W O M E N • O F • T H E • B I B L E

Remember Miriam?
Big sister of Moses. Prophet of the Lord. She watched over Moses from the riverbank to ensure he was safe.
Without Miriam, Moses would not have fulfilled his destiny. He would not have delivered the Israelites, received the Decalogue and we would have lost much of Hebrew Scripture.

Miriam was a woman.

Remember Mary?
She was the mother of Jesus Christ! The final vessel through which the Messiah was born. Without Mary, the line of David would have been broken. The seed of the Saviour - lost. Jesus could have come to us in any way other than the way that He did,

But He came to us through a woman.

Remember Mary Magdelane?
She was the one who found the empty tomb! In fact, Mary was the first person whom Jesus revealed Himself to post-resurrection! In 1 Corinthians, it clearly states that all of the Christian faith hangs on the resurrection of Jesus. Without it, our faith is useless.

The news of the living Messiah and the basis of the entire Christian faith was entrusted to a woman to declare.

Anna prophesied about Jesus’ work of redemption. Deborah was the fifth Judge and ruler of Israel, a prophetess, poet, wife and warrior. Hannah was a prophetess and mother to Samuel. I could happily go on.

I am not inferior. I am a warrior. I am an heir with Christ. I am His. I am a woman.

// Lou

Devemos perdoar a outra pessoa, independente do que ela tenha feito, devemos praticar o perdão, perdoar o próximo. Temos que perdoar e consolar, porque quando não liberamos o perdão, o coração do outro se enche de tristeza, além do normal. Que possamos através da presença de Cristo, vencer o inimigo ignorando tudo o que ele tenta lançar contra nós. Quantas vezes deverás perdoar a seu irmão quando ele pecar contra ti? 70x7.
—  Aprendendo com Deus, Alef Santos e Letícia Camargo.

• C O L O S S I A N S • 3 : 1 2 •

How do you get dressed in the morning?

We can spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. Some of us may change our outfit two, three or even four times.

Even more of us forget to walk into our biblical wardrobe. Take a look. Your shoes of empathy are untouched. Your shirt of humility still carries the shopping tag. Your scarf of patience is moth-eaten and covered in dust.

We are described in John as children of Light. Being a child of Light means that it should shine out from within. Naturally. Because it’s part of our identity.

But when we think no one is watching, we replace humility with pride. We take off our patience because it means endurance and we don’t want to wait. We take off compassion and chuck on selfishness because it’s easier to focus on us.

Learning to dress yourself is for toddlers. So why are we still messing about in the sandpit and splashing dirt up our freshly-cleaned clothes?

We need to learn to get dressed.

// Lou

I want to talk about forgiveness.

Many people have grabbed onto this idea, and even preached, that forgiveness should serve their benefit. It’s almost as if it’s a bribe to forgive saying, “you should forgive this person because it will do you more good than them!”

That is not what biblical forgiveness is. See, the church has been infiltrated with such deception that we have distorted one of the main foundations of Christ’s teaching. We have to dress up everything; make it about us. Perhaps it’s not surprising, the bible says that in the last days people will be lovers of self.

While forgiving someone may well help you heal and move on, especially if it’s traumatic, that should not be the reason you forgive. If that is yours, then you are coming from a place of selfishness and you have not really forgiven.

For Christ taught it well. When He was hanging on a cross, His ears filled with the voices of mockery from below, He prayed to the Father. He forgave them. You should forgive even when it’s not going to benefit you at all. You should forgive because it’s going to help the other person. Humble yourself.

The preaching of fake forgiveness is a work of deception and is not biblical. Christ forgave us for our benefit, not His. He had every right to send us all to destruction, but He didn’t.

Learn to forgive. Fully.

// Lou

Baleia Azul??
Proponho um novo jogo.
Chama - se “Cordeiro Santo”
Fase 1: Aceite Jesus como Salvador.
Fase 2: Batize-se
Fase 3: Leia a palavra.
Fase 4: Louve.
Fase 5: Ore.
Fase 6: Jejue.
Fase 7: Testemunhe de Jesus
Fase 8: Encha - se do Espírito.
Fase 9: Ame Deus acima de tudo e o seu próximo.
Fase 10: Perdoe qualquer pessoa 70x7 por dia
Fase 11: Evangelize seu bairro inteiro
Fase 12: Faça Discípulos
Fase 13: Visite Hospitais, Presídios, Creches, Orfanatos e sirva-os em suas necessidades.
Fase 14: Reparta e partilhe com seus irmãos
Fase 15: Recolha alimentos para obra social
Fase final: VIDA ETERNA.

O • R • L • A • N • D • O •

Heavenly Father,

We lift up the state of Florida.
Where silence has been replaced by the deafening ricochet of bullets through the air.
Calm the storm, O God.

We lift up the citizens of America.
Where worried expressions are creeping across faces and heart rates quicken with panic.
Come with Your peace, Holy Spirit.

We lift up the LGBT community.
Where many feel unsafe and concerned.
Be their shield and protect them, Father.

We lift up Orlando.
Where too many lives have been lost and even more shattered to pieces.
Bring restoration in a time of tragic loss, we pray.

Despite his cruel act that many of us will never understand,
We lift up the man who committed this senseless act.
We ask for mercy on him, God.

Finally, we pray for justice.
No one deserves to be shot down. No one deserves to be targeted and killed whether it be for gender, sexuality or skin colour.
The Lord will bring all injustices to justice.

We will not be shaken. We will stand together.

In Jesus’ name we pray,

// Lou