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i was cleaning my room at home and i found a box my mom kept full of all my school work from when i was little. one of the things in there was this list from kindergarten. on the 100th day of school we did all these “100” themed activities and one of them was finishing the sentence, “i wish i had 100…” let me tell you, a genie would have a field day with all the vague as shit wishes we came up with. like little kids probably wish the most as an age group and yet they all suck at it. like, okay, katie wished for 100 dollars, right? but then sam comes in and she wished for 100 toonies. that’s 200 dollars! katie looks like a god damn idiot! but hold on because then jonathan wished for 100 monies, like, plural of money. so he wished for 100 different kinds of currency in any amount. that could be one american penny and then 99 penny equivalents or millions of dollars in euros and pounds and stuff. still, strange wish to leave open to interpretation. 

keane, now keane had a more sensible take on the money wish. keane wished for 100 pieces of gold. a timeless metal coveted by ancient and modern cultures alike. clearly he knew something we didn’t.

what else did people wish for? ronald wished for 100 toys. shannon, i shit you not, shannon wished for 100 “boxes to put my toys in.” ronald was basically wishing just to get on shannon’s level while she was just like, “give me a gift card to the container store.” looking through the list there’s a lot of weird one upping. like a lot of weird passive aggressive stuff. katie b wished for 100 dresses, melanie countered with 100 fancy dresses. like she wanted dresses too, but had to clarify just to make katie b feel like she had shit taste. me, i wished for 100, get this, cats. you could not pay me to take a cat today, i want nothing to do with cats. apparently in kindergarten i wanted an insane, borderline illegal number of them. i have a feeling i was making this wish to impress someone else, like you know when you pretended to like a band in high school to have something in common with your crush? this was like that only magic and more…allergenic. my friend connor wished for 100 kitty cats. little baby cats. kind of a dick move, right? like you know i’d end up with 100 weird old cats, 179 eyes between them, all on their deathbeds. andre wanted 100 cars at what, age 5? he wanted to open a used dealership and needed inventory. joanne wanted 100 presents, which is different than wanting 100 of something more specific. like a present is a personal thing someone gives to someone else. she basically wanted people to think of her and get her something nice. i wish i could track everyone down and do an updated list. oh man, you know what i’d say if someone wished for 100 kitty cats? i’d wish for 100 pregnant cats. that’s like 200-700 cats or something. dammit connor where are you.

d&d characters!! Cazara (catgirl razorclaw shifter) is @kat-rampant ‘s, Summer (aka Sassvarina) is my eladrin bard

they are very short and they get shit Done


I never see much Naruto since 10001091010019 years (or just final battle sasuke and naruto in original series) or even much part of fandom.

But in final chapter i had with revelation about Akamaru (you know the dog) HE LIVE FUCKING 2O-SOMETHINGS YEARS OLD HOW FUCK IS POSSIBLE FOR NORMAL DOG (oh wait this is naruto… maybe THAT make sense…)

Oh, Kiba married with woman from a clan of Cats (just looking second panel they had many cats)…. Man a i can’t believe it this about Kiba accepted cats in with him…


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“Just saying??” Haha, shut up

Tamaki isn’t a random character! She’s a canon character! She is a cat younger shopkeeper 

that Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha themselves came to collect their weapons. BECAUSE TAMAKI LIVES IN A PLACE WHERE THE UCHIHA CLAN USED TO BUY THEIR ITEMS! 

so that means that Tamaki plays an important role for the Uchiha Clan as it is the ONLY last store that hasn’t been destroyed or abadoned. And this is means that Tamaki knows Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha more. So they are childhood friends

Tamaki may not be shoown alot (Shown in the series like 9 times officially) However, “Tamaki as a chick which Kishimoto made up 2 minutes ago???” I disagree so much! 

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If you have a brain, watch episode 189, 121 and episode 498 of Naruto Shippuden and see if she was just made for “Kiba”.

SMH, Tamaki gets hate for what??? Just because she is with Kiba? WTF?! Aren’t y’all suppose to be happy that Kiba ACTUALLY has a partner. I’m not doing this for KibaTama. I’m doing this for Tamaki. Just because you hate a ship, does it actually mean you hate a character? Tamaki is a nice and humble woman who will respectfully treat you. Well, if you go on her wrong side and hurt her comrades, then she will attack you

However, It is stupid to hate a character just because you don’t like the ship and if you think she isn’t in the show at all. RE-WATCH THE ANIME AND RE-READ THE MANGA!

Tbh, Tamaki is beautifu to me


Naruto episode 121,189, 498

Kiba One Shot

Konoha Hiden Book Novel and Anime

Konoha Shinden

Naruto 700



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