Love in Astrology 

  • Moon - what you need in love
  • Venus - how you act in love
  • Mars - how you act in sex
  • Neptune - unconditional love or idealized love
  • Pluto - requirements for intimacy 
  • 5th house - love affairs, casual dating, what kind of dates you like
  • 7th house - how you act in one-to-one relationships, what you look for in a partner
  • 8th house - your approach to intimate sex and your expression of your sexuality
  • Lilith - your sacrifices, desires, and inhibitions in love and sex
  • Psyche (16) - search for an honest love or a divine love, ability to care about another
  • Eros (433) - Passionate or sexual attraction, what turns you on
  • Amor (1221) - everyday love, the love you express for family or friends
  • Juno  - marriage or conversely infidelity
  • Astarte (672)/Ishtar (7088) - arguments in relationships and what you sacrifice for love
  • Anteros (1943) - the kind of love and affection you receive
  • Aphrodite (1388) - Similar to Venus although more freedom oriented
  • Companion (8490) - who would make a good long-term partner for you
  • Valentine (447) - what you sacrifice for pure, true love
  • Loving (432971) - kind, pure, loving connection

A Day In The Life - 26th September 1969: UK release of Abbey Road.

The Beatles’ 12th official album, Abbey Road, is released in the UK on this day. Their last-recorded album, it is issued only in stereo, as Apple PCS 7088.

Abbey Road makes its UK chart debut on 4 October 1969 at number one, following advance sales of 190,000. It tops the chart for 11 weeks, before dropping to number two when The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed is released, but returns to the top spot a week later, on 27 December, and stays there for a further six weeks. In total the album spends 92 weeks in the UK top 75.

Worldwide, it sells four million copies in its first six weeks on sale, and a further million by the end of 1969 - making it the best-selling long-player of the year. Abbey Road is the fourth best-selling album of the entire 1960s, and the eighth best-selling of 1970. In 1980 it becomes The Beatles’ first album to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide.


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Maybe this story is been told or a story of everyone else, but I still don’t know if I’m in love with my guy best friend, I like him that I get jealous maybe? Or its that I like him because he can make me smile as fucking happy. I even got to the point that I try to make him jealous, and I think I didn’t work. I decided to give up then… but missing him is so freaking annoying cause it make me more sadder the fact I’m liking him more.