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I really like this page because it very clearly points out who parallels who in the Shiganshina and veteran trios. Erwin and Eren, Mikasa and Levi, and Hanji and Armin share similar bonds, roles, and journeys in the narrative and the past Uprising arc and current Basement arc are really hammering in those similarities.

Once Strex entered my life and showed me the power of the Smiling God, why, nothing was the same for me ever again! I felt so much happier. I did terrible things. I felt so much happier! I tore and bit and growled…I felt so incredibly happy! My skin rent, blood drops on the ceiling, someone’s throat hose in my hand! So deliriously happy!

 WTNV 73, Triptych

…I think I know why Kevin can’t accept Vanessa’s death

Messages I never sent #73

I think what scares me the most is that I know with absolute certainty that I’ll never be able to move on from you. You and I were never destined to end up together but I know that even when I’m old and sitting alone with my thoughts, I still won’t be able to stop wondering what we could have been, the life we would’ve had and whether after all that time it was worth the sacrifice

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Ok I don't not know if you've answered this before, but I'm curious as to what you think Eobard'a reaction to Barry and Len getting together would be?

I genuinely thought I had answered it but perusing all relevant search terms comes up with nothing so maybe I haven’t.

I’ve sort of indirectly answered it in my fics though, heh, especially 73 Seconds and I think in a reply on here about that fic.

Basically, assuming it’s the Eobard we know from season 1 (and not the younger, blonder Eobard we meet in seasons 2 and 3) that we’re talking about… I can only imagine he would perceive Barry and Len together as an aberration to the timeline, a nuisance and a grievous error, all at once. Barry has to marry Iris. Len is supposed to be Barry’s enemy

Eobard’s never liked Snart, but they had some understandings, at times. None of those understandings ever had anything to do with Snart sleeping with The Flash!!!

I think Eobard would be like a simmering, boiling pot about the whole thing. A little bit ready to blow. Very disapproving (”he’s your enemy, Mr. Allen. He’s tried to murder you. Let’s not confuse friend with foe due to some reckless follies of youth. This man is a danger to you and to all of us in this lab.” etc etc). 

I only question if he’d go so far as to tattle on Barry to Joe, or resolve to deal with it himself. And by deal with it, I do mean find a way to take Len out of the picture unless he can convince Barry to stop seeing him. Because really, the Flash and Cold? That’s going to mess up history too much, far more than Cold dying will, he’s sure.

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(pictured above, Eobard praying to the speed force for patience in dealing with Barry Allen and his new ‘boyfriend’)

And let’s be real, Eobard is a little creepily possessive over Barry and was sort of adamant that Barry not pay any attention to Cold when he first showed up with Heatwave. Eobard wants to be the Flash’s main nemesis and hates even sharing the role of nemesis with Len at all so if Len were to go and become the Flash’s lover? Eobard’s jealousy would definitely kick it into high gear and he would put his murder face on. I’m just saying.


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Based on Anonymous Prompt from Drabble Games: OMG. I think 73 would be perfect (replace CIA w/ hydra or shield I guess) if you’re up to doing it. Idc who with. You’re work is amazing btw and almost all of your Steve fics have me melting 😍

My parents dad thought I was working for an insurance company in New York when really I was joining the CIA S.H.I.E.L.D. so I just sort of never mentioned when I met you on an assassination-gone-wrong and now we’ve been married for five years and they still don’t know you exist, this has gotten wildly out of hand and you won’t stop laughing about it

A/N: OH MY GOSH I am so sorry this took me literally forever.  I filmed this week (and it went really well!) and then I was a little busy during the week and then I had severe writer’s block and I can give you a whole string of excuses but here it is (finally) and I am so, so sorry.  I’ll do my best to post at least one story every day until all the requests are filled (although don’t let this stop you from sending one in).


“It’s not funny, Steve,” you whine, struggling to keep a straight face.

“I don’t know, (Y/N).  I think it’s pretty damn funny.”

“Language,” you mutter.  Steve shakes his head.

“(Y/N), this is hilarious,” he laughs and you can’t help but giggle.  You love his laugh.  It’s absolutely infectious and entirely genuine and it’s one of the many things you love about your husband. 

“It’s really not,” you reply.  “He’s gonna kill me.”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” he replies, his laughter finally starting to die out.

“My dad is gonna kill me,” you moan.  “Like, it’s bad enough that I lied to him about working for an insurance company, but now…the fact that I’m not only dating you, but have been secretly married to you for five years?  I’ll be lucky if I’m not disowned.”

“Why not just tell him we just started dating?” Steve suggests, and you can see that he’s on the verge of laughing.  “And then in a year, we can have a second, fake wedding.  And then you don’t have to tell him you work for S.H.I.E.L.D.”  You shake your head.

“First,” you say.  “We don’t want to have another wedding.  Because my dad will go crazy.  Fireworks, ice sculptures, doves, you name it, he’ll want it for the wedding.  Second, the minute he sees you, he’ll know that we must have met through S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Tell him we met online,” he suggests and you snort.  

“‘Yes, Dad,’” you say mockingly.  “‘This is Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.  I met him on eHarmony.’”

“I met you when I came to purchase insurance.”

“I’m pretty sure no company insures superheroes.”

“I ran into you at the coffee shop.”

“Since when do you have time to go get coffee?”

“Do you have a better solution?”

“Tell him the truth and pray to the gods of Asgard that he’s not too angry.”  Steve nods and looks at you curiously.

