strange things happen! normally i’m not a pants person, like schmoe, BUT this is already the second pants in the last month i have absolutely fallen in love with…. it reminds me of both the 70ies and the early 2000ies where ALL the “cool” girls in my high school had exactly this style and brand of jeans. i never had them because my parents said paying more than 15€ for a pair of pants is ridiculous. now i found them cheap on amazon buyvip and can finally be one of the cool kids!! XD
with my BTTF top this is now my “back to the 70ies”-look…. or “back to 2000”. ^^°

flared jeans: miss sixty
top: welovefine
fake leather jacket: new yorker
floral crown: H&M
shoes: justfab

(i drew the sketch in a break at work and forgot that i had braids this day XP)