• Zen: Gonna be honest, a lot of hot people go to the art museums. I'm one of them
  • Saeyoung: I'm too ugly, they won't let me in
  • Zen: ..........
  • Yoosung: .......
  • Saeran: .........
  • V: .........
  • Jaehee: .......
  • Jumin: .......
  • MC: ........
  • Saeyoung: that and my shirt says "I eat oil paintings when the security guards aren't looking"

Hello everyone! I decided to make a more detailed post on the event and a small announcement. Welcome to the Mystic Messenger Secret Santa! Secret Santa is a gift exchange game. I will pair you up with someone and I will message you the name of this person.You will then proceed to making a gift, it could be a gif set, fan fic, art, edit, poem etc. You are free to talk to the person you are making a gift for to obtain more information on what they like and don’t like (such as AUs, ships, fluff) but you must stay anonymous no matter what. (Now for the announcement) Essentially the deadline for the applications was September 30 but I’m going to exceed it to October 22. Once applications close I will pair everyone for the next week and plan to begin messaging people around the first week of November. Anyway if you still have any questions of concerns please feel free to go to my inbox and leave a message I’ll be happy to answer it. Hopefully this post helps clear up some questions you guys had and have a spectacular day sweet hearts!


Things you should know!

You must be in the Mystic Messenger Fandom

Please have your ask box open as well as your instant messenger enabled.

I will send you the URL/Tumblr name and feel free to talk to your Secret Santa  but don’t reveal yourself.

Everyone should receive their gift by the 25th of December (unless something comes up but still you wish to make the gift please tell me in advance)

Pinch hitters will receive extra time

Please be kind to each other! I will not tolerance people who are rude

If there is any questions or concerns feel free to ask! No question is dumb


Thank you for reading!

sadkiddohours  asked:

omygosh,, i thought this fandom was dead but ur out here doing god's work,, amazing. uh anyways i, a transboy, need love and validation, so im begging u to give me some wholesome rfa x trans ftm mc content. if its not too much to ask uwu thank u so much u superb human being

♪ ssksksk i meant to do this when i first got it nd–
but aaaa i hope ur doing well!! <3


♪ zen absolutely adored you

♪ how could he not? you were everything he ever dreamed of in a lover

♪ so when you told him you were trans, he immediately accepted you- after all, why would he mind your gender when you were perfect for him?

♪ will 100% start showing you off as his boyfriend if you’re comfortable with it

♪ “isn’t my boyfriend just adorable?” “see that handsome man right there? that’s my boy.”

♪ sometimes might seem a little overbearing, but that’s because he wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with him

♪ will still call you jagiya because it’s a unisex term, but if you don’t like it, then he’ll refer to you as ‘ae-in’, or ‘sweetheart’

♪ !!! his absolute favorite thing to do is gather you in his arms from time to time and slow dance with you

♪ he’s such a softie

jumin han:

🍷 out of everyone, jumin is the one who might not really…understand it the most?

🍷 he definitely doesn’t mind it- nothing could change the way he feels about you- but he may ask questions that may seem a little insensitive?

🍷 if you seem upset or uncomfortable, then he’ll keep quiet and take his questions to the internet

🍷 every day, he makes sure you know that he loves you with his whole heart

🍷 you were the one who taught him how to love, and he makes sure you know it

🍷 sometimes he prefers to show it in the more subtle ways- maybe he’ll bring you your favorite flower home, or he’ll pick up that book you’ve been eyeing in the shops, or he’ll cook you your favorite meal

🍷 other times, it’s grand gestures that leave you speechless and flattered

🍷 jumin would make sure you never doubted his love for you

🍷 he has eyes for you and only you- the ring hidden in his bedside drawer should be proof enough

saeyoung choi // 707

💻 he already knew from the background checks, but when you tell him, he pretends to be shocked

💻 your gender never actually mattered to him tbh

💻 honestly? anyone who can put up with his jokes and actually go along with them is a keeper

💻 will give you reassurances anytime you need it- especially because you always do the same for him

💻 saeyoung likes to watch you sleep

💻 not in the creepy way- it’s moreso him admiring how calm you look

💻 sometimes you’ll have a cute lil smile on your lips and he swears he’s falling in love with you all over again

💻 will definitely use insults as pet names

💻 “hey, asshole, i love you” “you stupidhead. i adore you.”

💻 if you take offense to those, though, then he’ll come up with the cheesiest and most embarrassing pet names

💻 he can never be serious

💻 except when it matters- like when he asked you out, or when he proposes

jaehee kang:

☕ when you come out to her, she nods and immediately tells you she accepts you and loves you for who you are

☕ out of everyone, jaehee has the least amount of questions

☕ will judo-flip anyone who says anything negative about you

☕ which honestly? is a sight to see tbh

☕ like take this 5′3 girl and watch her flip someone twice her size without breaking a sweat

☕ jaehee always wakes up before you

☕ not only is it natural for her to be up so early, but she loves making your coffee and breakfast

☕ most days she’ll wake you up with a soft kiss and kind words, and give you the breakfast in bed

☕ she absolutely loves the quiet mornings you two share, and it’s not rare to see her cuddled into your side in the early mornings

☕ or for you to be in her arms as you both sleep in a little later

yoosung kim:

☆ god, this boy adores you

☆ you could have a rat tail and he’d still love you

☆ you could have a shark head and you’d still be the cutest person he’s met

☆ so when you came out to him, he didn’t even blink

☆ like zen, yoosung liked showing you off

☆ tbh it’s more of a ‘look at this man who’s so obviously out of my league!! but for some reason he loves me!!” thing

☆ his favorite dates with you are the ones where you don’t really do much

☆ mainly because he loves staying in with you and being able to cuddle up to you

☆ he always cooks for you

☆ and sometimes, he’ll make your favorite dessert for no reason except he wanted to make you smile

☆ he !! loves !! cuddles !!

☆ 99% of the time he’s with you, he’s always cuddling into you

☆ it makes him feel happy and safe, and when he was at a really low point in his life, it reminded him that he had someone who loved him

sksksk i hope ?? u enjoyed