7000 notes

I just saw that I reblogged a post onto this blog than now has 7000 notes when it had less than 100 notes and the creator rb’d it again with the caption ‘how did it get this many notes’ and i’m glad to see that i’m big enough that my reblogging a post can make it really popular

“Ooh a spike in my activity. I wonder what’s going on–”

*scrolls down and it’s just likes and reblogs of that video*

Is that video going to be my legacy with over 7000 notes??

read on the ao3


Erwin Smith, decorated general of the Roman empire and one of the three rulers of the republic, visits Egypt to find the spoilt Pharaoh, who takes what he wants, whatever he wants, even love. Under the heated Egyptian sun, love turns to lust and lust deforms back into love.

“Why am I here?” Erwin looks at Levi, how the eyeliner had smudged ever so slightly in the corners. “Perhaps it is because I have learned to be used to the infernal sun. The Roman wind combating with the Egyptian sun.”

“Amon and Ra,” Levi agrees. “Amon-Ra.”

wordcount: 7000+

notes: yep, this is an eruri egyptian ‘antony and cleopatra’ au hoho. please do give it a read and review - very much appreciated!