Architecture (Part 11): Assyrian Palaces

Temples with & without ziggurats were built at Assyria.  But by the late Assyrian period, palaces were much more important & more numerous, emphasizing the monarchy’s importance.

In the 800’s BC, Ashurnasirpal II restored & enlarged the city of Nimrud, and had a palace built within its walls.  The north-west wing was the most public, and at the north was a large public outer court. A suite of apartments (including for the women) was on the east side, and a series of large banqueting halls on the south side.

This would become the traditional Assyrian palace plan.  Palace remains at Nineveh, Nimrud and Kouyunjik, built during the 700’s & 600’s BC, have similar plans, and are built on elevated platforms, surrounded by terraces.

Ashurnasirpal II’s palace.  Three huge doors on the outer court’s south wall led to the throne room, which was long & narrow, and ran nearly the whole width of the courtyard.

A flight of steps led to the palace, and the main entrance was guarded by lamassu – winged stone bulls made of stone.  They protected the gates from evil, with a lion’s fierceness, an eagle’s far-sightedness, a bull’s strength, and a human’s intelligence.

Lamassu at the palace entrance (destroyed by ISIS in 2015).

Below is a drawing of what an Assyrian palace may have looked like. This palace has an elevated, buttressed terrace, a flight of steps lined with carved figures as homage to the king, an open upper storey to admit light, and a roof ridge with battlements.

Assyrian bas-reliefs depicted powerful, life-like men and animals. The sculptors were knowledgeable of anatomy & movement, and how to carve it; at the same time they stylized the subject for ornament.

Orthostats (large stone panels) were arranged in tiers on high walls, and as friezes on low walls.  Fierce beasts, bulls, griffins and lions were common subjects.  Sometimes the king was shown killing them, to demonstrate his bravery, and symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.

Pavement slab from the North Palace at Nineveh.  The outer border is decorated with a pattern based on the lotus flower, similar to Ancient Egyptian ornamentation.  Narrow bands of circular rosettes divide them from the inner border of stylized flowers, and another stylized flower in the centre.

Sculptured ornamental border from Nineveh.  It depicts lamassu and stylized plants, which are perhaps a sacred tree.  Borders of flowers & animals were sometimes painted on ceiling beams, with gilding & precious stones to add richness & contrast.

Sculpted panels in the ruins of the Palace of Nineveh show some of the architectural details made by the Assyrian builders (or possibly Greek builders).  On of these details was voluted capitals (capitals with a spiral, scroll-like ornament on top), and they looked similar tot he Greek Ionic & Corinthian capitals, which also had volutes.

An Ionic capital on the Treasury Building (Washington D.C., USA).

The Obelisk of Divanubara (Nineveh, c.800 BC) was built with sun-baked and kiln-burned bricks.  It tapered towards the top, with stepped layers on top.  Carvings and inscriptions showed that it had a funerary purpose.

Obelisk of Divanubara.


Arena (Арена) active protection system, the successor to the revolutionary but fundamentally flawed Drozd APS.

The system uses a multi-function Doppler radar, which can be turned on and off by the tank commander. In conjunction with radar input, a digital computer scans an arc around the tank for threats, and evaluates which of the tank’s 26 quick-action projectiles it will release to intercept the incoming threat. In selecting the projectile to use for defeating the threat, the ballistic computer employs the information processed by the radar, including information such as flight parameters and velocity. The computer has a reaction time of 0.05 seconds and protects the tank over a 300-degree arc, everywhere but the rear side of the turret. The system engages targets within 50 metres (55 yd) of the vehicle it is defending, and the ammunition detonates at around 1.5 metres (1.6 yd) from the threat. It will engage any threat approaching the tank between the velocities of 70 metres per second (230 ft/s) and 700 metres per second (2,300 ft/s), and can detect false targets, such as outgoing projectiles, birds and small caliber bullets.

1. Protective siloes
2. Radar
3. Protective ammo
4. Incoming anti-tank guided missile
5. Tracking phase

The relatively confined space of defense in which the warheads operate ensures any collateral damage is limited, but nevertheless the system still poses a threat to nearby infantry, albeit not in the level Drozd used to. 

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Maybe a Timeline of France's hair styles? Love you!

400′s - 500′s AD

600′s - 700′s

800′s - 1000′s

1100′s - 1200′s

1300′s - 1400′s

1500′s - 1600′s

1700′s - 1815

1816 - 1914

1915 - 1938

1939 - 1967

1968 - 1970′s

1980′s - 1990′s


2010′s - present

Mornings (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar/Fem!Reader
Words: 700+
Warning(s): smut and fluff, some strong language but yaknow,,, its smut
A/N: I hardly write any smut at all,,, you all should probably know why lmaoo. So forgive me for this shit fest.  So like,,,, ignore this…
Requests: I have gotten stacks upon stacks of requests for a variety of Lucifer smut.

