70's child


So this is chapter one of a new story i’m writing, i have pretty cool ideas for more chapters so if you enjoy let me know!

Plot -Your names Iris Steedman born 1501, you’re a phoenix that’s been alive along time you’ve gone by many names but Iris was your first. You met John Stilinski in the 40’s, Stiles grandfather. Now you’ve found yourself in Beacon Hills High School find out what happens when you come to this town full of the supernatural. 

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DOFP Headcanon: Quicksilver, Wanda, and Ms. Maximoff

SPOILERS if you haven’t seen Days of Future Past, but I’ve headcanon’d the hell out of it cause, in the words of Moriarty, “that’s what people do”. 

Peter is not “Peter”, it’s Pietro, but he gets so annoyed at all the time wasted by everyone trying to pronounce or spell it correctly, so he’s given up and calls himself Peter. His sister is the only one who calls him Pietro.

Wanda, as stated by Bryan Singer, would have been revealed in a deleted scene to have been upstairs during Charles/Hank/Logan’s visit. She is a 70’s flower child and isn’t really into using her powers for self gain like her brother does. However, when he does get himself caught, she comes and breaks him out without so much as lifting a finger cause her powers are epic. She’s really annoyed by this but Pietro knows she’ll always come for him

Ms. Maximoff was not Magda. Peter was absolutely correct when he said “My mom knew a guy who could control magnets.” The Maximoff’s knew Erik and Magda (who was Romani). When Erik left and Magda realized she was pregnant, Ms. Maximoff helped her out and they were close friends so much that when Magda died in childbirth, she adopted the twins. The Maximoff’s later went on to have their own kid who the twins treat like a real sister.

However, the twins know they are adopted and that’s part of the reason Pietro acts out the way he does, hence all the stealing. The Maximoff’s are afraid of how to deal with the twins because they are so powerful and who their father is (they discover later Erik ‘killed’ JFK). That’s why Ms. Maximoff is more inclined to just sweep everything under the rug and pay for stolen items. She doesn’t want to accidentally push Pietro into possibly becoming actually violent, which he wouldn’t, but they don’t know that.

DOFP Headcanon: Erik Lehnsherr aka Max Eisenhardt
DOFP Headcanon: Mystique
DOFP Headcanon: Rogue