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Trump claims “no politician in history has been treated worse”

So I decided to dispute this claim for him in a list form. I even just stuck to presidents, though he left it open to “all politicians.” Here are some examples of criticism our former presidents received:

  • President George Washington: had to borrow money to attend his own inauguration; Jefferson repeatedly accused him of treason especially regarding the Jay Treaty
  • President John Adams: entire reputation scourged by a scathing 72-page letter written by Alexander Hamilton (a member of his own party) about how horrible he was
  • President Thomas Jefferson: election called the “greatest misfortune our nation has ever experienced” by Martha Washington; also historically despised by many of his colleagues
  • President James Madison: was frequently made fun of for being small/frail/weak (5'4", about 100 pounds, very sickly); the wife of a Virginia politician once labeled him “the most unsociable creature in existence"
  • President James Monroe: was nicknamed “The Last Cocked Hat” due to his outdated revolutionary-era fashion sense he still kept later in life; also…he acquired Florida
  • President John Quincy Adams: constantly plagued by calls of illegitimacy for his term because of the backroom deal he made with the House to be elected over Jackson
  • President Andrew Jackson: basically almost caused mutiny of Southern states over a tariff; was chastised for his nepotism and also nicknamed “King Andrew” for his selfish/monarch-like tendencies as president (also committed genocide but I’m not counting that in here because he was actually LAUDED for it)
  • President Martin Van Buren: nicknamed “Little Magician,” “Sly Fox,” and “Red Fox of Kinderhook” for his shitty political skills, small stature, and red hair; Charles Ogle called him “Martin Van Ruin” on the floor of the House of Representatives
  • President William Henry Harrison: gave an ill-advised address in the freezing cold rain & was literally president for 30 days 12 hours and 30 minutes before he died of pneumonia, after which the nation quickly forgot about him
  • President John Tyler: nicknamed “His Accidency” after inheriting the presidency from Harrison
  • President James K Polk: so obscure that one of his rivals coined the slogan “Who is James K. Polk?” during his campaign; highly criticized for his war with Mexico
  • President Zachary Taylor: though only president for 16 months, often remembered as one of the worst presidents in history; as a total outsider he completely demolished the Whig party after his victory
  • President Millard Fillmore: entire cabinet unanimously resigned after disagreeing with him over a free vs. slave state issue
  • President Franklin Pierce: was abhorrently despised for his hand in the Kansas-Nebraska Act and failed to be re-nominated for a second term
  • President James Buchanan: pre-civil war, became so hated during his presidency part of his cabinet resigned; said to Lincoln upon leaving, “If you are as happy entering the presidency as I am leaving it, then you are a very happy man.” Also has evidently been ranked among 3 worst presidents in every poll and survey conducted since 1948
  • President Abraham Lincoln: shot & killed
  • President Andrew Johnson: literally faced impeachment over his failure to work with Congress; during his trial he blamed his troubles on “a mendacious press” that continually criticized him
  • President Ulysses S Grant: no political experience entering office; was loyal to people close to him and as a result failed to remove ineffective people; presidency riddled with scandals and corruption, though none involved him directly it caused him to be remembered as guilty by association
  • President Rutherford B Hayes: official inauguration secretly held inside the White House for fear of the trouble his opponents might stir up
  • President James A Garfield: shot & killed
  • President Chester A Arthur: plagued by a negative reputation of cronyism garnered in his early political career
  • President Grover Cleveland: sexually abused a widow (which he threw into an asylum) and fathered an illegitimate child (which he threw into an orphanage); was criticized with chants such as “Ma, Ma, where’s my pa?”
  • President William McKinley: shot & killed; also had a poor reputation due to his relationship with Republican party leader Mark Hanna who was seen as manipulating McKinley
  • President Theodore Roosevelt: shot & lived; also seen as egotistical and somewhat of a bully, greatly expanding executive powers
  • President William Howard Taft: Ballinger-Pinchot controversy gained so much bad press it led to the split of the Republican party
  • President Woodrow Wilson: aside from massive criticism over his handling of WWI, also garnered criticism for an investigation launched during his presidency over claims of homosexual interactions between naval personal and civilians
  • President Warren G Harding: Teapot. Dome. Scandal.
  • President Calvin Coolidge: actually criticized for saying too LITTLE
  • President Herbert Hoover: severely criticized for his handling of the Great Depression; also ordered Army to break up protesting veterans & his harsh methods got him a lot of public dissent
  • President Franklin D Roosevelt: faced allegations from Republican leaders in Congress who said he left his dog in the Aleutian Islands after a family trip & sent a Navy destroyer to rescue said dog at the taxpayers expense
  • President Harry S Truman: involved in a scandal when an investigation into the IRS lead to the firing of 166 IRS employees; stained with allegations of corruption in the aftermath
  • President Dwight D Eisenhower: many in his administration under investigation as to how many of their “gifts” and personal purchases were allegedly funded by taxpayer money
  • President John F Kennedy: shot & killed; also had a lot of alleged affairs
  • President Lyndon B Johnson: Pentagon Papers indicated he systematically lied to the American people about American involvement and actions in the Southeast Asian region
  • President Richard Nixon: …do I really have to say anything about this one?
  • President Gerald Ford: pardoned Nixon & hated for it
  • President Jimmy Carter: shit ton of criticism for Iranian Hostage Crisis
  • President Ronald Reagan: shot & lived; Iran-Contra affair; AIDS crisis…yet somehow remembered as America’s sweetheart
  • President George HW Bush: secretary of treasury arrested and sentenced to prison for tax evasion and obstruction of justice
  • President Bill Clinton: almost impeached over Monica Lewinsky
  • President George Bush: a journalist literally threw shoes at him
  • President Barack Obama: birth certificate fiasco, “THANKS A LOT, OBAMA”

Note that this is an insanely brief overview of criticisms, but the point is IT’S PART OF THE DAMN JOB, DON. NOW GET THE FUCK OVER IT BECAUSE NO ONE IS ATTENDING YOUR PITY PARTY.

