73 year old


It occurred to me that you almost never see pictures of Angela Davis that are not 1) from the 1970s, 2) from moments of (righteous) anger, 3) not taken/used by the FBI, so here’s a whole bunch of them.

Happy birthday, ma’am.  Thank you for everything you’ve done.

(And if I may say, damn, she’s 73 years old.  Hope I look as good when I’m sixty.)

So I’m texting my [73-year-old] dad about my new iPad, and I mention the fact that I’m not going to play around with it too much until I get my screen cover/case in a couple of days.

He immediately hits me with an effin’ Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation reference: “Don’t want too much excitement for one day. Just ride the monorail!”

I <3 my dad.

This 73 year old man comes through my line with beer. Jokingly I said, “Do I need to see your ID?” He looked at me and yelled, “Bullshit. I am a 73 year old man.” I just played it off and said I was joking. He said I wasn’t and went off on me for the rest of the transaction when I asked if he had his reward card, etc. I prayed to God he wasn’t selected for the random survey so I wouldn’t have to bring it up. Thankfully his wife was super nice. Note to self: Don’t joke about IDs, even if you think they’ll joke back.


Tina Turner Appreciation Moment

I just felt like posting some pictures of Tina Turner because she’s a boss.

This is a woman from a broken home with a mother who didn’t love her who built a successful music career with a man she didn’t love.  She raised his kids from his previous marriage while he beat her for singing a wrong note, escaped the marriage with only her name and the clothes on her back…and a mountain of debt from their tour she canceled in order to divorce him.  Tina then reinvented herself well into her 40s to become the Queen of Rock & Roll as a Black woman from the South, moved to Switzerland, learned German, married the love of her life in 2013 and gave up her US citizenship because she was never the star here that she was in Europe anyway.  She’s the oldest woman to ever appear on the cover of a Vogue magazine (at 73-years-old) and she’s sold more concert tickets than any solo artist.  

So yes, Tina Turner is a boss and I randomly felt like sharing that real quick.

Plus, there would be no Beyonce if Tina Turner hadn’t been the foundation for her entire stage presence.  And Tina Turner Always On Beat.

This morning I had coffee with an older man who I see as a type of grandfather figure. He was telling me about how he would travel around and play music when he was younger when I mentioned that being able to do that is a big dream of mine. I told him how badly I wanted to road trip and go places and sing and live out of my car and just be on my own, but how it’s not as possible for me because I am a 19 year old girl. I told him about how one of the only reasons I would ever wish to be a man was so that I could go on adventures like that without people worrying that something bad would happen to me, and without constantly having to fear for my own safety when I’m alone. I consider myself an extremely independent person, but as a woman, it’s that much more of a struggle to be on my own. When he heard me say this, he was completely blown away, saying he had never thought about how hard it is for women to do simple things on their own without worrying about getting harassed, kidnapped, or raped. He, at 73 years old, hadn’t realized how society has taken independence from girls everywhere until today. This is something men go their entire lives without realizing, when girls live it every day. Men don’t get it until someone they care about tells them. This is why feminism is important.

Police shoot and kill unarmed Latino man Francisco Serno after they thought his crucifix was a gun

  • Bakersfield, California, police shot and killed 73-year-old Francisco Serna on Monday, according to KBAK and KBFX. 
  • Serna was reportedly living with dementia.
  • Officers arrived to his home after getting a call from a man whose wife says Serna confronted her outside her home on Sunday evening. 
  • The woman saw a “dark brown or black handled” object, according to reports, and believed it was a gun. 
  • In a press conference, authorities say Serna was carrying a dark-colored crucifix and was not armed. 
  • All seven officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. Read more

Oh man. I can’t wait for Trump supporters to get up in arms and victimized over a 73 year old man who won an Oscar for a Monsters Inc song