Steve: Buck it’s 70 years of inflation-

Bucky: *slams metal arm on the counter* I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN AND A WAR VETERAN, I DESERVE A DISCOUNT!

The Joker (j.b.b. x reader)

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The Joker

(based on The Joker by the Steve Miller Band)

Bucky x Reader

A/N: UM. Ok? I guess I’m going to try and write now? First time… don’t hurt me pls. A 70s!AU bc I was listenin to my old mix and I was thinkin about Watergate. It’s also a college!AU because that’s fun too. Lol kay bye, enjoy!

A/N pt 2: hehe so I wrote this at 12:32am, pretty sloppy but I think I’m gonna make a series out of it! ok bye for good.

WC: 1177

Warnings: Drug use, Language


“Okay Buck… It’s Friday night, this damn trial ain’t endin’ soon, so get your ass up and come out with me! I’m not giving up so easy this time, punk” Steve waits for Bucky’s reply but receives an eye roll instead. Steve groans at his best friend’s resistance, aiming and nailing Bucky with his own leather jacket as an act of retaliation.

Seeing his jacket attack lead to nothing again, Steve lets out a heavy sigh as he leaves the common area of his and Bucky’s college dorm room to his own room, grabbing something before coming back out to grimace at Bucky.

Bucky had been glued to their small, technicolor television set ever since the Watergate Scandal had started to gain traction. Never being a fan of Nixon, Bucky enjoyed seeing the president at his worst; his career going to the crapper after the American public finally realized what a load of crap he was. Bucky was glad to be apart of the spectacle.

“Jesus, Steve… why you gotta be so childish? This is real life shit going on… some big changes are comin’ up, bigger than some night in a hole-in-the-wall joint”. Bucky rolls his eyes, throwing his leather jacket on the now open seat beside him.

“Bigger than a joint, you say?”

Turning to Steve, Bucky’s puzzled expression immediately brightens when his face is met with the answer to his question. Steve was currently holding the biggest blunt he had ever seen. “Stevie, fuck, where did you even- I thought you weren’t into that shit” Bucky tries to grab for the roll but Steve moves his hand just before he could.

“I’m not, but I knew that one would motivate you to finally get off your ass” Steve chuckled. “Will you go out with me if I let you share this with me?”

“Hell fuckin’ yeah”


Some people call me the space cowboy yeah

Some call me the gangster of love

Some people call me Maurice

‘Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

“Maurice Benson, huh?” The bouncer looks questioningly at Bucky’s fake ID. “Yes, sir!” Bucky laughs out, being under the influence helping with his cool visage. “They don’t pay me enough” the bouncer rolls his eyes as he lets Bucky and Steve into the club. Bucky feels like he’s floating as he descends the stairway into the main floor of the dance club, multiple disco balls shining, go-go dancers swaying to the Bee Gees, with bright sequined outfits, all almost giving him a sensory overload.

“Hey, you wanna drink?” Bucky yells over the music and talking to Steve when they reach the bottom of the steps. “Nah, I’m fine, you go! I think I recognize a chick from one of those N.O.W. meetings.” Bucky looks in the direction of Steve’s glaring, and sure enough stands the group of college women him and Steve had protested with, specifically Peggy Carter, Steve’s current obsession.

When the two had first seen the posters for the National Organization of Women, they couldn’t have resisted going to a meeting just to be in a room with handfuls of potential dates and girlfriends. Before the meeting even started, though, Peggy had sniffed them (and their quote ‘misogynistic bullshit’) out and forced them to go on a couple protests with them. Bucky and Steve were proud to say that they enjoyed themselves and had ever since been helping the girls and their cause out whenever they were needed, leading to Peggy and Steve getting closer and bonding.

Bucky smiles and pushes Steve towards the group of ladies, finally heading towards the bar after hearing their cheers of greeting and recognition towards him.


