700 lorimer


The K-Lab is MOVING! The old digs just weren’t doing it any more. As endearing as they were, with their 8 foot ceilings, cobblestone driveway, mud, floods, and complete lack of windows and ventilation, it just seemed like the time was right to get a little more space….so here it is. We got a nice new fork lift, big tall ceilings, a real roller door right to the street, proper heat, and WINDOWS!! We hope to be up and fully running by the third week of November, with smaller machines coming online earlier. We’ll have more room, stock more material, real electricity, and be able to bring in bigger projects and turn them around faster now that we have the infrastructure to work in.  Exciting stuff! Update your address books. Phone and email stay the same.

BROOKLYN NY 11211-1314

I got a scary email today - Somebody thought that the K-Lab was closing! Not the case at all. Turns out that we’ve got a NEW shop with better everything, and in a few more days we’re going to be back, but at about 250% of the original capacity. Here’s the router in its new home. Also, it’s getting upgraded while we’re at it. Better days are ahead.