Things That Are Canon Now:
  • Sasuke is a pervert who still likes to tease his wife even 12 years into their marriage
  • Karin is no longer obsessed with Sasuke and sees him as an actual human being now and is glad that Sakura makes him happy
  • When Sarada started having trouble seeing, Sakura called up her old friend Karin to make her kid some glasses
  • Sasuke and Sakura finally traveled together and got to see the world and probably fucked on mountain tops and shit
  • There are going to be about 500+ Shins following papa Kabuto around Konoha with absolutely no explanation whatsoever 
  • Konoha FINALLY got an adoption system which will cut down about 500% of all future character angst
  • All these characters have grown and matured in so many magnificent and beautiful ways
  • Except Suigetsu
  • This ship that I have been shipping for 10 years now is so canon it hurts and I can’t stop crying thank you Kishi