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jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

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No one is saying that Louis’s life isn’t exponentially easier than the typical working class person’s – Louis has even said as much himself – but there’s nothing “first world problem” about losing a parent, or being constantly, wrongfully demonized for just trying to live your life. And to dismiss that so you can be/maintain your status as one of ThE cOoL kIdS who doesn’t give a fuck about boyband members or their backgrounds because you are Far Too Edgy & Mature For That™, is wrong. I know the BBC has a demographic but empathy should transcend that. That was the whole fucking point. 


We now have the whole Vulpix’s Crystal season line! This set will come out on October 21st, 2017. Here’s the full line-up:

- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix plush - 3 000 yen each
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix mascot plush - 1 300 yen each
- Cushion - 3 000 yen
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix snowglobe - 3 000 yen each
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix Metal keychain - 800 yen each
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix Stone bracelet - 1 400 yen each
- Hair tie ( Kanto / Alolan Vulpix) - 1 200 yen each
- Large wallet - 3 500 yen
- Pass case -  1500 yen
- Pouch - 1 600 yen
- Hand towel - 600 yen
- Large towel - 2 000 yen
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix ball-point pen - 700 yen each
- Set of 2 A4 clearfiles - 460 yen
- Set of 3 masking tape - 800 yen
- Folding mirror - 1 400 yen
- Phone case with strap - 3 200 yen
- Kanto or Alolan Vulpix Glass Cup - 1 200 yen each
- Tote bag - 1 800 yen
- Ring notebook - 600 yen
- Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon Special BOX - 2 800 yen

anonymous asked:

Hi, regarding that last anon you got: it actually comes from a popular radfem post, how we women are at the mercy of men and can't do anything to protect ourselves but cry and scream *snorts* I'm assuming anon c&p it from the original blog. This is what radfems usually pass as "self defense advice" on this site.

We knew the anon was submitting bait before I answered the question, but thanks for letting me know where it came from. Sadly, that’s a sexist opinion I’ve seen expressed elsewhere, even in the bowls of the martial arts community. For every made up experience, there’s a chance of a real one happening somewhere else. All they did was give me a chance to once again talk about self-defense and debunk sexist attitudes often taken as fact.

Since the post has garnered over 700 notes at this point, I’d say it was worth it and I’m glad my answer resonated with so many people.

It saddens me (though doesn’t surprise me) that this attitude is pushed by women, especially ones who claim to be feminists and straight up weird for someone claiming to be part of the radical feminist strand. They sound like the same group they’re railing against, reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes and societal roles, and telling women they’re helpless.

One of the main reasons I started this blog, oh so many eons ago, was to help debunk the sexism that surrounds the combat arts (more so in fiction than in real life) and use my experiences growing up in martial arts help other young women stretch outside the narrow framework provided for female action heroes. Though the internet has made information on martial arts more readily available than ever before, I know finding easily accessible information on combat is difficult and the best of it is often not designed for neophytes much less someone with no experience in the community. Writers need to understand concepts more than they need a grasp of the technical knowledge, and understanding concepts can be a launch pad into the real thing.

Whether its the written word or visual mediums, entertainment media has the ability to change cultural attitudes. Storytelling are part of the way we communicate and understand the world, both ourselves as individual cultures, express our beliefs, and what we hope to be. Its why representation is important. The more diverse our options, then the more options we have to find ourselves in a world where we don’t always feel like we fit.

There are plenty of qualities defined as “masculine” which aren’t limited to men at all, and reasons why male action heroes resonate deeply with the audience when female heroes don’t which has everything to with story structure but mistaken for gender. Instead of it being treated as a problem with the way stories are told about action girls, it’s mistaken for “well, girls can’t do it.”

That feeds back into real life and into the cycle of abuse. A cycle that is taught, conditioned by society, but treated as “natural”. So when the unthinkable happens, when we create a situation where its inevitable, we blame nature.

Culturally devised “not for you” is a powerful disincentive. It’s more a mental block that exists in our own minds, rather than one which exists in the real world. Learning to climb over the hurdle and lay claim to those parts of ourselves, the ones we feel we’re not supposed to have or out of reach, is by itself groundbreaking. For ourselves, if for anyone else.

