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Sherlock and Watson! On the case!

 Rejected design/idea for my apsa extra credit assignment,we had to choose a literary character with our own twist to it! One of my ideas was Sherlock Holmes buuut I thought choosing him was a bit too generic so I scrapped it ,so I chose a different story haaa,but here are my concepts anyway!


Over The Garden Wall background paintings from Chapter 09: “Into The Unknown”

“and so the story is complete & everyone is satisfied with the ending & so on & so forth.”

I didn’t get the chance to work on the final episode. Which actually worked out kinda neat since I had no idea how the story would end until I watched it for the first time just last weekend. I almost needed a kleenex. So DANG gooooood!!!

Congratulations & one last great big thank you to Pat, Nick, Levon, German, Carol, Jim, Chris, Fran & oh jeeze… EVERYONE who worked on this project. It has been THE GREATEST project I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with & I could not be any more proud of what we all accomplished together. I hope our paths cross again.


R.I.P. John Stephenson (1923-2015) 

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Witchypoo, Slim Moon’s band ’s name came from the 70’s cartoon Hr Pufnstuf( there was a controversy for the name, some claimed it was for Hand Rolled Puffin ‘Stuff ), the theme music was composed by Paul Simon ( the Simon of Simon & Garfunkel), and so it came from character Wilhelmina W Witchie-poo.
Kurt loved this cartoon when he was a child. He drawn Hr Pufnstuf in those days. Do you remember @awesomephineasuniverse?

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You reboogged some of soviet animation lately and I'm just so happy you appreciate it I can't help smiling. I grew up on soviet cartoons since I'm Ukrainian and the trippy music box cartoon is one of the most quoted thing in my family

dude are you kidding I love Russian animation like Hedgehog in the Fog and Tale of Tales are exquisite, and Lev Atamanov’s The Snow Queen is still my favourite visualized version of that story