70's art

it’s just sad that when you dream about your fave characters for the first time:

he cursed at you :’(

if u’re interested abt my dream, keep reading :p

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“Dre, assis-toi faut qu’j’te parle, j’ai passé ma journée à boire” ♪

Parce que Dre est 100% Fatal et que @huntertale-au a repris une phrase… Le tout étant partit d’un simple post d’ @blesstale et d’un clip de fatal bazooka. 

Dre appartient à @cursetale
Hunter!Sans appartient à @huntertale-au

“Dre, sit down, I must talk to you, I spend my day to drink” ♪

Because Dre is 100% Fatal and @huntertale-au sing a simple sentence… All of that start with a post of @blesstale and a clip from Fatal Bazooka (french rap)

Dre belongs to @cursetale
Hunter!Sans belongs to @huntertale-au

So, you guys saw the first part…I hope.
It may be pretty hard to get him to let go. Darn his instincts. At least Viner has some sense. Poor Clumster is probably very scared and confused. I hope his sons can save him. That or V can convince him to put the little guy back.

Clumster belongs to @booplebuns
Wander and Viner are mine. (I just love those two.)
(Sorry I had to post it like this. (⌒_⌒;))

qrow’s getting a man bun with an undercut and he’s gonna have it till i grow tired of it which is probably never