Spread-betters in limbo over crackdown

Spread-betters face another six months of uncertainty after the financial watchdog delayed a regulatory crackdown today.

The Financial Conduct Authority dropped a bomb on the share prices of listed players like IG Group, CMC Markets and Plus500 last December by proposing new rules.

These limit the amount of borrowing their customers can use, which enhances wins and losses.

It was due to publish its final verdict shortly, but has decided to wait until the EU’s watchdog, the European Securities and Markets Authority, publishes its own conclusions on the issue.

The ESMA is also looking at further restrictions not considered by the FCA, such as guaranteed limits on client losses.

The EU regulator is due to bring in new restrictions on the sector by January next year.

The FCA, which is calling for more information from the industry, will bring in its own rules if the new European directives are delayed significantly.

Share price reaction was muted. IG Group fell 3p to 557p, CMC Markets edged up 0.25p to 146.25p, while Plus500 lost 3p to 547.5p.

Moped After. 

Added the longer seat. Upgraded to some black mini clubman bars. Upgraded the spark plug wire and boot. Replaced the bearing grease in both wheels. Cleaned the inside of each hub and brakes. Replaced the cranks (old ones were stripped on one side). Put on a Tecno Boss exhaust (the Estoril was completely clogged with oil and soot). I also replaced most of the gaskets.

Still need to get a new magneto then set the timing to get it running. If that does not work fully, I may go with a CDI electrical system.

You know you’re a scooter boy when…

It’s a cold dark night and you decided to speed test the tuned 50cc scooter that you recently inherited on the highway. (having never ridden the thing before)

Well the answer you’ve all been waiting for…. I don’t know as the speedo only went up to 80kph… I overtook a car in the 100 zone it I’m guessing about 90ish.

S got me a 70cc Kit from Treats for my birthday. So amazing.

I worked on and off through the weekend and was able to get everything installed properly. I was a little worried about the angle at which I had to place the new 19mm carb but after a few test runs it seems to be fine.

The low end isn’t insane, but it’s such a monstrous improvement from what it was before. I need to be careful for the next few days and keep it at a reasonable speed so I can break in the new cylinder properly.

I also bought a whole new throttle / brake assembly. The old grips felt weird, and the throttle was a bit iffy. I re-knarp’d the throttle cable and it’s much more clean than it was before. I was able to get the tension juuuust right so it’s extremely responsive.

I’m running the new PHBG with the stock jet for now. I bought a full range of jets in the 80’s and 90’s range to adjust as I see fit. The cold air outside has it running very snappy.

I was surprised to see how easily the exhaust went on. I’ve noticed no clearance issues as far as the pedal arms go, but the stand seems to rest on the pipe which I’ll need to figure out in the near future.

I went ahead and changed the transmission fluid this morning due to the upgrades as well. Polished the whole thing with Turtle Wax and it’s looking excellent.

The Pinto is really coming along well. It’s finally turning into the bike I always hoped for. The to-do list to finish off the build isn’t tooooo expansive either; 3-shoe clutch, race crank, paint the forks black and just find a really unique fairing for it. I might upgrade to a CDI in the future as well, but that’s not the highest priority as of now.

I’ll be sure to update about S’ Maxi soon too. I’m hoping I can get it fixed by next week this time.