727 200


Republic Airlines route map, November 1984

The Republic Airlines route map from November 1984. This was early in the tenure of Stephen Wolf who unveiled a new livery, cut the former Hughes Airwest network and former Southern Airways hub in Atlanta before merging Republic with Northwest Orient in 1986.

One cannot help but wonder if Republic’s pull out from Phoenix helped a still young America West Airlines to grow and establish the hub there that still exists today.

Republic operated 158 aircraft, including 15 727-200s, 33 DC-9-15s, 60 DC-9-30s, 28 DC-9-50s, seven MD-80s and 15 Convair 580s, in November 1984, the Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.


United Airlines routes, July 2000

United Airlines North American (top) and international (bottom) routes from July 2000. 

The North American map shows the Chicago-based carrier’s network from its five domestic hubs, as well as the United Shuttle (previously Shuttle by United) service along the west coast.

The international map has changed a lot more than the domestic one during the intervening years. Gone is the Miami focus city that United acquired from Pan Am, as well as the transpacific freighter operation.

United operated 602 mainline aircraft, including 90 A320 family, 75 727-200s, 182 737-200/300/500s, 51 747-200/400s, 98 757-200s, 53 767-200/300ERs, 42 777-200s and 11 DC-10s (including freighters), in July 2000, the Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.