70s glamrock


So, what is glamrock? The style emerged in the early 70s, bringing all the rock scene of England to the new level. Its first appearance is traditionally associated with Marc Bolan’s (T.Rex) wearing a glittery “camouflage” consisting of a silver suit and sparks on his pretty cheeks celebrating new hit, “Hot Love”; that was how one performance at “The Top Of The Pops”, 1971, introduced brand-new fashion era to the world. 

There is no possible way to depict the glamrock movement not referring to its idols. Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, Brian Eno – the pantheon of glammy rockers includes a lot of unique and well-known musicians. But the true Zeus above all of them is David Bowie whose Ziggy Stardust persona has brought the philosophy of glitters to masses.
From that moment it is the goal to look like an alien: androgynous and mysterious. Teenagers shock their parents with genderless looks (look up “Rebel, rebel” lyrics: “Got your mother in a whirl
She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl”) and, what’s more, social roles. 

They were wild but wild with chic. A lot of make-up regardless to sex, they were rejecting everything old and boring, building a kind of cosmic generation, foreseeing it was time for the radically different ones as much as hippies believed to be children of the universe. The gap between girls and boys seems to be erased, you can be masculine and feminine at the same time not only in your dress and body type – but in the attitude to life. Rock, field of art for men opens to ladies, best example of whom is amazing Suzi Quatro. There is no more restrictions left, only creativity.

If taking the music itself, it was something between psychedelic and art rock and motifs of bubblegum pop, both catchy and spontaneous.
But is it a genre, trend or the way of life? Every each of us has an own answer to it. The thing that matters is how new and shocking it was and, important(!), how many people still want it alive. And you know what? WE WILL RESURRECT IT TOGETHER!

Peace and love, glammies!
Today I am more than happy to welcome you here, our neo-glamrock future! If you are reading this, I am quite sure you enjoy the same things as I do: 60s-70s era. To specify, I would say glam, androginity, cosmic fashion and love. And, most of all, GROOVY MUSIC! Let me tell you, that we are going to resurrect the spirit of those two iconic decades. With your help, of course! I want to create a blog that would help new talents, passionate and glamorous to make our life as fantastic as it seemed to be 50 and 40 years ago; make them popular. And another goal of mine is to form this splendid generation as kind as hippies are, in this case - to raise charity funds. How and why we would do it, you gotta learn very soon but for now, I just want to mention that here you will find my little and not that perfect but funny posts about sixties and seventies, doing all my best to interest you. Plus, your works! Are you excited yet? I am! Bless you!

All The Young Dudes by MOTT THE HOOPLE

“ALL THE YOUNG DUDES” is the best-known song of Mott The Hoople, often called “the glam anthem”, written by David Bowie. 

Released in 1972, “All The Young Dudes” actually saved the band, one step close to break-up due to lack of commercial success. Pre-Ziggy Bowie, being a big fan of the group, soon decided to visit Mott The Hoople to suggest his help with producing their new album and writing a song specially for them. 

First song they declined was “Suffragette City” that was later included in Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars” concept-album. This led to creating a new song - “All The Young Dudes” that David  wrote in short order, sitting on the floor in front of the lead singer of the band - Ian Hunter. It soon became a hit in the UK charts!

Even though the song lyrics about rebellious youth and gender-bender characters may be seemed as glamrock or gay “anthem”, the actions were taking place in apocalyptic world of Ziggy Stardust, where is no television or radio can be found anymore, so “the young dudes carrying the news” have to shout all the events on the streets out-loud.

“ Ziggy’s adviser tells him to collect news and sing it, ‘cause there is no news. So Ziggy does this and there is terrible news. "All the Young Dudes” is a song about this news. It is no hymn to the youth as people thought. It is completely the opposite", says Bowie.

The book that influenced the song was popular “Clockwork Orange” main characters of which are the street gangs of teenagers.

Initially, the “All The Young Dudes” had to face the ban by BBC for mentioning “Marks & Sparks” that was the the nickname for the British store “Marks & Spencer”. Not to meet the restriction on advertising in songs, the line was changed. 

The song is rated No. 256 in the “The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time” list.

Glam was about make-up, mirrors and androgyny. It was narcissistic, obsessive, decadent and subversive. It was bohemian, but also strangely futuristic. It was Oscar While meets A Clockwork Orange. It was a mutant bastard offspring of glitter. But while glitter was sparkling distraction, glam was anarchy in drag. It was sexy, glamorous, on the edge.

It was the moment hippie finally died. It was absolutely Rock'N'Roll. But it was also fashion, art, theatre, lifestyle. It was gay, straight, multisexual. It was totally titillating and absolutely naughty. Everybody held hands with everybody, kissed everybody, went home with everybody. It was an age of accelerated discovery, when all the kinks of sexual yearning were flushed out. It was absolutely self-indulgent and it was ridiculously camp.

It was a time we thought would never end. A time so long ago now it seems like a dream. But it wasn’t and I have the pictures to prove it.

—  Mick Rock (2005) - Glam! An Eyewitness Account.

Kiss - Lick It Up

Terrible? Awesome? Hilarious? This video is all that and more. Stars Kiss (in one of the few times I’ve ever seen them without the makeup) strutting around a post-apocalyptic world where apparently all the men have died while suggestively coaxing the female survivors with full-on rape stares to “LICK IT UP. LICK IT UP. IT’S ONLY RIGHT NOW!”

Haha. Enjoy

- Alex