70s bag

Also, this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine: I personally feel that the whole raw/grain-free/all-natural premium whatever food trend goes hand in hand with food trends seen in human diets (paleo, gluten-free, organic). In and of itself, not a bad thing - it certainly allows for a bigger market variety for dogs who truly have food intolerances, skin issues, EPI, allergies, the whole shebang.

HOWEVER - and this is where I get angry - it’s rooted in elitism. Many of these supposed “higher end” foods are not financially accessible to a large swathe of the population. I’m sorry, I can’t justify spending $70 on one bag of food when I have two dogs, one of which requires 4-6 cups of food a day depending on the calorie content of the food just in order to maintain a healthy body weight. There is little to no scientific backing to the claims of how much better these premium foods are and they use a lot of coercive, fear-mongering language and that then gets transferred onto humans who are made to feel like shit for not feeding Acana or Orijen or all organic homemade raw by a personal chef for the dog.

I’d rather see a dog fed on “lower quality” food than have one go hungry. Feed what you can afford and what makes you and your dog happy. Think critically, know your pet, know when it’s at its healthiest and when it’s doing poorly. Every dog is different. Don’t be a fucking dick about it.


White - Blonde - Pink - Blue - Brown - Orange

K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70s weekend just keeps on coming with this little ditty. They reached up to 21 in May 1970. The George Baker Selection: Little Green Bag.

Reservoir Dogs - dir. Quentin Tarantino -1992

bokuto headcanons bc he’s precious 

  • bokuto is prone to choking a lot. like he’ll choke on his food bc he was trying to chew and talk at the same time or bc he was eating too fast. 
  • fukurodani vbc has learned that the worst place to sit is in front of bokuto bc you might get sprayed on bc he’s prone to spit takes (especially if kuro is present)
  • bokuto does that chris evans left boob thing when he laughs 
  • bokuto wasn’t very sure about wearing his thigh high knee pads but then akaashi said they looked nice and bokuto hasn’t stopped wearing them since 
  • bokuto literally shines when anyone calls him senpai (akaashi can get him out of his dejected mode by calling him senpai but bokuto becomes even more useless bc now he has too much energy and usually ends up spiking out of bounds)
  • bokuto usually has at least five things of hair gel in his bathroom at all times (also carries one in his bag) 
  • bokuto really, really wants to be on a game show 
  • 70% of bokuto’s bag are wrappers from food that he’s eaten and didn’t want to throw away bc he wasn’t near a garbage can and didn’t want to litter
  • bokuto is moved very easily. someone could mention that baby sea turtles usually get eaten before they get to the sea and bokuto would declare he’s going to save all of them (“AGKAASHI, WE HAVE TO SAVE THE SEA TURTLES” “where bokuto-san” “at the sea?”) 
  • also one of the reasons why bokuto usually ends up giving his money to charity whenever they ask him which is why he’s usually borrowing money from others
  • whenever bokuto falls asleep in class, he usually ends up hitting his head on the table which disrupts the class and gets him sent out of class