The numerous times their lips touched.

Courtesy of “The House Book” by Terence Conran/The Crown Publishing Group

Sign of the Times | Loving the Unlovable Decade

Long derided as tacky and vulgar, the design of the ‘70s is now a source of great inspiration.

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Okay can I just say, the idea of writing a book has NEVER been original. It’s the content of the book that makes it good, and I think we can all agree that Dan and Phil are nothing if not superb at making great content.

It’s okay that they’re not the first ones to do something, and giving them shit for thinking “oh hey, that sounds like a good idea” then making something FOR US is not okay.

You don’t have to get the book, but if you’re a fan of theirs you will support them as they start these huge creative processes, like publishing a book or going on tour. Personally, I feel sort of like a proud parent.