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Those ’70s Comics: 421

Inspired by episode 426 - “Everybody Loves Casey”

Comments: In today’s comic, Jackie shuts down Kelso’s, “It’s your fault I cheated on you,” B.S. The show retconned their relationship and justified the first time Kelso cheated on Jackie by adding the following story. Kelso says to her:

Earlier that day, I didn’t have any money to buy you Tater Tots. You said that I’d never be able to support you ‘cause I wasn’t smart enough. 

This incident supposedly happens in ‘Ski Trip” (1x13), the episode where Kelso makes out with Pam Macy behind the gym, and Jackie breaks up with him the first time. But we never see the Tater Tot moment. Jackie and Kelso never mentioned it – because it didn’t happen. 

Jackie does insult Kelso in certain episodes, but she also bolsters his self-esteem, encourages him to reach for his goals (e.g., trying out for the stock boy part in Price-Mart’s industrial film “The Stock Boy”), and is generally supportive of him (emotionally, financially, etc.) with some exceptions. Kelso insults her, too, in certain episodes, and his naivety does not void his responsibility for those insults.

Kelso doesn’t need any other motivation to cheat except selfishness. Throughout the series, selfishness is consistently shown  to be what drives him – with “Everybody Loves Casey” (4x26) as the exception. Trying to pin the responsibility for Kelso’s actions onto Jackie is reprehensible, irresponsible, and tells us to ignore what the series has shown us in its previous 101 episodes.