70s chairs


Retrofuturism in Furniture Design

From top:

  • Eero Saarinen Pedestal “Tulip” Chair - 1955
  • Maurice Calka P.-D.G. “Boomerang” Desk - Late 60′s
  • Panasonic 4000 Series Audio Egg - Early 70′s
  • Eero Aarnio Bubble chair - 1968
  • Adrian Pearsall sofa - Mid century
  • Television seat - 1960′s
  • “Future Office” - New York World’s Fair, 1964
  • German television console - 1958
  • “Boomerang” table
  • Philco Predicta Chalet - Late 50′s

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@glyndasexual should know i gravitate towards offal hunt shitposts like glynda gravitates towards Death™, as i’ve proven before ;D

based off their tags on this post.

I hate being late in a fandom. Like you just finished it but the show has ended for 10 years or something and the world has moved on buT YOU HAVEN’T CAUSE IT LITERALLY HAS JUST HAPPENED TO YOU. THE FEELS ARE ALIVE AND YOU HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT CAUSE THEY HAVE COME TO TERMS WITH IT ALREADY!

Like goddamn, I’m fine with being late to class but not to a fandom. 

what the signs are made of
  • aries: sweet marzipan frosting, the tears of their enemies, different hues of vibrant reds and pinks, the sound of wood crackling in the fire, sparklers on forth of july
  • taurus: butterscotch toffee, willow trees with branches swooping low enough to kiss the garden, the smell of bundt cake in the oven, fine china cutlery, and herbal tea
  • gemini: the electric cracking of thunder igniting a dark sky, the sound of leaves crunching, tapioca pearls in brightly colored boba cups, pop synth music, disco balls
  • cancer: water infused with dandelions and lemon slices, salted hot chocolate + roasted marshmallows, lana del rey on vinyl, salt water, when cold air makes your nose pink
  • leo: macaroons, freshly sliced tangerines, dresses spun out of gold silk, the sound of lovers whispering in french, the scent of coconut and sea salt, french pressed coffee
  • virgo: MacBook keyboards, fresh linen and lavender, color coordinated organizers, home cooked meals, motivational posters, NPR radio, a black and white film with subtitles
  • libra: fluorescent colored journals, bath & body works candles, softly swaying branches in the wind, chilly mornings with piping hot mugs of coffee, the sense of inner peace and clarity
  • scorpio: metallic nail polish, sugared plums, dark chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and roasted nuts, norse mythology, potpourri, leather, dark lipstick, beethoven
  • sagittarius: the sound of the tidal waves crashing the shore in the distance, different variations of green, the smell of peppermint, self help books, and a tapestry taking up an entire wall of their home in the form of a map
  • capricorn: the scent of lemon and vanilla, homemade apple pie, and the calming sense of purpose and direction, sticky post-it notes, a book or movie collection with a central focus on good vs. evil (where good always prevails)
  • aquarius: tattoo parlors with unique shop names & vintage 70's chairs, cassette tapes, the color blue, conspiracy theories, protest rallies, the need to seek a great perhaps
  • pisces: the color of seafoam green, tiaras woven from hydrangeas, the combination of scents salty & sweet, soft melodic crooning from a time long before your existence


Before I even start this review I want to thank the lovely people over at EA for this incredible opportunity. They provided me with an early access code which is why I’m able to give you my thoughts on this new expansion! These are all 100% my honest opinions, enjoy! 

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I was looking at the story of George Stinney and words can’t describe how upset I am. 

He was a 14 year old boy convicted of killing two white girls and was executed by the electric chair. 70 years later it was proven that he didn’t do it…duh, but it was 70 years to late

This also reminds me of Emmett Till, and you all know his story.

The point I wanna make is that, all those anon who came into my inbox butt hurt and upset at me saying that moc, especially black men, have no privilege over white women need to stop. 

idc what scenario has happened, what we’ve seen. moc have no privilege over white women,s o please don’t send me any more anons trying to disprove that.