'Cause I’m a picker

I’m a grinner

I’m a lover

And I’m a sinner

“One whiskey on the rocks, please?” Bucky taps the bartop as he sits down. He looks over to Steve and Peggy through his blurred vision and smiles. Peggy was a handful, for sure, but it complimented Steve’s abundance of energy perfectly. They were perfect for each other. He was glad that his friend found a chick of his own finally. Unfortunately for Bucky, he could feel the impending doom of becoming third wheel settling in.

With a sigh, Bucky’s drink arrived followed by the retrieval of his wallet. “Sir, your drink has already been paid for.” Bucky looks up confused and unimpressed at the bartender, almost thinking it was some lame joke. “I don’t-” “Don’t thank me, thank the bunny over there”. Bucky’s squint follows the bartender’s point and-

-the whole world stops. He feels nauseous for a second from the lack of constant spinning but her smile makes up for it. They had both made eye contact, but her y/e/c eyes couldn’t stand under Bucky’s unrealized persistence. Her smile. Just watching her smile, Bucky could feel the ends of his own lips twitching up into a goofy grin. Her aqua green ascott compliments her Farrah Fawcett blowout like nothing he had ever seen before. You looked as if you were glowing brighter than the many spinning disco balls above him-

-spinning. Reality snaps back to him, causing the peaceful stillness her gaze had granted him to be swirled away, along with his craving for a whiskey on the rocks. He raises his gaze to meet her eyes again, his gaze softer and more welcoming this time around. She smiles at him, a delicious crimson spreading across the apples of her cheeks, errupting a whole new apetite within Bucky.

“Y/N, come on!” You turn away from Bucky, once again breaking eye contact, and he feels almost lost without it. Though her y/h/c still shines under the flashing lights, it compares in no way to the beacon that was her smile. It lit his way to her, entrancing him to her, like a moth to a lamp post, and without it, he feels his world starting to spin again. Leaning against the bar, Bucky grimaces at his dizziness. “I’m never smoking that much with that punk ever again” he grumbles. Looking up, he sees that you have disappeared from your spot at the bar and Steve making his way towards him, scowling in disappointment.

“What’s up with you?” Steve scowled back at Bucky. “This chick, Stevie… she bought me a drink, and she was so pretty and Stev-Stevie her smile…” Bucky zoned out, thinking about the curve of her lips and how good they would probably feel on-

“I think it’s time for you to go home, Buck. No one would buy that ugly face a drink.” Steve joked, dragging Bucky back towards the exit. “Steve, I’m serious… I-I didn’t just see her, I swear! She was real! Steve, noooo….” Bucky groaned as the cold air hit his face, finally leaving the bar. 

“Just let me say thank you… lemme go back” Bucky slurred, still fighting against Steve. “Buck, quit it alright! You’re not making this any easier for me…” Steve tightens his grip on Bucky and the fight in him seems to wash out of him with the fatigue of the night finally hitting him.

In the back of his mind, he could hear Steve start talking about his “night of Peggy” he called it. Bucky rolled his eyes at the change of conversation, ending his night with Steve’s ramblings about Peggy while dragging him home… all going through one ear and out the ear for Bucky… his head already full of debate on whether or not the beauty he saw at the bar was just a figment of his imagination.


Send me feedback pls! Probably gonna edit this like crazy! thx :) xx 

Stone Cold Sober

Summary: 70 years later, Bucky is still as in love with the reader as he was all that time ago.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,274

A/N: Just a lil fluffy piece loosely based off of James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let Go

Voices. Music. Laughter. Glass clinking. People dancing.

Her eyes were wide and bright, face set in a permanent grin. She was on her seventh drink, Bucky was counting. So that meant she was pretty smashed. Her giggles were loud and uncontrolled. Her state of intoxication made her more open and free than Bucky had ever seen her. And so Bucky couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

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The Boss: Masterlist

70′s Bucky AU where he’s the owner of a strip club you end up working at. 18+, UNDER 18’s READING THIS WILL BE BLOCKED.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12

Epilogue: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Ao3: ‘The Boss’, ‘The Boss: Epilogue’.

