How much has Greg Universe spent?

Greg Universe has around $10,000,000

Remember those math problems from fourth grade? Well they’re finally coming in to use. 

  • 3 tailor made suits, each being around $3000 average, $9000
  • An overnight hotel (let’s assume the Four Seasons in New York for reference) is $35,000
  • Room service let’s assume was $1000 (Room service is expensive)
  • All those singers/waiters $500 each, $5000
  • the car he bought: Let’s assume since it’s used but could match speeds of a Lamborghini, $4,500
  • Pole $100
  • tablet cost: $200
  • Okay so the boat one was the trickiest bit for me, but I looked up yachts to play it safe. The cheapest one I could find was $1,000,000, it had a 35m deck and was the closest to the show.

So, let’s add this all up, what does it amount to? $1,054,800

Which means, he still has $8,945,200 left over.

His shenanigans are far from over.


Hey guys!!! So recently I hit 700 followers!! WOW OMG THANK YOU ALL ILY and I was thinking I could do some blog rates!! :)


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ive reached 700 followers,, finally! and i realized that ive never done a follow forever and i want to appreciate all my amazing mutuals for sticking with me!! pls tell me if u wanna be taken off the list and i gladly will! (also im sorry if ive forgotten anybody pls tell me if u want to be added)

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The prompts from my "700 followers" milestone...

You guys, I am seriously loving the prompts you asked me to write. Like, this is so much fun. I’m in the middle of a full NurseyDex fic right now so it might take me some time to get through them all (plus I’m going to be literally out in the middle of nowhere all weekend with a bunch of drunken Frenchmen because family lol) but the point is I’m so excited. Here is what I received:

- 3 NurseyDex prompts (1 completed so far)
- 2 Holsom prompts
- 2 Cornt prompts (ahahahaha amazing I love you anons who enjoy my Kent/Corey fics)
- 1 Pimms (past) prompt
- and 1 Snoots prompt (which is what I’ve decided to call Snowy/Poots because it’s hilarious, fight me lol)

This is going to be great y'all.

Let’s begin with Stein’s platform. Some of the ideas, like a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition, are mainstream these days, thanks to the work of progressive activists and Sanders himself. Others, like moving to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 (while ditching nuclear), are deeply unrealistic, if admirable in spirit. And more than a few sound like they were hatched in an old Bay Area commune. Cut defense spending in half and close more than 700 foreign military bases? Sure, maybe after we get done levitating the Pentagon.

German artillery shell embedded in the armor of a Soviet KV-1 tank

Probably the shell came from an early model Panzer IV - as main armament, the vehicle mounted the Kampfwagenkanone 37 L/24 (KwK 37 L/24) 75 mm (2.95 in) tank gun, which was a low-velocity gun mainly designed to fire high-explosive shells. Against armored targets, firing the Panzergranate (armor-piercing shell) at 430 meters per second (1,410 ft/s) the KwK 37 could penetrate 43 millimeters (1.69 in), inclined at 30 degrees, at ranges of up to 700 meters (2,300 ft).* The profile matches the Panzergranate 39 with its base fuse and driving band, it’s possible that the impact popped out the base fuze which stopped it from detonating http://wrhstol.com/2a8cmzu

Can’t Forget You - Sam x Reader

A/N: So, this was a request that I’ve had almost done for a bit. It’s a one shot based off of ‘Lay Me Down’ by Sam Smith. First time really trying to base it off of a song, and hope that it’s at least close to what the requester wanted!

Warnings: Emotional pain, Breakup

Word Count: 700 (Short, I know!)

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Paid Seat Fillers at the Democratic National Convention

Paid Seat Fillers at Democratic National Convention

External image

The Democratic convention is a show. The show needed to look like a full room of happy unified Democrats. How do you do that? Step 1 – Get rid of the Bernie people Step 2 – Fill the empty seats with paid seat fillers Paid Seat Fillers were used to fill up empty seats left behind by Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention. A Craigslist ad was placed, looking for 700 people…

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two more sections that will probably clock in 500-700 words apiece, then editing and I’ll be done

I know it’s not that long but it’s still the longest thing I’ve ever written


* Holy hell- looks like we’ve got a lot of company….

[ * And they were saying “three’s a crowd”? Pff, if that’s true, then this is more of a population than a crowd. ]

* Very true… But either way, we’ve still got over seven hundred people on our hands. Just what are we going to do about this?

[ * Sounds like a long-term buffet to me. ]

* Wait what? Figment, no. Just because they are willingly here doesn’t mean you can just drain them of their DT.

[ * Aw, you’re no fun. ]

* No fun? Well perhaps by your views, but considering how many people are here, I’m obviously doing something right.

[ * Yeah, I guess so. But that means we’re both doing something right- by their standards. I know I’m not always doing the right thing moral wise- but being evil is so much more fun! ]

* Hm, I’m glad I got off of that mindset awhile back. Although, I admit, it’s not always good to follow rules. Sometimes you need to go against others to do what’s right. 


* Anyways, greetings everyone! And, a warm welcome to those of you who joined us recently. 

* It’s always a pleasure to have extra company around here.

[ * Always? You sure? I’ve seen you literally tear an anon in half. ]

* That guy chose to talk shit while I was shedding- so I was already in a bad mood.

* It’s not my fault that there are consequences to further pissing off an Omega in a sour mood.

[ * Okay, fair enough. ]


Good night, Squishy Soldiers! So, I’m going to try my hardest to get a few requests out tomorrow since I am so behind.

Also, send in suggestions for how to celebrate 700+! I’d love to hear your ideas!

Love you all!

Sanatçı: M.C. ESCHER
Eser: Metaforfoz III (1967-68)
Fresk: Demeter Aygün
Yer: Dargeçit Anadolu Lisesi
Boyut: 150×700
Tarih: Mayıs-Haziran 2016

Hey, sorry for basically vanishing for two straight weeks. A lot of shit went down, that can basically be boiled down to; my mother in law stole and used the $700 my husband and I were trying to save so that we could look for a van or something to live in before winter hit, and now we’re broke as fuck.

I’m trying to figure out a way to do writing commissions so I can try to make at least a little of that back, and I’m still looking for a job, but it’s not going well at all.

I hope all of you guys are having a better time of it than I am right now.

Hugs to everyone.