70s bracelet

Vogue Australia // Chelsea Girl // Editorial, 2014
Photographer: Sebastian Kim
Model: Amanda Welsh
Stylist: Katie Mossman
Hairstylist: Bok-Hee
MUA: Benjamin Puckey


I’ve decided to cut the prices of my Sherlock stuff on Etsy, so all of these goodies are now up to $5.00 cheaper!

Bed Bound Crafts’ My Jewellery is handmade whilst I’m in my bed, as I am bedridden 95%. I am disabled & I make this jewellery to pass the time and to get some semblance of joy, not being able to get out of bed leads to a lonely life - so please consider buying something for yourself or to give to someone else to give me the encouragement to make more!

(Sherlock charm bracelet £13.12) (John Watson charm bracelet £13.12) (Moriarty charm bracelet £13.12) (All characters Charm Bracelet £13.12) (Fully loaded Sherlock bracelet £19.70) (Sherlock brooch £7.90) (Sherlock/Moriarty brooch) (Generic Sherlock bookmark £8.54) (Greg Lestrade bookmark £8.54) (Mycroft bookmark £8.54)