Signs as That 70's Show Main Characters
  • Aries:Donna (angry af, fiery, the Best™)
  • Taurus:Jackie (materialistic and stubborn, has a nurturing side)
  • Gemini:Randy (dualistic personality, maybe doesn't deserve all the hate)
  • Cancer:Kitty (C R Y, moody af, clingy, also generous and loving)
  • Leo:Hyde (EGO, super funny, super cool, thick lion mane)
  • Virgo:Eric (hardworking, smart, fucks up a lot but always means well)
  • Libra:Bob (tries to keep peace & please ppl, pushover)
  • Scorpio:Laurie (literally Satan, extremely sexual)
  • Sagittarius:Kelso (can't sit still for a goddamn second, careless and impatient)
  • Capricorn:Red (F O O T IN A S S)
  • Aquarius:Leo (super high, super chill, really out there and weird af)
  • Pisces:Fez (a tiny child, cries so much, protect him, please)