7000 follower milestone

HAPPY 7,000

WELL, i am certainly happy to see that my absence has not killed the fandom, omg. i’m super happy to have reached this momentous number with y’all and i’m proud to see that we’re still going strong!!

as you’ve probably noticed, i’ve been posting a lot less original content, and i’d like to explain that. see, i have a bad habit of filling my plate so high that i can’t even see the top of the pile. i’m busy beyond belief, busier than i’ve ever been in my entire life, and i just don’t have the time i used to for this blog (or for any other blog or for the network or for tumblr or for fanfic or for video games or for even taking a breath most of the time). i’m going a little crazy under the weight of it all, so i’ve been pulling back a lot. right now, i’m in the process of clearing more of those responsibilities away (most bc my mental and physical health has been suffering), so maybe it’ll get better with time, but maybe not.

essentially, i’m saying that i can’t guarantee that i’ll be able to get to requests for HCs or fics or the like in a timely manner, nor can i guarantee i’ll ever be able to get to them. WHICH SUCKS, and i hope i do get back to them because they’re really fun to write, but i just wanted to let y’all know i can’t make any promises, especially considering how manic my life is right now.

that being said, i’ll happily respond to other asks that aren’t too long because i love hearing from y’all <3 just shoot me some messages and i’ll get back to you when i can ^_^

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Marks and Rec: Alter-Egos #3

Antistache: the otp to end all other otps! Probably by murdering them. :p

This is kind of a belated little bonus post for 7,000 followers. :D You guys are seriously the coolest.

in celebration of 7,000+ followers, I wrote a fluffy 5k ficlet where Dean texts Cas a kissy-face emoji by accident, but then wonders if it was really a mistake at all. it’s called Symbols of Affection and you can read it on AO3 right here. ✧*:・゚♡


CONGRATS @theunfortunatecheese @cherrub1412 AND @electronthehusky !! YOU GUYS HAVE WON THE ART RAFFLE!!~ //hugs//



YOU WON : One flat colored art of ay characters of your choice. (no background)



YOU WON: A simple shade art with up to 2-3 characters of your choice. (Simple colored background) BONUS: You get to request me a free Icon! 



YOU WON: A detailed art with up to 2- 5 characters of your choice. (Detailed design and colored background) BONUS: You get to request me a free animated gif of any character of your choice!



Until our next milestone~ (7000 followers)


There you go guys. My REAL age.


Thank all of you, so freakin’ much, holy heck. It absolutely floors me to know that so many people follow this ridiculous blog. That’s so many people! That’s more people than were in attendance at anime conventions I’ve organized, like, dang! I can’t even fathom 7,000 people; it makes me a little nervous, to be totally honest! X3 I love you all, though, for realsies.

Sincerely, really and truly, thank you guys for all of your comments, tags, reblogs, and messages. It means the world to me to know I can make you laugh or smile or even just feel a little better because of this dorky blog. I’m really touched that you let me be a part of your dash on a daily basis. <3 Thank you, from the bottom of my heart; I cannot tell you how much it means to me.

I like to do bonus posts for milestones, but I’m a little behind because of irl obligations this week. :3 So I was wondering, is there anything in particular you guys would like for me to do?


Well, I am way overdue on an introduction to all of you new supporters. So, here it goes:

What you need to know:

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey as a young first time father to a beautiful baby girl named Ashtyn Noelle. If you have been with me awhile you know that this blog knew about my wife’s pregnancy before our family members. You’ve seen us practice diaper changes on zombie stuffed animals, you’ve watched us laugh and struggle, and you’ve seen two people in love lay the foundation for a beautiful family.

I work in the Law Enforcement profession and my wife Lindy is a High School English Teacher. We’re here to immortalize memories, make friends, offer advice and support, and to learn.

You can expect pretty pictures, funny stories about poop, an uncensored look into the life of young parenthood, and no drama or reblogs.

Stick around for awhile and I promise you will smile.

Still here?

Don’t be a stranger.

Instagram: ashesandembers

7 000 followers

I just noticed that some lost serpents finally found their right place again, THE SERPENTS ARE GROWING. Thank you for following me, liking/reblogging/etc. things and for wearing that snake emblem on your chest (or not). I was really inactive in the last couple of weeks and I am sorry but since I am in my last year of school I got some things to do and I need to follow my future as a succesfull serpent. YOU TOO. 

Let’s gather more brothers and sisters, my serpents, and together we will make this rotten world beautiful again. Stay awesome! x

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Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart Cover
Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart Cover

7000 Follower Milestone!

You guys are the best. The best followers ever.

This is much overdue…

I apologize for the parts where I got too loud and messed with the vocal track.

Enjoy! The other are on their way!

Disclaimer: The original song belongs to Rebecca Sugar, Aivi and Surrashu, and CN. I am only covering the song.