Negan in Every Episode» Hostiles and Calamities
Good mornin’, sunshine. Is it just as cozy as you remember? You spent a lot of time on the wrong side of the door after that stupid road trip with the wife and Tina. So let’s talk about now. We went out looking for your little failed project for a few hours. Just around the perimeter. Tip to taint, as it were, right about the time I had you thrown in here, and when I got back, I realized I was short a wife. Sherry. You know anything about that, Dwighty boy? ‘Cause I got to tell you, that is one hell of a coincidence, her leaving just a few short hours after Daryl took off. Oh, and he didn’t force his way out. No. Somebody opened the door for him. Dwighty boy was it you? Did it work the other way around? You were supposed to break him. Did he break you? I mean, let’s face it. You’ve got some pretty legitimate grievances. You change your stripes on me, Dwighty? You startin’ to see things different? After all this before and after hell, after everything who are you, Dwight?


Entry for @heathersadapt’s 711 contest! We’ve been meaning to cosplay these two for a while now, and we’re so happy we finally got to!

Ronnie- @be-less-stoned
Jason- me