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Omg hiiii can I ask how you sharpen your gifs and make it SO CLEARRRF 😍😍😍

ahhh thank you ;;u;; i usually sharpen two ways. the first is manual. okay so first you make your gif which isn’t sharpened (also make sure your video is HD 720p or 1080p because otherwise even if you sharpen it, the gif would still have a low quality to it!) 

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“We began as strangers not knowing anything about each other but we knew that we were all in this together. Back then we didn’t know what the future had in store for us, but through out the years we grew stronger. We became more than just a group, now we’re partners, friends, and most importantly family. ”


AYO! LerryBurdTV here! New video is up and it’s OVERWATCH! I’m terrible at it I know, but at least I’m funny (; Give it a chance and if you like the video drop a like, subscribe and check back daily (even on saturdays and sundays!) PEACE (; ps. new blue yeti mic so theres that (;


Stephen Colbert’s 1992 audition for SNL. He auditioned with ’Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food’ which was later broadcast on The Dana Carvey Show in 1996 with Second City alum Steve Carell… which would then be the driving force that got Colbert and Carell hired on The Daily Show.