70's nostalgia

My tribute to the late and great David Bowie. It hit me hard hearing he’d gone but there’s a star man waiting in the sky and he’s finally resting in peace. ⚡️

Yes, I´m alive.

And I´m here to tell you all about tomorrow night. Tomorrow we are celebrating la Noche de la Nostalgia.  Something like ‘Longing night’, I guess, I´m not really sure that that word is exactly the same, but still. 

So, since 1978, every single August 24th we celebrate this by doing this HUGE time travel. People of ALL ages (and i really mean all ages) go to parties where you can dance or listen to that music that you used to dance to when you were young! (yeah, half of us are really young already and weren’t even alive on the 60’s, but we really enjoy this music too).

So, you can dance on this themed parties with music that go from the 60’s to 10 years ago. Starting with, I don’t know, Queen, The Beatles, Bee Gees to tropical music that was really popular here at the end of the 90’s and the beggining of 2000 (yeah, probably most all of you don’t even know about Los fatales or Chocolate, but believe me, there’s no a single person older than 15 that don’t know the lyrics and dance to Mayonesa or  Bicho Bicho).

And finally, my favorite part. We really encourage customes. Like really encourage. Most of the parties are custome parties, and you can even go as, i don’t know, Batman to some of them. I mean, not all of them are 60’s-70’s-80´s-90´s related, which is great because you can choose from a REALLY wide variety of options.

And that’s all I guess. I know that you really want to be here.