We all have the power inside us to lift our chins, look disaster in the eye, and say, “Not me! Not today!”

It might take going out to learn, it might take some encouragement, and time, but there are so many options available if we look for them. It saddens me some radfems on this site are actively promoting the victim narrative and actively discouraging young women from seeking out alternative options, ones which will ultimately empower them.

It’s true that none of us can control the choices others make, even if it’s to harm us. However, we do have power over ourselves. We’re not cast adrift nor left at the mercy of the waves, waiting for someone else to save us. We can’t control if disaster will happen, but we can choose to ready ourselves for it should it come.

Cheesy as it sounds, chasing what we believe is possible will work its way into fact. That’s how humans work. People break through the impossible all the time.

Finding that representation in fiction, imagining it for ourselves as we write it, all of that can make its way back around to seeking those same confident feelings out in the life beyond our imaginations. Dreams often have a way of becoming reality, which really is awesome when you think about it.

The answer should never be, “not me”. It should be, “well, why not me?”


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Celebrating my 700th tumblr post with another screenshot of Salvadorable and his cool big sis


Pokémon Center announced a new Pikachu and Rowlet collection to be released on November 25th, 2017! Here’s the line-up:

- Notebook type B6 - 600 yen
- Stick-it notes book - 700 yen
- Ball-point pen (Pikachu / Rowlet) - 500 yen each
- Sticker seal - 580 yen
- Patch set - 800 yen
- Totebag - 1 700 yen
- Large totebag - 3 500 yen
- Memo pad (Pikachu / Rowlet) - 400 yen each
- Pen case - 1 500 yen
- Pikachu sweater (S/M/L) - 6 000 yen
- Jumper (Pikachu / Rowlet) (M/L) - 8 900 yen
- Parka ( Pikachu / Rowlet) (S/M/L) - 5 600 yen
- Pins collection - 300 yen each

