70100 Aman Dais Full Teak Day Bed Aman Dais daybed is configured out of the 3 distinct Modular piecesCushions designed with Premium Sunbrella FabricMade with Mortise and Tenon JoineryLifetime Warranty against Manufacture DefectsTeak Furniture rated “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal The full-size daybed is configured out of the 3 distinct modular pieces from the Aman Dais Collection. Built to contract quality specifications. List Price: $ 7,495.00 Price:

Okay so I went to the farm this one time and a goat was hiccuping or sneezing or some shit and I went over to give it a cuddle and it immediately stopped and yeah so long story short I had a mega long cuddle with a goat and it was like nuzzling me and being all cute and it was brown and white and because I didn’t know it’s name I remembered its ear tag number and 70100