This is the interview yesterday with the organizer of the Anti-Islam Rally. Notice how he says he wants to live in peace, but doesn’t care that he is threatening a whole group of people. Notice how he actually doesn’t understand anything about Islam. And notice that he wants to “expose,” Islam, but what he really does is expose his own BS, and the BS of everyone that supports this event.

Interviewer: You come across as a supportive husband…

Abhishek Bachchan: She’s my wife and I love her. Why will I not be there for her? It’s a sexist mindset, which believes it’s okay for a wife to be there at her husband’s premieres but not for a husband to do the same. I wasn’t brought up like that. My mother raised me differently. I have an elder sister and three cousins. My mother has two sisters. I’ve been brought up by women. So I never learnt to differentiate. If Ash can accompany me to my events, why shouldn’t I attend hers? Every husband should be supportive towards his wife. And if you care for your partner, you have to be present physically and emotionally for them.

there are actually people in the world that read narry fic for enjoyment… like… they sit down and they read it…. and they have a good time….

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