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How Much Is Needed for a UK Top 10? Week #2

I outlined in this post what the Chart is built off. In short, it’s physical sales, digital sales, and digital audio streams. 

So - what to expect from BTY in #2 to make it move into the Top 10? 

1. Physical Sales

I don’t think there will be many physical sales this week. Buying a physical single is unheard of nowadays, and it’s really only fans who do that. That part of the market has now been saturated. Therefore, it’s best to disregard it for next week’s charting projections.

2. Digital Sales

I will be keeping you updated on the latest iTunes numbers this week. Hopefully radioplay will be helpful, but I honestly don’t expect much from it - unless we request it! The C-list rotation of BTY on BBCR 1 means it’ll be played about 8-10 times a week - that’s really not much. Requesting is therefore extremely important. Do it here. For BBCR 1 individual hosts, click here.

Right now, Louis is at #17 in the iTunes charts. He’s been around #15 for most of last week as well. In order to reach the Top 10, he will have to sell about 400 units more / 24 hours (a total of ~1150)

If you’ve bought it on iTunes already, please consider buying the song again from another platform, i.e. Google Play, or Amazon UK

3. Digital audio streams

I will also either post or reblog the latest Spotify numbers for the UK specifically! Right now he’s at 171,458 daily streams in the UK. In order to reach the Top 10, we will have to increase that number by another 100,000 daily streams for the UK (a total of ~270,000 streams/day).

That sounds like a lot, but we all sleep about 6 or 7 hours. If you keep Spotify with a UK VPN going for 6 hours while you sleep, use ‘The Thing’ by @verily-i-say, you should be able to get about (6*60*60=21600) 21600 / 30 sec = 720 streams per person.

 If just 100 people do that - he’d already have 72.000 streams! In fact, we’d only need 375 people committing to this to get him up to 270.000 streams a day (preferably Australians so the streams appear during midday in UK time :P)!! 

It’s doable!! We can do this!! 

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