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How did you and your girlfriend meet?

We met when the Eichenwalde map was relased. At the time I played mostly 76 and decided to try out McCree on said map. My friends had left for the night and I got into a game with them.

I knew what the ship was at the time and went eh, lemme say hi to the Hanzo, be on my way and learn this dude. They said hi back and it just turned into a whole thing. We’d wait for each-other each time one of us died, say our stupid cute voice lines to each-other. I didn’t want to lose contact with the player and added them.

After that we were stuck together like glue. We’d play matches together as McCree and Hanzo. They to this day are still amazing and wonderful as him. But anyways. It snowballed from there. Soon it went from game, to texts, to voice-chat. I fell head over heels after hearing her voice. I felt my heart explode.

We started officially dating November 7th and I have been blissfully happy since then. She’s my rock, she’s my sunshine and she’s so amazing.  I got to hold this person for the first time back in March. This wonderful ray of sunshine that lit up my world was just as beautiful in person. Just ahhh, I could go on all day.

Fuck and it’s even harder to believe I was level god damn 35 at the time. Now both of us are in our 700′s and still going as the respected characters -mostofthetime-

I wouldn’t trade this gal for the world. She’s so fucking special. Just talking about her makes me stupid happy and my heart gets all warm just, it’s a wonderful feeling. Bless the events that happened.  TBH if it weren’t for me switching to McCree and the McHanzo ship thing, I wouldn’t have found her. Which is why I can’t hate the ship. It brought me someone…fucking amazing ya know?

cookies! - William Nylander

A/N: I love this one so much! Also, thank you so much for all of the notes on my last imagine!

Warnings: none (the word shit but I think that’s it lol)

Word count: 700+

Player(s): William Nylander, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly, Matt Martin

  “Oh my god! You killed it, baby!” You cheered as you ran into Willys arms.

“Thank you.” He grinned.
“No, really. You did amazing.”
“Thank you.” He laughed and kissed you forehead.
“Don’t be gross.” Auston exited the dressing room, groaning
“Your just jealous because Marns has Steph and Willy has Y/n.” Morgan shoved his shoulder
“We don’t exist, babe.” Sidney nudged Matt
“Obviously.” He laughed
“Your right, I am jealous. Mitch is supposed to be my boyfriend not Stephs.” Auston says, being incredibly serious.
“Your my number 1.” Mitch not-so-subtly whispered and made a motion to cover his conversation from Steph. Auston made a heart with his hands causing us to laugh before he left with his parents.
“You guys are so stupid.” You giggled.
“What’d you say?” Will turned to me, innocently.
“That you guys are stupid?” You repeated.
“Oh, is that so?” He laughed, throwing you over his shoulder. He ran back and forth down the hall until you told him you were going to puke.
“Oh my god!” He put you down immediately.
“I was kidding. Can we go now?”
“Whatever you want.” He kissed the top of yout head and grabbed his bag.
“Text me later, k?” Syd waved.
“Will do.” You grinned and walked away.

“Can we make cookies?” You asked, shrugging your jacket off and hanging it on the rack.
“If you want. Do we have the stuff?” Will asked, laying his hockey bag in the walk in closet that held jackets and shoes in our porch.
“I think. I’ll find a recipe.” You walked into the kitchen and opened a cupboard that held some my own recipe books but also some of Willys mom and your moms as well. You flicked through a few until a found a chocolate chip one.
“Will! I found a recipe!” You double checked to see if you had the ingredients.
“Yay.” He entered the kitchen in just a pair of sweats with no shirt.
“That’s a sight for sore eyes.” You grinned.
“What? Were you looking at Bernie?” He smirked, leaning down to kiss me. You giggled looking at your dog.
“Yeah, obviously.” You laughed.
You grabbed the bowls and cookie sheet, turning on the oven. Will got the measuring cups out for you and began measuring some of the ingredients.
“Is this the 2 cups line?” He asked, showing you the measuring cup where the line was faintly scratched off.
“Okay.” He poured the sugar into the bowl.
“Can you pass the flour?” You asked, reading out the recipe.
“This flour?” He held up the bag.
“No, the flour in the garden.” You laughed sarcastically.
“Oh, yeah?” He scooped a handful out of the sag and tossed it at you.
“William!” You screamed, coughing up flour. When you turned to face him, he had pulled the hose out of the sink and was spraying me with it.
You turned back to the counter and grabbed an egg. When he was turned around, you smashed it on his head.
“What was that for!” He yelled, laughing.
“That was your ‘I’m proud of you for winning’ present!” You laughed
“It’s a pretty shitty present, babe.” He groaned through a chuckle
“Sorry not sorry.” You giggled as he chased you around the living room. You ran down the stairs and into the basement.
“You’ll never catch me.” You squealed as he ran behind me. You ran around the couch and passed the tv and by the shelf that held different trophies and medals with framed jerseys next to it. You ran back up the stairs and into the living room.
“I’m gonna get you!” Will yelled, chasing after you.
“Nope.” You guys ran in circles around the coffee table before you got to the kitchen. He caught up to you and pulled your body towards his with his arms around your waist.
He kissed my cheek.
“I love you.” He whispered.
“I love you too. Even though you threw flour and sprayed water and me.” You giggled.

