say it with me kids: hypersexuality is not a sexual orientation. hypersexuality is a mental illness that consists of need for sex to feel self worth or as a form of self destructive behavior.

EDIT (4/24/17): i have been informed that sex addiction can be a large part of hypersexuality, and i didnt mean the post to sound dismissive of addicts!

1d as things the kids at the daycare where i work have done:
  • harry: randomly comes up to me throughout the day just to say i love you
  • liam: cried because he didn’t get to hug his friend goodbye even though he’ll see him tomorrow
  • niall: wanted to put his velcro sneakers on all by himself but i helped him because he was doing it all wrong so he sobbed his eyes out
  • louis: was told not to the touch the sprinkler and promptly went and touched the sprinkler
1d as things the kids at the daycare where i work have done (part 2):
  • harry: cries when someone accidentally knocks over the house he built out of lincoln logs
  • liam: puts himself in timeout when he thinks he did something wrong
  • niall: when asked what d-o-v-e spells he yelled out "guitar!"
  • louis: comes up to me and whispers "hello poopy" in my ear and walks away

I got that good // I got that good good 

Luhan (鹿晗) – THAT GOOD GOOD (有点儿意思)