some highlights from Story and Song from an all-caught-up-now TAZ listener (spoilers abound)
  • hot damn yall
  • i gotta feeling everybody’s coming back for this finale
  • oh god taako just realized he found his sister’s fucking SKELETAL REMAINS
  • griffin: “taako and merle, make a dexterity saving throw" justin: “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back!” griffin: “we’re back and we’re rolling dice that have 20 sides on them. it’s got 20 sides and 20 numbers, its great”
  • griffin: “the third figure is a fucking rhinoceros” magnus: “DIBS!”
  • the fact that angus is an 11 year old child and totally DOWN TO FIGHT just reinforces that i was right to make him my favorite npc
  • hell yeah we’re back to DND fights! they like rolled for initiative and everything
  • justin, after talking about taako’s leveling up: “should i talk slower so everybody who’s been complaining about us not playing dnd has time to nut. how’s everyone enjoying this GREAT COMPELLING AUDIO”
  • griffin: “this hand is gonna attack you, taako, cuz you just set it on fire”
  • magnus: “i jump on the back of the rhinoceros” griffin: “of COURSE you do”
  • taako: "hey magnus that was the coolest thing ive ever seen…HANDS DOWN!“ get it cuz they found a giant magical hand…GETIT?!
  • ango used the umbra staff to cast a fireball way above what ango should be able to do and im like hot damn i love this fucking umbrella
  • taako: “i snap the umbra staff over my knee” HOLY SHIT YALL!! ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “lup grits her teeth and says ‘I’m going to fucking kill you now’“ MY GIRL!!!!! THATS MY GIRL!!!”
  • lup: “why didn’t you let me out sooner, dingus?” taako: “i didn’t remember you existed, goofus” THEY’RE SO ADORABLE
  • taako: “don’t worry, I’ve got MAGIC POWERS” magnus: “is that supposed to be a big reveal?”
  • the love between magnus and fisher is one of my favorite bonds of this whole show
  • everyone banding together to fight the big bad is one of my favorite tropes ever (what’s up pacific rim) so that everyone is doing that here is INCREDIBLE
  • magnus: “i use my levitation magic” griffin: “oh im sorry, did you say you take the elevator? the skype call broke up for a second there”
  • griffin: “magnus, something falls from the sky” magnus: “i catch it” griffin: “no you don’t, it’s pretty big”
  • i’m so glad that griffin is committed to calling killian, carey fangbattle, and noelle “Team Sweet Flipz”
  • lup: “here’s my idea, are you ready for it? it’s a banger”
  • griffin: “you remember that, taako, because your memory’s so good!”
  • griffin: “its upsy, your lifting friend” wait what. im sorry, what?????????
  • oh its lucas okay, cool. that moment got wayyyy too much Gravitas for it just to be the worst brand mascot EVER
  • YOOOOOO istus’s gift to taako, the item he could retrieve when he needed it most, has RETURNED TO THE STORY AND IM SO EXCITED BY THAT!!!
  • griffin has really genuinely lost track of the correct timeline of the events of this story and im like shit my dude, you and me both. ive only got most of it down
  • this john motherfucker is like almost tugging at my heartstrings but also im the embodiment of “cool motive still murder” bc im pretty sure this dude’s to blame
  • clint doesn’t remember jack shit about merle’s kids right now and in context, its like merle doesn’t even know how old his kids are. that’s BAD
  • griffin: “although this bear is in like Furious Nonsensical Monster Mode, you see, just faintly, you see it retract its claws as if to say ‘alright motherfucker, lets wrestle’”
  • magnus: “they’re not strong enough, I have to be” damn, talk about a Magnus Burnsides Thesis Statement
  • the fact that magnus is refusing to kill this monster mode Power Bear even though it’s being controlled by an eldritch nightmare is like. proof that magnus has a goddamn heart of gold. what a hero
  • magnus finds it in him to ask for help and avi comes crashing through the walls like “sup dude, need some help from Captain Handsome Hero?”
  • “no dogs on the moon!” AAHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT
  • taako: “i don’t know what tacos are. I’ve gotten hints, if you wanna call them taco prophecies. that’s a crazy thing to say out loud, but I just said it, so here we are, I guess, I’m talking at you through a frying pan, try to keep up Joaquin”
  • taako: “I’ll take one taco, extra destiny”
  • taako: “yeah, like I’m going to let myself be seen being taught how to cook anything, nice try”
  • taako: “so, a toast” joaquin: “no, its a taco….just a little food joke” taako: “very little”
  • istus: “huh, didn’t see that one coming” griffin: “across two universes, two food trucks explode” damn griffin
  • griffin: “kneeling at the center of town, is kravitz” OH GOOD! NOW WE’RE COOKING! NOW WE’VE GOT THE GOOD SHIT GOING!
  • i just gotta mention here that I love eldritch nightmares and cthulu-esque monsters, so this story’s eldritch nightmare that consumes everything in its path contrasted with a slowly-more-corrupted human avatar is MY JAM
  • merle: “i cast zone of truth!” travis: “TO WHAT END??”
  • griffin: “it is the most powerful holy spell you have ever cast” THAT’S A GOOD FINALE CALLBACK!!!!
  • griffin: “she turns back to lucas’s lab and she says ‘hero time’” NOELLE!!!!! NOELLE THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!
  • kravitz: “i wanna warm up my face so it’s not weird” AWWWWW
  • lup: “what’s up ghost rider?” kravitz: “you know we’re going to have to talk about the fact that your sister’s a lich, right?” taako: “yeah…i assumed”
  • lup: “taako just summoned all the energy in our reality to come help us fight” magnus: “mmhmm. I fought a bear…when I say it like that, it doesn’t sound as good, does it?”
  • davenport: “lup did you find the starblaster?” lup: “oh i sorta… forgot we were supposed to be doing that”
  • taako: “we have basically been trolling it for 100 years..[..]..and i don’t know about you, but TAAKO’S GOOD OUT HERE”
  • lup: “lucretia, dear, I’ve already forgotten about the whole thing. OH! OH! bad choice of words!” lup you adorable asshole
  • lup: “please don’t die” taako: “i’d say the same but that ship done sailed, hasn’t it?”
  • taako: “i walk over to angus and say ‘hey cool knife, you know he’s got a sword that’s on fire, right? he did just give you a KNIFE’”
  • lup: “hear that, babe? we’re legends”
  • there’s magic in a bard’s songOH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
  • magnus: “this is it? it’s just a guy!” taako: “yeah it’s one guy, shouldn’t be a problem”
  • clint: “you heal up to 700 hit points!” griffin: “BULLSHIT! WHAT???” clint: “divided evenly” justin: “okay well but you don’t have any 9th level spell slots…” clint: “then I will use Mathias the Living Grimoire!” awesome I’m so glad clint learned how to actually properly play dnd on this LAST EP
  • griffin: “I will say, you’re on a ship, there’s probably a mast or something for you to swing down from” wait what this is an actual ship??? i was picturing like the entreprise or something
  • griffin: “we’re playing a little calvinball with the design of the starblaster” oh okay cool yeah its like a spaceship, not a fucking 17th century pirate ship
  • my dudes you never leave your weapons buried in the dying bodies of your enemies bc if they bounce back, they got your weapon now
  • griffin: “john is up first” justin: “fuck” clint: “he’s still just john? he’s not Demi-john????” travis: “final john” more cross-mcelroy-product jokes!!!!
  • the grubby heroes healed by godly love, i bet some people are feeling some Stuff right now
  • taako: “hey i want everyone to meet a new friend of mine, this is Joaquin” griffin: “OH FUCK! YES YES YES YES!!!”
  • joaquin: “thanks for the wizard powers, I’ve killed like a hundred of these things!”
  • griffin: “oh fuck I thought you were going to summon ME!!!”
  • hot damn clint REMEMBERED his gift from istus and fucking used it!!!!!!!!!
  • taako used the immovable rod!!!!! im so proud of them for remembering AND using all their items!!!!
  • taako: “i gotta be with lup” oh that’s so fucking sweet
  • angus: “hey everybody, johann was right! WE WON!” cool im crying a little bit, no big deal
  • griffin: “how does magnus die?” hey fuck off griffy i don’t want this
  • magnus being reunited with julia is making me cry significantly now
  • they got their happy endings, everybody got their happy endings, and I’m so happy
  • I am SO glad and grateful I got caught up in time for this fucking heartwrenching sweet finale

