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Four Continents - Men Preview

The ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2017 will open in Gangneung, Korea, on Thursday. The Four Continents Championships 2017 serve as a test event for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

In the Men’s event three-time and reigning Four Continents Champion Patrick Chan (CAN) is aiming for a fourth title, but has to expect strong competition. Chan (seasons best 279.72 points) will face current Olympic and ISU Grand Prix Final Champion Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN/seasons best 301.47 points), ISU Grand Prix Final silver medalist Nathan Chen (USA/seasons best 282.85 points) as well as ISU Grand Prix Final bronze medalist Shoma Uno (JPN/seasons best 285.07 points) and 2016 World bronze medalist Boyang Jin (CHN/seasons best 278.54 points). Other contenders include two-time Four Continents bronze medalist Han Yan (CHN), 2017 Universiade silver medalist Keiji Tanaka (JPN) and Jason Brown (USA).

Schedule: Friday, February 17: Men’s Short Program, Sunday, January 19: Men’s Free Skating, Exhibition Gala 


Nikkei end of the year under-25 ranking Yamada Ryosuke tied for 2nd place with 72 points. Nakajima Yuto with 64 points! also talks about the future attraction even in 16 years ~ so this ranking goes beyond this year but also for the future.

1993 is a golden year! look at the High school classmates in here Nomura, Yamada, Nakajima, Kamiki all went to the same school in the same class.

considering Yama-chana and Yuto are idols too~ this is amazing! 

what does this mean? Yamada he has 82.2万 (822k) everyone else is on the 20万 mark what’s that number for? anyone knows

— edit—

@aizawanikka just told me it’s beside media, so it could be the payment for media appearance(822k seriously!). Not only that Yamada Ryosuke with only 3 movies under his name was ranked no.5 in the rank of Japan’s most paid actor for 2015-2016. (not including the movies yet to be released)

or it could be the number of SNS discussion like twitter I dunno (can they explain stuff)

Hmm, I have about 76 dice in Duel Links and I want to get at least a million and one hundred thousand points to get the Destiny Board game mat before the end of the event. Right now I have about 760,000 points.

I was using 40 dice per duel to multiply my score by 18 win or lose, but besides winning I wonder if that’s really the most efficient way to go about it. Other scores are 5 dice per duel and score x 1, 10 dice and score x 3, and 20 dice and score x 7. The minimum losing score is 1,000, and the minimum winning score is 2,000. This will require some math…

Let’s see. If I lose 2 duels at level 40 with minimum score I get 36,000 points total. If I win 4 duels at level 30 with minimum score, I get 56,000–but that’s assuming I can still win. Winning 2 duels at level 40 with a minimum score would get me 72,000 points. And winning 7 duels at level 20 would get me 42,000 points. It’s all about how much I’m willing to risk!

(Of course the real best way to score is with the secret event, which multiplies it by 20 at no dice cost XD)

eruriholic  asked:

ERWIIIIIINNNNNN~~~ how do you feel about someone's strong intent to inflict temporary injury on your legs??

I appreciate the sentiment behind the desire to maim me and I even understand why, none the less it can’t happen and he knows it too. I need to see this mission through to the end whether I make it or not.

Tonight the @philadelphiaflyers are celebrating Danny Briere’s NHL playing career before hosting the @buffalosabres.

Danny finished his career with 307 goals and 696 points in 973 total games. In the Playoffs, Mr. Clutch scored 72 points in 68 games.

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This One Last Time - Deejaymil - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 4: Alcyone – August, 1992

“Why do you look so miserable?” Aaron asked suddenly, sitting upright with a twig in his mouth and shuffling over his butt. “Nine months isn’t so long.”

“It’s almost ten percent of my life to this point,” Spencer protested, without marking it to the decimal point (9.72%), “that’s ages! And…” He trailed off, coughed, swallowed whatever he’d been about to say.

Aaron watched him. There was something in his face, some expression that made Spencer uncomfortable. It reminded him of the bullies at school, but… nicer. Some worried kind of knowing. Something that made his gut ache. He wondered if he’d see the same expression if he looked in the mirror. “What if we say something?” Aaron said, ignoring the drooping sun and their time together coming to an end. “To mark the occasion?”

Spencer thought about that. Like a contract. Or a… vow. Of something. Of existence.

Yeah. If they vowed, Aaron would have to come back.

And he knew just what to say.