Marauders Headcanons

My favorite thing about the marauders era sub-fandom is that we all have these headcanons and some of them line up exactly with other and then there are some that are just complete opposites but like they could all be true…?
We have Drama Queen Sirius but then there is other headcanon that Sirius was the type of person that would just keep buggering on until he basically collapsed and someone had to take care of him. To me both of these character traits fit him. He hides any kind of illness from everyone for about a year and a half of Hogwarts because that’s what he’s done his whole life because no one cared enough to bring him chicken noodle soup or tuck him into bed when he didn’t feel good, but after spending so much time with the other boys, he gets to come out of his shell - he realizes there are people who care about how him - he can make a bigger deal out of things because they allow him too, they validate his need to be cared for - and as time goes on the more drama he adds “making up for lost time” - there are still times when one of the boys, usually Remus as he spends much of his time studying Sirius, will catch him trying to disguise a bruise or a fever, old habits die hard and they won’t call him out on it but they will take care of him regardless.

More 70s Marauders / Hogwarts Headcanons!!


  • sirius jokingly calling lily “yoko” when she starts seeing james
  • any time something goes wrong they don’t say “ah well that’s too bad” they say “you can’t always get what you wa-ant”
  • one time snape came up to the marauders during a free period to start shit and instead of rising to the bait remus just glared at him and sang “whooooo are you?” the same way as the song by the who 
  • james and sirius did not stop laughing for an hour
  • for once magical folk kind of fit in when they tried to pull of convincing muggle disguises because 70s fashion was so whack
  • late-night arguments between james and sirius over whether denim or leather jackets are better
  • and remus just sighing melodramatically from his bed because “both look ridiculous and it’s time someone told you gits”
  • “what’s that, moony? i can’t hear you over the sound of your bell bottoms!”
  • “i wore those one time!
  • they all try to decide which band or artist matches each other their personalities best
  • “i’m the sex pistols, obviously, sirius is AC/DC or the stones, remus…paul mccartney, and pete’s olivia newton-john”
  • “fuck off prongs, i’m bowie!”
  • (fun fact: peter once convinced all the gryffindor second years that david bowie was his alter-ego…peter pettigrew loves. david. bowie.)
  • hogwarts students learning about the cold war and atomic bombs in muggle studies and being totally boggled by it and a little scared because there’s not even any spell that’s that powerful
  • lily would totally take the boys to a roller disco at some point and then regret it about two minutes in when peter faceplants, james and sirius show up in jorts and try to tandem skate while holding hands, and remus won’t let go of the wall
  • but???? lily and the girls rollerskating??? dorcas and mary spinning each other around and all of them in matching knees socks and crop tops??? total perfection tbh
  • lily would feather her hair like stevie nicks over one school break and james would practically bust a nut on the spot when they come back and he sees it
  • the marauders protesting voldemort and the death eaters with passive-aggressive picket signs that have slogans like “stop fucking using avada kedavra on innocent people” and “my dick is longer than your pureblood history” 
  • they’ve got peace signs on the signs too, but the vertical line in the middle is a wand and the circle part is an “O” for the order
  • so many magical 70s aesthetic pictures, like the one of sirius and remus in matching “fuck war” shirts, remus lighting sirius’s cigarette for him
  • they’d all get stoned one time and try to listen to pink floyd’s “the wall” start to finish
  • peter gets wayyyy too high and falls asleep before they even get to disc 2 and sirius and remus doze off too so eventually just lily and james are left awake 
  • so they shrug and pack another bowl and move to james’s room and they may or may not have conceived harry to that album that night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I’m stoned and watching That 70′s Show when it occurred to me that the Marauders were at hogwarts while this show was suppose to be taking place…and then I’m thinking about the Marauders getting stoned in a circle and just have these crazy stoned conversations and getting caught by McGonagall and trying to act not stoned but they can’t even see straight. Think about The Marauders as a That 70′s Show style TV show. I’m dying.

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Okay so I just thought of this and I am already in love. Sirius decided to learn as much as he could about muggles culture that was popular at the time (Queen, The Bee Gees, Star Wars, etc.) and interesting facts so that he could torment his family with them. The other marauders were super fascinated and all started to get interested in muggles culture.