N O T  R E A D Y ❦  k e i t h

+ for: anon

+ words: 700+

+ genre: pregnant s/o

+ summary: could you maybe do Keith with a pregnant s/o? your blog’s really cool and i really like what you’ve written!

+ key: _____ = your name

+ request? + masterlist?

+ hunk + lance + shiro

“Hun!” you called from the bedroom. Keith was in the bathroom for longer than usual and you had become worried about him.

There were thousands of thoughts running through your head, you weren’t sure why he was taking so long so you quickly stood up and made your way to the bathroom. You knocked loudly on the door, “Keith!” you called, dropping the pet names in your worry.

He didn’t reply after five minutes of your incessant knocking. You looked around the room, moving to the nightstand and opening the bottom to get your tools. You quickly jimmied the lock on Keith’s door and opened the door, not really caring if he was naked or not.

“Ah ha!” you exclaimed, jumping up and pointing a finger at him. He quickly hid something behind his back, turning to face you wide eyed. “What’s that?” you asked, noticing his hand behind his back.

“What’s what?” he asked innocently, holding his free hand up. You pointed at his other hand and he raised it as well, nothing in it. You narrowed your eyes, spinning your fingers around. He started to spin but was quick to leave the room instead leaving you staring after him.

He made his way into Lance’s room, he had a love-hate relationship with the guy and he hated to admit it but he was one of the guy’s who knew him the best on this damned ship.

“What is it, man? Has ____ finally dumped you for me?” he asked with a smug smirk.

“No,” he said hesitantly.

Lance noticed his abnormal demeanor and leaned off the bed. “What is it, man?”

“Uh, well… I noticed this in the trash and…” he muttered, pulling a stick out of his pocket and handing it to Lance to take a look.

Lance glanced at the stick and his eyes widened marginally, and looked up at Keith. “I’m… Wow… I can’t believe it!” he said, his eyebrows reaching up into his eyebrows.

“What do I do?”

“How did she get a pregnancy test in space though?” Lance muttered to himself, flipping the stick over a few times. He shook his head and looked at Keith, “Wait, what?”

“What do I do? I can’t be a father, I’m only seventeen!”

Lance stood up, looking determindedly at Keith, “You’re not giving up on this kid or your girlfriend. You made the decision already.” He poked Keith in the chest pointedly, Lance never had been so serious to Keith before in his life.


“Hey man, it’s not my decision, but if you think you’ll be a live man after you ditch then you’re dead wrong because ____ has all of us behind her ready to skin your ass,” Lance threatened.

“Okay, okay. I would never leave her anyways. I love her too much, it’s just… a lot to take in.”

“It’s okay, Keith. It would be big news for any of us. So, you need to go tell her you’ll be there for (her/him/them).

Keith nodded, took the stick from Lance and returned to your room. “_____!” he called, you sat up from the bed to look at him.

“Are you alright? You had me worried when you ran to Lance of all people,” you laughed, throwing a ball into the air and catching it.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” he nodded, looking really nervous. You raised an eyebrow as he walked over to you and sat down beside the bed and took your hand into his. “Whatever happens, I’ll always be there for you.”

“Thank you? But you’re the one going out there and getting shot out. I’m just a passenger who’s never left.”

“No, I mean… this,” he explained, holding the pregnancy test up and you looked at the thing in confusion and then back at him.

“Oh, you think…” you started to chuckle at him. “You think that’s… that’s mine? No, no… Ahahaha, that’s… that’s Shiro’s girlfriends,” you explained. “That’s not mine!”

Keith sighed in relief, “Is it bad I’m kind of relieved?”

