70s chairs


Like yeah, the Malec is cool but I want to scream about this desk until I die. At first glance, it looks very mid-century. Old books, fancy wooden writing desk. Then you look closer and you realize how perfectly Magnus it is. Like on top of this old desk, with antique books is a glaring (almost surprisingly) modern metal lamp. 

Then, the chair. You expect an old fashioned, high-backed chair to go with the already antique feel of the room/desk. What you get? A bright yellow, almost 70′s style chair. And it’s just so perfect?? Because this is who Magnus is, ya feel. He’s this incredible mixture of things he’s taken to and enjoyed over centuries, he’s not static at all. But he also doesn’t leave behind things he cares about, he likes that desk, he likes those books but he ALSO likes that lamp and chair. Like, UGH, even his little pen which is sticking out of an antique pen holder in the center of the desk contrasts the cup of pens he has to the right of that. Like… Jesus, I love him so much. 


Retrofuturism in Furniture Design

From top:

  • Eero Saarinen Pedestal “Tulip” Chair - 1955
  • Maurice Calka P.-D.G. “Boomerang” Desk - Late 60′s
  • Panasonic 4000 Series Audio Egg - Early 70′s
  • Eero Aarnio Bubble chair - 1968
  • Adrian Pearsall sofa - Mid century
  • Television seat - 1960′s
  • “Future Office” - New York World’s Fair, 1964
  • German television console - 1958
  • “Boomerang” table
  • Philco Predicta Chalet - Late 50′s