Moped After. 

Added the longer seat. Upgraded to some black mini clubman bars. Upgraded the spark plug wire and boot. Replaced the bearing grease in both wheels. Cleaned the inside of each hub and brakes. Replaced the cranks (old ones were stripped on one side). Put on a Tecno Boss exhaust (the Estoril was completely clogged with oil and soot). I also replaced most of the gaskets.

Still need to get a new magneto then set the timing to get it running. If that does not work fully, I may go with a CDI electrical system.

You know you’re a scooter boy when…

It’s a cold dark night and you decided to speed test the tuned 50cc scooter that you recently inherited on the highway. (having never ridden the thing before)

Well the answer you’ve all been waiting for…. I don’t know as the speedo only went up to 80kph… I overtook a car in the 100 zone it I’m guessing about 90ish.