You can find the accompanying playlist here! 

if Steve and Bucky didn’t love eachother romantically then why is everytime they breathe it comes straight out of a Nicolas sparks movie ? Bucky broke 70 years of brainwashing cause Steve said some lines that are like wedding vows it doesn’t get more romantic than that

Saviour Masterlist

Summary: After 70 years Steve came out of the ice. After 70 years Bucky was unmasked as The Winter Soldier. After 70 years Y/N is desperate to get help to stay alive.

Reuniting with Steve and Bucky may be the only way she can save herself. Or it could mean that everything will crumble around her.

Warning: This fic is pretty angst heavy, Smut in some chapters so 18+. The NSFW chapters will be marked with an * and the content will be clearly marked if you want to skip it

A/N: This is a sequel to Love and War. You don’t have to read it first, but it may help!


Saviour Playlist

Prologue: Cherry Wine

Part One: Sinking Ship 

Part Two: Take My Hand

Part Three: Memories

Part Four: Delicate*

Part Five: Stay

Part Six: Dream

Part Seven: Helpless*

Part Eight: Always Come Back

Part Nine: End Game

Part Ten: Forever Boys*

Part Eleven: Fix You

Part Twelve: The End of the Line

Epilogue: Home

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Imagine Steve waking up from a super deep sleep and panicking because he thinks he missed another 70 years, but Bucky's there to calm him down.

Steve wakes up alone. 

The walls of the bedroom are a shade of off-white that he doesn’t recognize. The room is decorated in a way that feels commercial, impersonal, so different from the warm tones, paintings and portraits that are scattered on the walls of his and Bucky’s apartment. 

His first few moments awake are spent blinking around at his surroundings, then he’s inhaling roughly- taking in two lungfuls of air and feeling his world come crashing down around him once more. He did it again. How did he manage to do it again?

“No,” Steve mumbles quietly. He shakes his head as if he can get rid of the view around him. “No, no, no.” Steve draws his knees up to his chest and curls himself up into a ball. “Why? Not again, Not aga-”

“Steve?’ and his head flies up so that he an look at the person coming through the door. It can’t be. How did he survive too? “Oh Steve, sweetheart,” Bucky says softly. He’s over and onto Steve’s bed in a flash, drawing him up close. 


“It’s me.” Bucky’s right hand comes up to stroke Steve’s hair gently. Steve lowers his head down to rest in Bucky’s neck and breathes his scent in. He almost cries when he smells his shampoo in Bucky’s hair. Bucky brings his cold metal hand to cradle the back of Steve’s neck and with the chill of it, Steve feels himself melt into Bucky’s body. 

“How did i- how did you- how long have I been asleep this time?”

Bucky’s silent for a moment before he clicks his teeth. “About three hours. You had a nice long nap.” 

Steve pulls away from Bucky a little to look him in the eyes. “Really?”

“Yes really. Trust me. I’d never joke around about that.” His eyes are sharp and sincere and just how Steve remembered them from when he fell asleep. He puts his head back into the crook of Bucky’s neck and feels himself relax completely. 

“I must have been tired, huh? To nap like that?’

Bucky kisses the side of Steve’s face. “Don’t worry, I was coming in to wake you up soon.” Steve tilts his head and pouts his lips so that Bucky will kiss him there too. He does, running the cool metal of his hand along Steve’s face. “I’d miss you too much to let you go anywhere else.” 

Where’s daddy

(A/N): Literally so much angst and pain

Request: Hi ! I love your stories ! Do you think I can request a Bucky x Reader, where she has a 6yo son and he is Bucky’s but he doesn’t know ‘cause of HYDRA capturing him when she found out she was pregnant & they haven’t seen each other since, please?