“Yeah, it’s alright,” you told him with a smile, taking his face in yours and kissing him.

“I’m kind of upset too,” he muttered. 

“Well, I think we can fix that,” you grinned, pulling him onto the bed.

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About a year and a half ago I had $4000 worth of credit card debt and a terrible credit score. As of my last paycheck I am finally debt free! And I checked my credit score and it's up in the high 700's! It's such a relief and I'm so happy I could cry!


Seriously, do you realize what you’ve accomplished? You took $4K worth of debt PLUS INTEREST, you paid that shit off, and you turned your credit score around, all of which takes a lot of fucking hard work. And you did it by yourself, with no safety net and no help. That’s something to be damn proud of. 

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Mei's wasted character

Let’s not forget the true victim of Naruto chapter 700’s character assassinations - Terumi Mei.

Mizukage of the Mist Village, leader of Kirigakure, which gives her connections to: Zabuza, Haku, and Kisame.  A great design, the first character with two bloodline limits - which is a big deal coming from a country/village where bloodline limits were feared.

Moreover her village was run by Madara for a time.  There was no talk of how things have changed from the Bloody Mist to now.  No interaction with how much she hates Madara for ruling her village through fear.  

It’s also a funny character trait for her to mishear what people are saying, even if it’s always in the context of her being unmarried.

It’s nice and all of her to dream about a wedding in her pod, but she up and retires, not fulfilling her dream.

So, to sum up:
No payoff of Mei with what is Naruto’s first, and arguably better, arcs.
No payoff with the backstory of the main villains dealing with Kirigakure - we had to get that in Kisame’s flashback.
No resolution for the Seven Swords of the Mist, despite their importance in the 4th Shinobi War or relation to the Bloody mist.
No mention of how Dual Bloodline Limits work, or how they come about, but by then Kishimoto’s power system was already broken, just look at how unimportant hand seals became.
No fulfilling of her dream.  No reasons given why.  Just a bitter spinster for lame comic relief when she could have been as amazing a character as Tsunade.

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Hey LeslieLu, do you have any advice about making OCs? I have trouble creating them because I can't decide whether to plan out how they look, their personality, or their background. :'3

Oh what a cute icon you have!! <3

I’m not super sure on what you’re trying to ask specifically so I’ll just spew out all the random information I have about creating original characters. OKAY OKAY SO….

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When an AKSU met a SAF - both those rather exotic firearms are derivative from the original Kalashnikov assault rifle and seems to demonstrate some kind of Darwin’s finches evolution in space and time.

By Soviet TTT (тактико-технические требования) order number 008407 from 19.17.1973 a design competition (codenamed “Modern"—Модерн) was started for the adoption of a fully automatic carbine, no doubt inspired by observing the US experience in Vietnam with the XM177. The Soviet planners also drew from the unsolicited design AO-46 built in 1969 by Peter Andreevich Tkachev, which weighed only 1.9 kg. The TTT specifications required a weight no greater than 2.2 kg, a length of 75/45 cm with the stock unfolded/folded, and a muzzle velocity of at least 700 m/s. The competition was joined by designs of M.T. Kalashnikov (PP1), I.Y. Stechkin (TKB-0116), S.G. Simonov (AG-043), A.S. Konstantinov (AEK-958), and E.F. Dragunov (who called his model "MA”). Kalashnikov also presented an additional design (A1-75) which differed from PP1 by having a modified muzzle for flash and noise suppression. By 1977 the GRAU decided to adopt Kalashnikov’s model, which was largely a shortened AKS-74, because it was no worse than the competition in terms of performance and promised significant production cost savings by utilizing existing equipment for the AK-74 line. A final round of large scale testing with Kalashinkov’s model was performed by airborne divisions in the Transcaucasian Military District in March 1977. The AKS-74U (“U"—Russian: укороченный; Ukorochenniy, or "shortened”) was officially adopted in 1979, and given the official, but seldom used GRAU designation 6P26.[42]

The SAF is a blowback-operated select-fire gun, firing from a closed bolt. It is based on the Swiss SIG SG 540 assault rifle which was produced under license in Chile in the 1980s. In general the design is a shortened version of the SIG 540 rifle, but the rifle’s rotating bolt has been replaced with a simple blowback bolt. The SAF also has a bolt hold-open catch that engages after the final shot. Otherwise, the receiver, stock, fore-end, trigger/hammer assembly and floating firing pin design are from the SIG 540. The upper and lower receiver, as well as the trigger guard are steel, pistol grip and Handguards are all made from polymer. The ambidextrous safety/fire selector switch, as well as the interchangeability with SIG 552/553 handguards, is a feature found on the latest versions. Older versions used own handguards.

