Here is another test I had to take last week. It was x rayed and passed. It is a certification but the reason i took it was to qualify for a customers wps. 6” schedule 80 carbon pipe.
It has a backing ring and it is harder than you might think. It is done on a positioner and there are strict guidelines. Rotational speeds wire size amps volts etc.
I held my gun at 3 0’clock with zero to negative 5° angle for my root. Do not push your root even though you are going vertical up or you will get wagon tracks. I ran at 24.9 volts and 38 on wire speed with 045 esab 710x wire.
Remaining passes were done at 2 o’clock  with the same angle as root. I forgot amps but will post later. Grind all starts and stops. It took 6 passes. Gap was 5/16"