Warnings: ANGST

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @l8nitl0vr

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    Grant Barnes ran around the park, squealing alongside all the other children. Their mothers watched them from afar, all smiling and cheering their babies on. Some of them even had fathers watching them proudly, their eyes twinkling happily and their heart full of joy. And then there was (Y/N) who was sitting on one of the benches furthest away from the playground all by herself. She had no ring on her finger, no man to kiss her cheek and call her beautiful, she had no husband and Grant Barnes had no father. Perhaps six or seven years ago he had one but that felt like a century ago, a century ago the war ended, a century ago when every woman stopped at the stations to pick up her man, when every wife presented her child to the recently returned soldier but that hadn’t been (Y/N)’s case. Rather than go and pick her lover up from the station she had sat at home, breast feeding her brand new baby boy. 

   "Momma!“ Grant yells as he approaches his mother, all smiles and giggles despite the sweltering heat of Brooklyn. "Will you come play with me?” (Y/N) smiles as she reaches out to ruffle Grant’s hair, a small, disbelieving chuckle falling from her lips. 

   “Baby, don’t you want to play with the other kids?” 

   “No mommy, I want you to come play with me,” Grant tugged on (Y/N)’s sleeve, persistent in his choice. (Y/N) chuckles as they stand up, much to Gran’ts delight as he squeals happily. 

   “What do you wanna play baby boy?”

   “I wanna play soldiers!” Grant exclaims innocently, his eyes shining with excitement. (Y/N) sighs softly as her heart aches, the memories of Bucky slowly surfacing. She had managed to keep them down, try not to dwell on the thoughts of her long lost lover but it was always inevitable- there was always something that would remind (Y/N) of Bucky. The bitter scent of coffee in the mornings, a poster for a new science convention, the smell of fresh sheets, the warmth that would surround (Y/N) every time she climbed into bed; there was always a bit of Bucky in everything, even if he never really was there. 

   “Okay, who do you wanna be?” 

   “I want to be Captain America!” Grant shouted, beaming from ear to ear. Little did Grant know that he was actually named after the man himself, (Y/N) had figured Bucky would have wanted their baby boy to have something to do with Steve and since- well, since he wasn’t around anymore the least (Y/N) could do was name her child after him. 

   “Okay Cap’n,” (Y/N) salutes their baby boy, smiling when he giggled with excitement. “Where’s our first mission?”

   “Over in Germ-Germ-Germ-” 

   “Germany?” (Y/N) suggest lightly, laughing when her son beamed at her. 

   “Yes! In Germany,” He slurred the word a bit, making his little facade even cuter. 

   “Well Cap’n, I don’t see a plane anywhere, how do you suppose we’re gonna get there?” Grant hums, stroking his chin in thought before jumping excitedly at an idea.

   “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind carrying Captain America to battle,” Grant suggest, his blue eyes shining up at (Y/N) with child like hope.

   “Captain,” (Y/N) placed a hand over her heart, sniffling softly. “It would be my honor to carry you to Germany,” And with that (Y/N) slides her arms around her baby boy, marching him across the playground and to a nearby tree or as Grant called it- Germany. Grant squealed in delight as (Y/N) made airplane noises as she all but charged for the trees, more than delighted to make their sweet baby boy happy. All the other mothers and fathers stared at (Y/N) distastefully but she didn’t care, not when Grant was laughing hysterically and having the time of his life. (Y/N) could only have wished that Bucky was here to see him…

~70 something years later~

   Bucky looked down at the file in his hands, about the life he had left behind. There were pictures of (Y/N), looking as beautiful as he remembered her but there was someone else…a little dark haired, blue eyed boy who looked like the perfect combination of Bucky and (Y/N). 

