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On shipping and subtext: Why the question of “canon” is not always black and white

Well, it’s been a long time since my last long meta, but this one’s been niggling at me for a while. Basically, I want to clarify a few things… so I’m taking advantage of my recently acquired degree in media studies to discuss the importance of recognizing multiple levels of subtext.

I ship Kirk/Spock. It is a prestigious, if controversial, pairing. They are the Grandfathers of Slash, the couple that launched the first thousand fanfics, and I don’t just ship them in the tongue-in-cheek, wouldn’t-it-be-nice way I ship, say, Drarry or Mollstrade; I believe there is definite homoerotic subtext there, in the original source material. This kind of assertion tends to provoke a lot of genuine outrage from certain Trekkies who insist that Kirk and Spock are “just friends” (though I would argue that even if their relationship is purely platonic, Kirk and Spock are certainly not “just” anything!). These people will often roll their eyes and launch into tirades about how we pesky slashers are forcing spurious sexual interpretations onto the most innocent of friendships in service of our own fantasies.

And even though I find the anger and dogmatism with which some Trekkies shout “NO HOMO” to be both unreasonable and revealing, I’m not actually insisting that Kirk and Spock’s relationship is canonically sexual. In fact, I think some of these naysayers are missing the point re: what subtext actually means.

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Celebrating my 700th tumblr post with another screenshot of Salvadorable and his cool big sis

If this is the 700th tumblr post you’ve seen today, you need this post. 

Practice Scheduling

  • Schedule a particular task in the morning and once in the evening.
    • The task should not take more than 15 minutes.
    • Wait for the exact scheduled time. -when the schedule time is due, start the task.
    • Advantages: Scheduling helps you focus on your priorities. 
  • Focus on starting tasks rather than completing to avoid procrastination.

Use Routines

  • Instead of devoting a lot of hours one day, and none the other and then a few on an another day and so on, allocate a specific time period each day of the week for that task.
  • Don’t set a goal other than time allocation- simply set the habit of routine.
  • Apply this technique to your homework or your projects.

Have Daily Scheduling

  • When you first begin your work day, or going to work take a few minutes and write down on a piece of paper the tasks that you want to accomplish for that day.
  • Prioritize the list.
  • Immediately start working on the most important one.
  • Try it for a few days to see if the habit works for you.
  • Habits form over time: how much time depends on you and the habit.

Find Successful Role Models

  • Observe the people in your life and see to what extent self discipline and habits help them accomplish goals. 
  • Ask them for advice on what works, what does not.
  • Don’t replicate their ideas, come up with your own plan. 

Note: I have NEVER seen this show, only what has been on my dash. THIS DOES CONTAIN A SPOILER OR TWO SO BEWARE (??)

I have contributed something to the yoi fandom and I should be stopped LOL

I also didn’t use any fanart since I have seen what happens in the ML fandom, so please be kind to others and don’t steal art! (:

SIDE NOTEEEEE: When I said Yurio has been probably mistaken for a girl before, I was talking about his hair and possibly others (who either aren’t in the fandom or started watching) have mistaken a male character as a female (admit it, we’ve all done it).
AND CONCERNGING MILA, I HAVE READ WHAT’S SAID IN THE TAGS. I’ve only seen a very small amount of fanart for her and I’m going off of what I’ve seen on Google search. TYPE HER NAME INTO GOOGLE AND LOOK AT WHAT’S ON IMAGES, I’ve only seen one picture of her on the ice and some of them are her leaning on Yuiro on the gate surrounding the rink. This was purely made for entertainment and my lesser knowledge of Yuri on Ice. Have a nice day. (: