her work hours but even then she stays on the phone with me till i’m asleep so she knows i’ll be okay. Everyday I want her more and everyday its never the same and i’m glad about that. I been in many relationships I been through alot of b.s but outta all of them, I have not been this happy. 10 months thats 304 days 43 weeks 7304 hours 438291 minutes and every freaking day I wake up happy. Even if she irritates me by the end of the night she’ll have a smile on my face. I’m so glad I have her. I truly am falling for her so much more everyday. September 18th,2012 JMC <3

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7304) People question why I waited so long to come out. I'm 22 and I knew since I was 6. But when I read stories of young trans girls with no supportive friends, unaccepting parents, and no support system in general, I'm glad I waited. Being an adult without one is hard enough. I can't even imagine being a kid or a teen with nobody there for me to help me through my transition and transphobia.

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hey claire! let me start off and say I LOVE YOU GUUUUUURL. My friends and I are obsessed with you (not creepin)... sending love all the way from Australia! Wishing you happy holidays and a rockin new year! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you (and your subscribers). Ps. was wondering if you had a P.O. BOX? Would love to send you a care package with Aussie goodies :) x

Sending love back to you ladies down under (that’s what she said)!

And I would be thrilled to receive some Aussie goodies since it is one place that I’ve yet to visit and it’s definitely on my list of places to see! 

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