Hey everyone!! To celebrate and thank my followers for choosing to follow this blog I’ve decided to host an Art Giveaway + Commission Sale! It’s only been about 7 months since I started posting my artwork here instead of my personal blog, so to have reached nearly 700 followers at this point seems incredible!!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Must be a follower of @mattibee-portfolio!
  • Likes and Reblogs each count for 1 entry, but don’t spam reblog!
  • I’m not sure if giveaway blogs are still a thing but if they are please don’t
  • Keep your askbox open! Can’t really win if I can’t tell you you won!
  • IF YOU WIN: Prize artworks will not include any human or basically human characters/creatures! This is because as of right now drawing them will only give me frustration, and in turn give the winner poorer quality art, basically a lose-lose imo. (humanshape Pokemon should be fine however!)

Giveaway Prizes:

  • 1st: 1 Painted character + Foreground
  • 2nd: 2 Cell Shaded characters OR 3 Icons
  • 3rd: 12 Colored Sketch page of up to 3 different characters!

Commission Sale:

If you don’t win a giveaway prize or if you simply don’t want to try your luck, I also have a sale going on for all the commission types related to the giveaway! If you have any questions please send an ask or email me @mattibeework@gmail.com!

Random shitpost headcanons


- Travis and Dante got the other members to get into teams and they played online Uno, 7-0, draw until you can play mode. And Dante was a fuck and set it to 700 points. They played for 5 AND A HALF HOURS

- kawaii chan dabs whenever the others ask for sweets. Aphmau does it on purpose so she’ll do it in the cafe. A lot of people dab with kawaii chan

- the entirety of the edge squad has danced to both gandum style and that new song that goes (Doo do do do Doo) (shh idk this meme)

- Ivy, who has 5 years experience and practice in digital editing and art. Took an entire 8 hours out of her life to Photoshop Boltos head on Shrek, Garroths head on Fiona, Kim’s head on donky, And michis head on the dragon. And she did it fucking well.

