makeup tip for us broke hoes;

honestly primer is so fucking expensive, and when you manage to buy it… it literally is a pain in the ass to use it on a daily basis. and when you don’t use it, your make up just fades in no time. however i recently found that a beauty youtuber (nikkietutorials) rec’d using NIVEA FOR MEN AFTERSHAVE BALM as a primer. And honestly that shit is a new holy grail. It feels kind of sticky at first, and smells funny.. but if you let it dry and then if you apply your foundation… it make it blend so flawlessly and makes it stay on for HOURS. I’ve been trying it for 2 weeks now, and honestly it’s the most affordable and the best primer of all time. The smell fades away in no time, and it helps your make up “stick” onto your face and stay there no matter what. I tried it on my dry skin, and on a friend’s oily skin, and my sister’s skin which is a mixture of both. And it worked for all types of skin, it controlled the oil, it made dry patches invisible and it was simply perfect. it does not irritate your skin (i have sensible skin) and it doesn’t break you out! So yeah, it’s literally at walmart or any store and it’s insanely cheap. It also helps cover up pores if you dab it onto them!!!! so yeah just a fyi for everyone out there who loves makeup!