70s polaroid


Candid photographs of John Lennon, George Harrison and Yoko Ono a year after the split of The Beatles. The photographs were taken by Phil Spector (an executive for Apple records and Decca who worked on The Beatles final album Let It Be) in July 1971, in a New York appartment where George asked John to perform at his charity concert for refugees in Bangladesh. But soon after the photos were taken a row sparked between John and Yoko, and John ended up pulling out. George stipulated it was only John he wanted to perform and not Yoko.

Bianca Jagger Polaroid, by Andy Warhol, via Vanity Fair. (My edit)

The caption there dates this as 1971, but I’m thinking more like 1975. That’s when he spoke to her for Interview magazine, resulting in this priceless exchange:

JAGGER: Andy, who is for you the most typical … the image of Romanticism … the most Romantic girl … for you … of the 20th Century?

WARHOL: Ah, you.

JAGGER: Really? No, no … without saying  … anything … to be nice.

WARHOL: No, you.

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