   “His name was Grant,” Fury mutters from his seat, his eyes glued to Bucky’s hands clutching the folder. “(Y/N) named him after Steve,” Bucky gulps, reaching out with a hand to run his fingers along the photographs of what should have been his wife and baby boy. “She found out she was pregnant the day you fell of the train,” Bucky sighs shakily, throwing the folder to the side as he rubs at his burning eyes. He’d left an entire life behind, he’d left behind (Y/N), the love of his life, he’d left behind his family, he’d even left behind a baby he didn’t even know he had. “It’s not too late y’know,” Fury states as he grabs the folder, tucking all the papers and photographs back into manila folder gently. “We’ve kept tabs on Grant over the years…he’s in a home Bucky,” Bucky looks up at the older man, gulping once again. “He’s losing his memory so I suggest that if you wanna meet your kid you better do it now,” 

   And that’s how Bucky ended up where he was right now, standing in front of a white haired nurse in some retirement home. 

   “I’m uh- I’m looking for a Grant Barnes?”  

   “Oh! He hasn’t had visitors in years…” 

   “Yeah uh- I’m a distant cousin, thought I’d come see him for a bit,” The nurse smiles, clutching a clipboard to her chest tightly. 

   “That’s so sweet, he’ll be glad to see you. He’s in room 303 by the way, just down the hall and to the left,’ Bucky gives the nurse a light smile and a polite thank you before he walks down the hall, stuffing his hands in his pockets. All around him the sounds of beeping machines and oxygen tanks filled the air, leaving his heart aching at the thought that his boy- his own damn child- was one of the poor sickly elders here. 

   Bucky’s feet stop abruptly in front of room 303, the door decorated brightly in pink and red hearts, each one stating something wonderful about Grant- about his son. With a shaky sigh Bucky knocked his knuckles on the door, waiting for a nurse or someone to let him in. 

   “Come in!” A sweet female voice called. Bucky gently opened the door, poking his head inside the hospital room. There were two people in the room, an elderly looking man who once looked as though he had been beautiful but age had slowly withered away that beauty and a young female, perhaps around the age of twenty, sitting directly across from the man. “Can I help you?” She asks, smiling at Bucky sweetly. 

   “Uh yeah- um, I’m here to see Grant Barnes?”

   “That’s me,” The old man smiles, gibing Bucky a small wave. “What can I do for you sonny?” God- his own child was calling him son and if that didn’t sting Bucky didn’t know what did. 

   “Um-” Bucky looks down at his hand sheepishly, biting his lip in thought. He hadn’t really thought of what he was going to say when he finally met his own flesh and blood, he thought he’d chicken out and leave before he ever even met his son but now he was here, standing right in front of him. “Was your father James Buchanan Barnes?” The elderly man loses his smile, his face taking on an ugly kind of glare. 

   “What do you want to know about my father?” Bucky sighs again, raking a hand down his face, one that looked almost like his own sons expect much, much younger. 

   “I have a little problem you see- I’m James Buchanan Barnes,” 

   Explaining his situation to his son had been hard, he was almost thrown out of the building until Bucky began to tell Grant things about his mother that no one except himself could know. From there it had been a bit choppy, his son was in shock, as was Bucky, but slowly they opened up to each other and now here they were- talking about (Y/N) as though it were the most normal thing in the world. 

   “You shoulda seen her,” Grant sighs, his eyes twinkling as he looks at the ceiling. “She was so beautiful, all my friends liked her,” Bucky chuckles, smiling so damn widely he was surprised his face didn’t bust in two. 

   “She was gorgeous,” 

  “And strong, so strong,” Grant whispers, breathing out heavily. “She got a job after you- after you died,” Grant hesitates to say the words, almost reluctant to admit that his own mother was dead. “She worked long and hard hours just to provide for me. We were poor but that never stopped her- we may have been low on money but you can bet your bottom dollar that she would find a way to make me and the neighbor kids desert,” 

   “She always was so generous,” 

   “She was the best mom anyone could ever ask for,” Grant smiles a little, a small, tender little thing that had Bucky wondering just exactly what Grant was thinking. 