“Why now?” Steve asks.

“What do you mean?” you reply.

“Why are you finally coming clean to him now?” 

You look up at Steve and take a deep breath.  You reach into your pocket and pull out a small, folded piece of paper.  You hand it to him and watch as he unfolds it, his face slowly stretching into a smile.

“I figured he should know who the father of his grandkid is,” you beam.  

Steve looks at you with a look of pure happiness on his face.  He pulls you into a giant hug and kisses you gently.  

“Well, I think I can face any scary father-in-law now.”


You reach the restaurant where you’re meeting your dad.  Steve helps you out of the car, slipping his hand into yours as you walk inside.

You take a deep breath and decide it’s time to drop the second half of the bombshell.

“Steve, there’s something you should know,” you say as the waiter escorts you to the table.

“What is it?” Steve smiles and you savor the look on his face.  It might be the last time you see it tonight.

“My dad…he’s-”


You look up at find your father, Tony Stark, sitting at a table, a look of complete and utter shock on his face.


An awkward, uncomfortable grin spreads across your face as both men turn to glare at you.


If you liked it, here’s the sequel: The Scary Father-in-Law

  • Danny: Wait, Cookie-Puss is Carvel...!
  • Arin: ...cARVEL! I knew it! See i knew it! I fucking led in with like, 'Oh maybe its not Baskin Robbins...'
  • Arin: oKAY, Carvel- FUCK YOU Baskin Robbins!
  • Danny: *giggles*
  • Arin: Carvel! If you wanna deal with us- Baskin Robbins!!! Cumming on my face is still on the table-
  • Danny: *LAUGHS*
  • Danny: Wow, i cant believe you went from offering to have someone like, nut on your face to 'no, you instead!'
  • Danny: You w h o r e, Arin
  • Arin: No! Baskin Robbins can still cum all over my face if they want to :3c

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Hi John. I just watched a wonderful video of you and Megafaun covering the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil." I was wondering what your relationship with the Dead is? Are you a big fan? Have you seen them live? I only ask because in the past year I've become very obsessed with them. Only problem is I'm kind of alone in my love for the dead as most of my friends are more into Emo or punk. Seeing you cover them came as a sort of vindication for me as you are one of my favorite musicians.

I was a reactionary Dead hater when I was a teenager because in the town I come from everybody loved the Dead and liked to drop acid/smoke weed and go to the shows and I was into Strictly Hard Drugs That Can Kill Me and super-judgey about anything that seemed hippie to me. Prior to this dark period I had been kinda into the Dead though I couldn’t really understand how they’d become this countercultural thing when their music was essentially country-rock.

In 2007, I decided to investigate this band, because as a grown-up one of the things I enjoy doing is examining my biases to see if they’re bullshit or not. The Dead, as it turned out, are fucking amazing; a band that remained deeply engaged with playing their music for decades, who always put the live show ahead of the album / album sales, and who (while very on top of their business, don’t get me wrong, they knew what they were doing) did not care at all about when or whether they were hip or anything. They were dedicated to 1) their music and 2) the people to whom that music spoke.

In this sense they are, I hope obviously, a model for me; they always grew, but didn’t just grow & change for the sake of it; they were more into listening than being heard. their relationship to the audience while playing for that audience can only be described as a loving relationship. I think that’s deeply inspiring. I think most people who hate on them are usually acting out scene politics (”I hate hippies” / “I hate jamming”), though I can get my hate on still about hippie gender / sexual politics – there’re lines in “Looks Like Rain” that ruin it for me every damn time. Still, what can you do, asking a band / musician to be perfect is absurd. When they are playing together and really listening and in that response-loop with the audience, there is absolutely nothing like them – they carved out a space that was theirs alone, which I cherish.

I like the ‘68 shows a lot even though I’m not really a Pigpen guy, once they hand him the mic I tend to check out; I think ‘73 is generally undersung but there’s a reason why ‘72 gets all the props, they were routinely on fire in ‘72. My friend Matt is very into ‘74, and more people should know about the Wall of Sound – I feel like ‘74 shows often suffer from Wake of the Flood material, which I don’t like as well as American Beauty / Workingman’s Dead / Aoxomoxoa et al. ‘77 is a miracle. There’s some rad shows from ‘76 though too which are very worth seeking out, like the Oakland one

I also know a guy, a doctor, a grandfather, who was struggling with depression after losing a leg after an accident that shouldn’t have cost him his leg, and another doctor asked him “do you listen to music at all to relax or escape?” and he said no, I’ve never really been into music much, and the doctor said, well, you might try listening to the Grateful Dead, they really help me, and the guy who’d lost his leg took his doctor’s advice and the music really elevated his spirit in that way that only music can do, and to this day provide him with joy and comfort and space to reflect. I think the Dead are really amazing for this purpose: they don’t speak directly to your malaise, but they help you transcend it. That’s very incredible, in my opinion.

There are some preliminary thoughts on the Dead from me, and now I must retrieve a casserole from the oven, it’s past dinner time.

i’ve spent so much time defending thorin that i can’t even blame him anymore for not wanting to treat with bard “with an armed host” outside of erebor, like it’s okay bae i feel you, thranduil betrayed you a loooong time ago and then he imprisoned you and it kinda looks like bard has allied himself with thranduil so you’re fine thorin, you’re not completely 100% wrong just like 73% wrong and i think that’s okay.