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Open Call for architectural designs by students & young professionals for an exciting, new and independent exhibition space in the heart of Johannesburg's Braamfontein



Open Call for architectural designs by students and young professionals for an exciting,

 new and independent exhibition space in the heart of Johannesburg’s CBD (Braamfontein).





An independent exhibition and project space is in the making and it needs your input.

URBANART PROJECT is launching an open call for architectural designs for its new exhibition and project space called “ROOM”.

UrbanArt Project was established to initiate, develop and produce projects in the visual arts, broadcast media, film and TV. The company aims to be a platform for collaborative projects, encouraging crossovers in a variety of creative fields. We work with both emerging and established artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, publishers and musicians to bring shared projects to life.


The collective aims to be a part of an interrogative and constructive urban culture, which draws its references from its surrounding environment and by doing so, informs its visual sensibility and values.


We want to increase awareness of creative production through the projects we engage with and take full advantage of the ever-increasing number of platforms in the public domain.


The company provides training opportunities and has engendered approach to every aspect of its activities.

ROOM will function as an ongoing visual arts exhibitions and projects’ space , with monthly artistic programming .


With the above in mind, the following parameters are to be considered when conceptualizing the design:  



Functionality/Usage of space:  Space will be dedicated to monthly visual art exhibitions utilizing various mediums – ranging from video art, sculpture, photography, drawings & paintings of varying sizes, installation and performance.

The space will also be dedicated to independent artistic projects and workshops. As such what is envisioned is the need for: modular panels, which can be mobile/moveable, perhaps even suspended from the existing trusses. Sometimes the need for video works to be displayed may require the blocking of all natural light and perhaps the need for small booths.

The first visual access with the space will be from its glass door and window each measuring approximately: Door 2230 x 875mm & Window 1490 x 990mm, respectively. Both door and window face Juts Street.

The existing window facing the street will also be used to screen video works facing the street, as well as at times showcase works independent from exhibitions inside the space and sometimes as part of the existing exhibition but more as a means to enhance the existing exhibition.

Signage announcing the space, current exhibitions and all related contact information will be displayed on the glass surfaces. 

Space description:                         20 msqd,

Height = variable as roofing slopes.;  2 exit doors & 1 window.

Currently only 2 walls, anticipated is the design of a 3rd surface to accommodate the display of more works.


Design Requirements:                  The design should consider the need for a small and almost invisible Office space, which in turn should contain a small desk, chair, shelving or any other storage solution,

Storage for works – 2 & 3 dimensional pieces with an average size of 1 msqd & 1.5qbicm, respectively.

Lighting rack;  

3rd Wall , as well as fixed and mobile display surfaces;

Attached is the overall precinct’s architectural plan. Office no 4 is the designated space for re-design.

Constraints:                                     The space is dedicated to ongoing exhibitions, hence the choice in materiality of surfaces and lighting solutions are important!  The choice in materials needed should thus accommodate the ever-changing display in the space and by virtue of this the need for re-hanging of works.

Name of Space:                              ROOM run by URBANART PROJECT

Open Days                                       For prospective candidates to measure and view the space, chat with Curator, Maria Fidel Regueros: 17 – 20 October 2011, 10h00 – 16h00.


Deadline for submission of designs:    1 November 2011

You can email design proposals or any queries to Maria Fidel Regueros   urbanart@icon.co.za

Submission requirements (Content & format): 200 word Design Rationale;

A3 Presentation panels in PDF;

The design should include floor plan, all internal elevations, internal perspectives, street elevation and courtyard elevation;

Costing proposal.  

Timeframe for installation:                   1-15 December 2011.

Budget:                                                         R 10 000.00 ex Vat (NB: Itemized costing breakdown required as part of submission)

Summary of Brief:                                     In short the design should accommodate ongoing exhibitions in a number of mediums. Both display surfaces and lighting solutions should take into consideration the need for flexible modular systems and its multiuse.  The need for an office space and storage must be well thought-out.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of outcome no later than 15 November, 2011.

Please note that interviews may take place between 15-20 November, 2011.

Final Outcome of Open Call will be announced on 20 November, 2011


Benefits for winner:                                  Visible design and designer’s name associated to the space (clearly marked name stating Space Designed by…)

South Africa Awesome: POST

POST: A gem on Juta Street.

There is something that franchised coffee shops and restaurants try to create and recreate over and over again: store after store, laminated menu after laminated menu. What is that thing? Well that’s just it, it’s THAT thing, I guess if you wanted to give it a name you could call it a ‘vibe’.
But even if you throw the actual word into your tagline that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to create it.

Now 'that thing’ (sing-a-long to Lauren Hill here), is definitely not something that POST lacks. The smell of flapjacks, fresh coffee and the old school sounds coming from their record player - POST has it all.