   “I wish I could have been there-” Bucky sighs, his heart suddenly sinking. “I wish I could’ve seen your first steps, or heard your first words, I wish I could have seen you on your first date or watch you walk down the aisle-” 

   “That doesn’t matter now,” Grant smiles, reaching over to take Bucky’s metal hand in his own, withered one. “You’re here now and that’s all that matters to me…It’s nice to finally meet you Dad,” Bucky smiles, chuckling a bit even with the tears burning at his eyes. 

   “It’s nice to finally meet my son,”  

Sex with Bucky Barnes

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: Just a short drabble about what it’s like in bed with Bucky

WC: 660

Sex with Bucky Barnes was an adventure. It was one that only you had the pleasure of experiencing in the last 70 years. Though with how those 70 years changed him, Bucky didn’t even really count the girls that came before you. There was no one else he’d trust or want to share such intimacy with.

Bucky was never dominate in bed. He feared having the power over another would bring out the worst part of him, the soldier. Submissiveness was even worse. It felt too much like the days when he had no choice but to obey.

Instead, sex was an intimate exchange between equals, a balance of passion and fun. It was a way to make him forget the scars of his past, to remind him he was still human among the emotions of darkness.

The first time you made love was a disaster, or so he thought. It was his first time since 1944. He was a different man back then, not hardened by the world and changed and warped into a machine.

He was nervous as all hell. There was a time when his body was not his and now that he had control back, he was protective. Sex meant nudity and nudity meant vulnerability and vulnerable was not a position he often put himself in. Not to mention the pretty girl staring deep into his eyes, taking breaks from his gaze to place deep kisses on his lips. He wanted you, but didn’t deserve you. Yet somewhere in his soul he found more courage than he ever had to pick you up from the couch and carry you to bed.

It wasn’t until you was partly undressed that the nausea hit him. You were even more beautiful than he dreamed. He couldn’t do this. He had to do this. He couldn’t do this. He had to do this. Because as scary as letting his walls down completely to you was, losing you was even scarier. Despite the fear and the doubt, he made love to you that night. He was clumsy and his hands were shaking the whole time as he ran them up and down your curves. Yet you enjoyed the whole thing. Because he was yours and you were his. And for once, he felt human again.

The more times you and Bucky fell into bed together (or the kitchen counter, or the hall closet, or Sam’s bed while he was on a mission,) it only got better. It was still clumsy and there were always giggles, but learning the tics of each others bodies only made you closer.

Bucky always feared both the physical and mental scars would deter you from loving him, but you always kissed up and down the jagged red line on his left shoulder and whisper in his ear that he was loved and worthy of it.

There were times when he was deep inside you that his emotions would overwhelm him and he would stop, just to take a moment to hold you close and feel that you were real. It was just a moment though. Then he’d be back to thrusting vigorously and nipping at your nose to make you giggle.

“James” Only you were allowed to call him that and only in bed. It sent a shiver down his spine as you whispered it longingly into his ear.

He whispered in your ear too. Usually just moans, but every once in a while a little dirty talk would slip past his lips in that thick Brooklyn accent, a small reveal of the former man showing through.

“Sweetheart, you keep moaning like that, the whole tower is gonna hear us.”

“James, you are the most impossible boy.”

“But you love me?” he half teased, half asked for reassurance

“Of course I do.”

A whispered reminder that his body was not made to be a machine, but to give love and comfort and get love in return.

Buckystories - Masterlist

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All of my Bucky Barnes x reader stories (not my gif)


Newest to Oldest

French Plait

I Care

Shower of Awkward

Bloom - Part 1 Part 2

Thunderstorm Singing

Think of Me Fondly

Sex Dream - Part 1 Part 2

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Life Saver

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A Spilled Secret - Part 1 Part 2

In the car with Sam and Bucky


Tickled Pink

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A Favour for a Favour

Bucky Barnes Flirts for the First Time in 70 Years

A Dance


Tipsy (Part 2) Rum


By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve  x Reader

Warnings: a dude gets handsy - mentions and actions of being drunk

Summary: Alcohol has always played a key role in your relationship with Steve, you never knew it would lead to this.