How Much is a Dungeon Worth?

In volume 12 of MAGI, Jafar announces that the magic items and treasures gotten from Zagan’s dungeon are valued at 3 million dinars. While I totally acknowledge that this number was probably picked just to mean ‘a whole lot of money’, the math is a little too tempting.

Firstly, according to historian Andre Clot, an early Abbasid (late 700′s) dinar is 4.5 grams of gold.

[Dinar minted in the reign of Caliph Mahdi (775-785 AD)]

At the time I am writing this, the market price for a gram of gold is $39 USD.

3,000,000 X 4.5 X 39 = 526.5 million US Dollars ($526,500,000.00 USD)

Using a currency calculator…

  • 461,761,033.50 Euros
  • 372,743,572.50 GBP
  • 683,949,825.00 CAD

more japanese fandom pro-sasusaku headcanons and reactions to the last chapter, aside from more people congratulating them on their marriage, saying it’s like a dream that sasusaku is official, and saying that it was full of love/overflowing with love (all from 2ch):

  • sarada: papa, help me study. sasuke: show me. sarada: i got the past exam questions for the primary chuunin exams from mama and… sasuke: ask your mom
  • sasuke: i’m going to bed; sakura: w-what if i were to say i wanted to go to bed with you…? ///; sasuke: maybe next time *dekoton*; sakura: … [i think this is what they meant; otherwise it’s sasuke telling sakura to go to bed, and her telling him she wants him to come to bed with her lol]
  • sasuke: sakura~~ ; sakura: sasuke-kun! (poncho?!) [lmao i guess this is how they’re envisioning sasusaku reunion in the movie]
  • [sakura’s] bangs were cut to prepare for the acceptance of the dekoton
  • talking about sasuke and sakura being in their thirties and how romance/sensuality/sex appeal (色気) must have appeared(?), even though in the movie sasuke looks homeless lmao
  • headcanon that even though sasuke doesn’t like sweets, he searches for japanese confectionery shops for sakura since she has a sweet tooth
  • that since sasuke’s dream was to revive his clan, one kid won’t be enough and then wonders when the eldest son will be born
  • liking the 17 cm height difference and people noticing sakura’s increase in bust size haha
  • saying that this probably was the ending in mind since team 7 talked about their dreams at the very beginning
  • wishing that sakura would be the one to attach sasuke’s artificial arm in the movie and another requesting just a little bit of sasusaku in the movie
  • gushing over sarada-chan and how strong and powerful she would be. discussing whether she’d summon slugs, snakes or birds. saying sarada’s probably an honor student; probably studying to pursue a career in medicine like mama
  • saying they want to show mikoto and fugaku their grandchild(ren)
  • someone said they fell in love with last chapters’ sasuke as he is a good guy (いい男)
  • their exchange gave off a feeling of ‘i’ll always come back to where you are’ (お前のところに戻ってくるよみたい)

there were also some fans who shared how long they’ve been supporting sasusaku, and how they felt when they found out:

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Not to over glamorize Los Angeles or anything but since Alexis & I do live here, we figured we could share some cool places to eat if you’re ever in town. 

So, if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, here are some places you should check out!

  • The Pie Hole 

Location: 714 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Alexis and I went here a couple of months ago for the first time and we fell in love! The pies were delicious and the environment was cozy and very chill. I highly recommend getting the Mac & Cheese pot pie. It’s absolutely delicious. (We even thought it was better than the chocolate pie we got). 

  • Lemonade

Location: 12401 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604

Right on Ventura Blvd is Lemonade. Lemonade is a small, cafeteria like cafe with amazing lemonade. Alexis and I went to Lemonade on a Saturday morning for breakfast and the weather was perfect. It is on the corner of Ventura and Whisett, with different little boutiques nearby. It was my first time there and I got salmon, mac & cheese & an original lemonade. I tried Alexis’s blueberry mint lemonade and it was soooo good. We highly recommend!

  • MILK

Location: 7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

MILK is located near the Beverly Center and the famous Melrose Ave. It is in the middle of many high end, luxury stores. MILK is known for its different types of ice cream and unique little pastries. You can order their pre-made ice cream sandwiches or make your own! I recommend the Thai Tea ice cream & the blue velvet cake! You’ll love it.

  • Bottega Louie

Location: 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

I have personally never been to Bottega Louie but Alexis has and she said it’s really good. The pastries look so pretty (too pretty to eat tbh) and I definitely have to try it out sometime. It’s in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles so head on over for some delicious desserts !

- Pam