- gene and Dante are masters in synchronised dabbing

- Travis is a walking shit post generator when he hasn’t slept in four days and is running off the raw power of energy drinks and coffee with crushed caffeine pills as sugar

- honest to god Michi does the “-BODY ONCE TOLD ME!” Everytime someone says “some”

- walking Shit post generator two is Bolto, just Bolto as a person and the ridiculous Shit he will say

- aphmau once said “oh ohh no, I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong” and everybody just gave her this fucking look. She laughed so hard she almost passed out

- aphmau makes Aaron participate in memes

- Laurence is secretly a meme master and knows every meme in existence

- Whenever Zane dabs everyone has to take a moment to realise that Zane is participating in there memes willingly and enjoying them

- Zane is meme garbage thanks to aphmau and Dante

- aphmau getting Zane to say the magnum dong line and kawaii chan asks to see it. Zane practically chokes on his own spit

- Lucinda gave the rainbow squad meifwa features so they could dance to “nyanyanyanya” (that’s the name of the nyan cat song I shit you not. And it’s made by hutsune miku). The video got over a million views in two days

- Zane plays cat videos and kawaii chan watches them like she’s in a trance because “kitttttyyyyyyyy”

- Silvana is actually up to date on all the memes. And whenever the others dab she just looks at Eric and goes “didn’t that meme die months ago??” And he just shrugs because he doesn’t know shit about memes

- Laurence come out of the closet is still an inside joke meme

- the newest meme is “you two can’t fuck there”. This was in reference to the one time gene and Bolto almost had sex on the coffee table

- walking shitposter Travis has said some great things such as “fuck I dropped will to live.” “I wanna stick my dick in the blender” “do you think a cactus would be happy if I hugged it?” “What if whenever we call a cockroach gross. It tells its friends and sends more cockroaches” “can I fist a book or am I gonna lose my hand?” “Collage is like the biggest fuck you ever because, you pay a shit ton of money for books you never need, for a class you already know everything about, only to get given a peace of paper that’s like “hey fuck you thanks for your money your Just as stupid as when you got here and we taught you nothing besides learning how to drink coffee like its a shot and swallow more caffeine pills then your roommate who may or may not be drunk”“

- Aaron has said some pretty stupid things and aphmau calls him the accidental shitposter of gold

- Garroth and Kim dabbed to complete the ritual of joining the edge squad

My Candy Love: Episode 37 Guide

By request! I’ve never done one before and honestly, some stuff isn’t 100% clear yet, but I really hope this helps a bit. I will base this somewhat off @kizmetcandy‘s guides for the most part with… random helpful interjections and in order of the Episode over character divided. At least I hope they’re helpful. 

-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter is at 100 so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

Action Points: ~400-700 

Illustrations: Four total. One with Rosalya, one with the Twins, one with Evan, and one with Kentin. Who you’re dating doesn’t matter, but the latter three illustrations are outfit based so at most, you can only get two in a single playthrough. Two Episode replays are needed to get all four.

Auntie: Found during the objective when you need to meet the twins (and your boyfriend if not Armin or Kentin) at the bus stop. She’s in the park at night.

Cloud Purse

Hidden Item:  You must tell your mother the truth. You will get it after buying your outfit with Alexy or Rosalya before heading to your bedroom. If you do NOT get it immediately upon entering the house, keep exiting and re-entering and she should eventually give you it. If you go up to your room to finish getting ready before this, you miss your chance to get it.

Glitter Bow

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Thank you Anaheim Ducks!

Some 16-17 season milestone & highlights

• 4th consecutive 100 pt. season regular season.
• 5th consecutive division championship.
• Patty Eaves reached the 30-goal mark for the 1st time in his NHL career.
• Cogs Iron Man streak.
• Getzy became the 2nd Ducks player to hit 800 NHL points.
• Pears reached 700+ NHL points.
• Coach reached 400+ NHL wins.
• Kes reached 300+ NHL career assists.
• Pears matched the NHL record for most OT goals.
• Monty scored his 1st NHL goal.
• Kerdiles became the 1st OC player to play for. Anaheim.
• We celebrated out 10 year Stanley Cup Anniversary.
• Paul Kariya finally returned to the Honda Center.