Tipsy Masterlist

Two months had passed, you and Natasha had managed to grow even closer.  The two of you spent almost all of your free time together.  Since Natasha was an avenger and they were fairly well known, it made it impossible to do regular things outside of the Russian Restaurant.  That’s how you found yourself spending more and more time at Avengers Tower.

More time at the tower meant you were making more friends.  You were particularly close with Bucky since wherever Nat seemed to be, Bucky followed, and with Bucky came Steve.  Natasha had tried - unsuccessfully - to get you to make a move on Steve since the night you had met.

You had wanted to of course, but he was built like an adonis and he was Captain America.  You were a civilian, what could the two of you possibly have in common.  According to Natasha quite a bit.

Once you had down right refused to make a move, Natasha set her sights on Steve.  She had told Bucky her plan and bullied him into helping with the promise of finally going on a date with him.  So the two of them cornered Steve in a conference room after a briefing, Natasha blocking his path to the door, while Bucky locked the door and took his place as bodyguard.

“Why won’t you make a move on Y/n?  You know she thinks you’re cute and I know you think she’s cute.”  Steve looks surprised but only for a moment before cutting his eyes to Bucky.

“Why am I not surprised you blabbed, you jerk!  Leave it alone Nat.”  Steve rolls his eyes as Bucky gasps and begins offering his excuses.  Steve side steps Natasha and makes his way to the door before pushing Bucky out of the way, leaving Nat and Bucky to argue with each other.

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Series Masterlist

This is my series masterlist where you can find all my fan ficts and mini-series! Most are 18+ so be warned!


Love and War COMPLETED

You have grown up with Steve and Bucky, so what happens when things get serious between you and Bucky? Then Steve confesses his feelings for you?


After 70 years Steve came out of the ice. After 70 years Bucky was unmasked as The Winter Soldier. After 70 years Y/N is desperate to get help to stay alive. Reuniting with Steve and Bucky may be the only way she can save herself. Or it could mean that everything will crumble around her.


Y/N is the eldest daughter of the king and queen of Reann. From the day she was born she was bethrothed to the crown prince of the neighbouring kingdom, Aira. As soon as she comes of age, she is shipped off to Aira ahead of her marriage to Prince Steve. However, when she gets there another member of court catches her eye. Will she betray her family and duty and runs off with a brooding knight? Or will she follow through with her promise and marry the future king?

The Safest Way To Go COMPLETED

Y/N has been dating Bucky on and off for most of her life. Bucky is her best friend, but they just can’t be friends. After a massive bust up before their final year of college, they decide that maybe friends with benefits is the best way to go. Until Bucky gets a girlfriend, and Y/N gets a boyfriend. And they still can’t keep their hands off one another…Their dysfunctional relationship won’t just burn them, it will burn everyone around them.

Tripping For You (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before AU) COMING SOON

It’s Y/N’s sophmore year of college, and she’s never had a boyfriend before. But all that will change when her best friend Steve finds out about her crush on him. Determined to prove she doesn’t care for him, bad boy Bucky Barnes comes up with a genius plan. To prove she’s over Steve and he’s not “pussy whipped”.

Come What May (Moulin Rouge AU) COMING SOON

The Sparkling Diamond of the Moulin Rouge dreams of a life away from the most famous brothel in France. She wants to be an actress. And Duke Rumlow can give her that, all she needs to do is sleep with him. However, when the owner of the Moulin Rouge, Tony Stark brings in a handsome American to introduce the girls each night and a brooding poet catch her eye, everything will be simple anymore.


Daddy’s Girl 1 | 2 | 3

Y/N is the daughter of mob leader, Tony Stark and one of the most infamous New York socialites. So what happens when she meets rival gang leader and her father’s biggest enemy, Steve Rogers?

Little Love Affair (Mamma Mia AU) COMPLETED

After graduating from college, Y/N decides to travel the world. But finds her happy place in a little island off the coast of Greece. What will happen when three men change her life forever?