safety--not--guaranteed  asked:

What guns do you have?

11 complete AR builds. Ranging from Recce builds, Clones, my competition gun, and a few “thumper” builds.(.458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, etc) Also a DDM4 & SR-15.

AKs & other “slav” guns, an Arsenal SLR-104, AES-10B, WASR-10, M92 pistol, Chicom SKS & a 91/30 

HKs: HK45C, USP 9 & 45, and have a P30L on the way.

Glocks: Gen 2 21 & Gen 3 20

CZs: P07 & P09

Sigs: P226 & P227 carry

Springfield: MilSpec & Range Officer 1911s

Remington: Remington 700P “standard”, R1 & 3 870s.

Smith & Wesson: S&W 500PC, S&W 686p, M&P 9, M&P 40 & M&P 45

Magnum Research: Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50AE & Magnum Research BFR .460 S&W

Others: Marlin Guide Gun .45-70, H&R Pardner Pump, FN FNX45 & Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter.

That’s off the top of my head, I’m sure that I’m missing a few.

Can we talk about the fact that there’s an elderly man in Japan that builds 700ps sports cars, paints them gold, and then races them on public roads at speeds of 320km/h, but only before doing humungo burnouts