The Inverted Bike Shop - 718 Cyclery, NY City

fantastic video of a truly original shop 

Summer means many things to me, one of them being getting more time to ride around on our bikes! I was a terrible bike owner this past Winter and kept my bike locked up all season outside. My bike is old and beat up but it’s crazy fast and I love that I don’t have to worry about scratching or denting the crap out it. The weather is finally getting nicer so my bike was due for some much needed attention. I walked it down to 718 Cyclery (3rd Ave & Union St) thinking I would have to drop it off for a few days and let them do their magic. After telling them the issues my lady bike had, they propped it up and fixed everything I addressed and checked everything else. After 10 min, my bike was finished and as good as new. The best part, I paid under $6 and was able to ride it for the first time this season! 

If you’re in the neighborhood, I highly suggest going in here to check these guys out. They sell bikes, give repair classes, and of course fix your two wheelers. They’re super nice, super attentive and don’t give you that holier than thou bike snobbery. Check them out!