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They knew it was a gimmick, but, like most struggling groups at the time, they were desperate. A last-minute gig at the Apollo filling in for a food-poisoned O'jay’s and the Supa-Fly’s had caught the fever: they had had a taste of the big time. Their dance moves were good but not great, and Pete’s bass playing had been slowing them down ever since he lost those four fingers after slamming them in his Caddy door. They needed an edge. When Terrence accidentally left a pair of his shoes on stage before a performance, Gandy quipped they had their new lead dancer. And so, “Invisible Larry and the Supa-Fly’s” were born. The band prospered in the northern circuit and even birthed a mild dance craze in North Phillie (“Do The Invisible Larry”). However, during a coveted performance on “Soul Train”, Terrence’s attempt to animate the shoes using tethered gerbils went awry (Don Cornelius was deathly afraid of rodents), and the band broke up shortly thereafter.


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Absolutely in love with your James and Lily. I agree that James would be a lot more romantic and confident and chivalrous, (cause Harry has no idea what he's doing with girls tbh). Do you have any ideas about when or how did Lily start to turn around and chance her mind about James, and when or how James changed ? I also adore the fact that they actually look like 70's kids ! Their clothing is perfect ! Lily's high waisted loose jeans give me life !

Thank you and yes I do :) James started growing a lot after a very graphic death of a young muggle born student caused by Death Eaters, on Christmas of his 6th year. James had found the body at Three Broomstick’s bathroom and the mistery of how that happened haunted every one of them. Hogwarts was shocked and the thought of the war became even more real. Lily was dating a boy at that time, and that boy easily stepped back, choosing to keep living his life as if nothing had happened (”because it’s easier this way, Lily”). So she cought herself looking at James many time, somehow very… curious. James was the one who actually found the body first and he seemed very affected by it - his reaction was different from anyone else, who only have heard the news. Lily realised that because the pranks and some jokes wasn’t happening very often, and many times he seemed distant and serious (although still smiling, but maybe Lily saw it being quite forced many times). So after a Transfiguration class, Lily approached him to talk. And she asked him what he saw, and asked him to tell her every detail of how he think the Death Eater had killed that girl, who was just like her, a muggle-born. And so he did, without hiding any details. And Lily appreciated it, because that meant he knew she can fucking take everything and he didn’t spare her of the truth. Of course it took a whole year for them to kiss, go out and all this stuff. Gradually, she started seeing the best side of him and they actually became friends. but the point she actually realised she was in love with him happened when he interrupted their very hot make out session in the library at night “because he was really fucking late for something” - and she had some clues about his reason on a full moon.

The Plaid Sheep was the briefest of ventures into music for George W. Bush during his heady days at Yale, made even briefer by the fact that he couldn’t sing or play an instrument. The group’s first gig at the Purple Pit failed miserably. Although George managed to get a few screams from the front-of-stage coeds when he twirled his scarf, his spastic bongo solo during a folk version of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cleared the room. Even his bandmates left the stage after he launched into a diatribe about supply-side economics. His drummer would later become his Assistant Secretary for Water and Science.