Ted Chiang “Story of Your Life”

Тед Чан (Гражданство: США, 1967 - …)
“История твоей жизни” (1998)

На самом деле, в этой книге собрана серия рассказов:

  • «Вавилонская башня» (Tower of Babylon)
  • «Деление на ноль» (Division by Zero)
  • «Понимай» (Understand) 
  • «История твоей жизни» (Story of Your Life)
  • «72 буквы» (Seventy-Two Letters) 
  • «Эволюция человеческой науки» (The Evolution of Human Science) 
  • «Ад — это отсутствие Бога» (Hell is the Absence of God) 
  • «Тебе нравится, что ты видишь?» (Liking What You See: A Documentary) 

И они все заслуживают внимания. Честно. Наверное, за последнее время, это лучшее, что я прочитала. Настолько тонко и гениально. Заставляет задуматься, поломать мозги.

Например, повесть  «Тебе нравится, что ты видишь?» о том, что люди научились отключать штуку в голове, которая отвечает за восприятие красоты. То есть, тебе всё равно, как выглядит человек. Ты смотришь только на его содержание. Ну и описывалось мнение тех или иных людей.

А повесть  «72 буквы» о божественных играх. Наверное, это вкратце можно описать так. Точнее там о людях, которые создают…м-м-м, искусственных автоматов. 

«Ад — это отсутствие Бога» - потрясающая. Там про то, что Ад и Рай реальны, ангелы спускаются на землю и происходят катаклизмы (описание ужасное, не передает сути). И когда люди умирают, то видно, уходят они в рай или ад.

“Понимай” - это что-то вроде фильмов “Области Тьмы” и “Люси”, пожалуй. По крайней мере, мне так кажется.

В общем, читайте Теда Чана. 

Изначально я покупала книгу, потому что видела по телевизору рекламу трейлера фильма “Прибытие” (фильм снят по книге “История твоей жизни”, вроде как). Я его не смотрела. Зачем утащила книгу - не знаю. Я книжная ворона. От неё ожидала чего-то вроде “Дня независимости” (вдвойне не знаю, зачем купила), а оказалось совсем иное. Чем-то чуть-чуть напоминает “Бойню номер 5″ Курта Воннегута, там даже в конце печатной книги есть упоминание про него. В послесловии.

Сами по себе рассказы короткие, документальные, научные, с художественной примесью. Читаются легко. И, пожалуй, это одна из немногих книг, которую я попозже перечитаю. А я не люблю перечитывать, чтоб вы знали.


  • Тед Чан родился в городе Порт-Джефферсон (Port Jefferson), недалеко от Нью-Йорка. 
  • Закончил Университет Брауна в Провиденсе (штат Род-Айленд), где получил диплом по информатике. После этого некоторое время Чан писал статьи для компьютерного издания в Беллвью, что около Сиэтла (округ Вашингтон), потом работал в различных компьютерных фирмах и правительственных учреждениях.
  • В настоящее время живёт в Беллвью (Вашингтон) со своей подругой, зарабатывая на жизнь компьютерными программами и изредка научно-фантастическими произведениями.

Все книги за 2016 здесь

72 Letters: Four times (I tried)

Description: She stared at the paper where her hands once trailed on, writing those words. She put it back in its envelope and then back along with the other letters.72. She wrote 72 letters to Stiles that summer.

Genre: Romance

Written by: Flyawa-y

[ Dear Stiles ] [ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning ] [ Four times (I tried) ]

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anonymous asked:

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

The truth is, we still don’t know. The closest we ever got to an answer was the research of Dr. Robert Z. Helman in 1981.

Helman made an early debut in Science when for his undergraduate science project he devised a means with which to capture angels alive. By sacrificing the virgin seventh daughter of a seventh daughter born under a full moon to the demon usurper Zamizagzagumag, Helman was able to chain the angel Muriel with chains made of sulfur engraved with the angel’s true 72 letter name.

The move was condemned by most church leaders, but praised by the scientific institution which as we all know is controlled by the Church of Satan itself. The discovery of a means to capture angels lead to advances such as Stem Cell Research, which is based on ground angel meat, the drug PCP, which is made of dried and powdered angels, and flat screen televisions, which are wired in part with angel pubes. It was in 1992 that Helman decided to answer the age old question, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”

Forcing angels to dance by use of a spiked chain whip engraved on each link with the names of infernal barons, Helman was able to mass 17 angels on the head of one pin (Pin size 0.78 gauge by Martin’s Book of Pin Standards) before his research ground to a screeching halt.

It was after the 17th angel danced that the People’s Christian Front Against The Abuse Of Angels (PCFATAOA) broke into Helman’s office and burnt him at the stake, setting his captured angels free and setting back angelic science over 50 years.

So the only answer we have is “Over 16.”

Chain letter email #72

Isn’t the principal a dummy! said a boy to a girl.

“Say, do you know who I am?” asked the girl.


“I’m the principal’s daughter.”

“And do you know who I am?” asked the boy.

“No,” she replied.

“Thank goodness!”

my boss’s kids were in the salon so they put that cat and sam show on and holy shit i can’t even call it queer subtext it’s like queer bold italicized underlined font 72 capital letters text