This month on South Africa Awesome we are really privileged to chat to the guys that make POST awesome.
Our love for POST’s coffee is so grand it would make an epic love song… they tell all about their coffee, their brand and inner city living. Interesting guys and we think a great interview.

Tell us about the birth of POST: how? who? where? when?
Well maybe let’s begin with who we are. Claudia and Eric run an architectural firm called
Boom Architects. Adrian runs a multi-faceted media company (music, radio, television and art content production) called Deconstruction.

Around September last year we all found ourselves involved with work in Braamfontein,
Adrian looking for a retail space for his AWARE record store, and Eric and Claudia with
architectural work on the Milner Park Hotel, a heritage building opposite 70 Juta.

In the conversation with Adam Levy, the landlord of both 70 Juta and Milner Park, it
became apparent that a coffee/ deli space was open on the corner and had yet to be filled.
The more we thought about this opportunity, the more we got excited about the possibility of opening a corner shop serving the best coffee and street food in Braamfontein.

The idea of POST began very shortly afterward. We were concerned that the space might
be filled with an unapproachable, run-of-the-mill coffee and eatery, as we saw this corner as vital to the area and fraternity. So we began discussing a kind of “what if” scenario, which was coupled with our collective frustration and loathing in relation to poor coffee and “street food” spaces throughout Johannesburg. One of our main motivations was a warm, welcoming public space in the city where people could pop in quickly and get a really great cup of coffee and a wholesome, delicious meal. We were also frustrated by the idea of Johannesburg being a city, yet it opens at 8am and closes at 5pm. We believe that life happens in and around these times. We wanted a public space where people could come in early (we open around 6am) and start their days.

We decided that if we wanted to see this happen we would have to do it ourselves. Claudia started compiling a journal of inspiration, ideas, ideals and quality options. By the end of September 2010 we had devised our own menu, sourced one of the best coffee suppliers (Tazza d’Oro), designed the space (open kitchen and seating area, all in 42sqm), and begun discussions to secure the lease.

Before we knew it, it was mid-October 2010 and we had started planking our own wood
(Silver Oak, reclaimed from culled trees on the side of the road), making our counters (with said Oak and reclaimed bar piping from the Milner Park Hotel), upholstering our reclaimed bar stools and designing fittings for POST from parts found from buildings in the area, ready to open on the 7th November 2010.

We felt confident enough to take on the challenge of opening the space, as we were
fiercely passionate about the area and its direct interaction with the street, as well as
having the energy and experience to take this on.

Did you name it POST because of the postbox that’s on the street nearby?
POST was named in a car ride between site visits, Eric’s idea. We had been throwing
names around for a while. We wanted something that was memorable, adaptable and kind
of throw away. We did try a variety of names, some of them naff (Toast – I mean really!?) to too cool for its own good (McQueen’s, Iggy’s…). POST just fit. Everybody could add
their own prefix or suffix and claim some kind of ownership over it (POSTer, outPOST,
POSTbox, POSTpunk, POSTmodernism, POSTcard). We got the original POSTbox from
the corner moved back after construction was complete. We actually only found out that
there was an original POST-box quite sometime after the decision on the name was made.

What would you say you guys are famous for? Do you have a signature dish/drink?
Our coffee (and our Head Barista Sabelo Mayile), our Prego and our Flapjacks.
Homemade lemonade and Homemade ice-cream (in the summer months), both from
Claudia’s mom. And I suppose our record player.

We source and use only the best ingredients we can find;

  • Our olive oil is a double-gold award winning local producer, one of the best in the world
  • Our beef is free-range grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free from the Midlands, also the best producer in its category in the country
  • Our honey comes from Claudia’s dad, a local beekeeper with a large range of pure,
  • unheated, un-irradiated and un-clarified, in essence RAW pure honey.

Why isn’t POST on Twitter?
We feel POST is intricately linked to Braamfontein, and our first focus is always the
Braamfontein family. From WITS, Liberty, the Labour Courts, T.O.M.S. Music, French
Institute of South Africa, South Point and the Braamfontein Centre, we are here for them. So we have felt that we need to focus best on what we do, for whom we do it. And it takes up a lot of time. We do have a tumblr, which visually showcases the experience of POST and our immediate area.

What is daily life like in town? Meet any interesting locals?
It is definitely interesting. The rhythm is the only constant. There are no two days alike,
yet some days feel exactly the same. Because our focus is on making a public space for
locals, about 70% of the people who come to POST are locals. There is Werner – a private investigator- who comes in every morning for his coffee and morning chat with David Hayes, our excellent Manager and Chef. There are also Dino and Jean who walk down from T.O.M.S. and we all ending up “debating” music whilst they wait for their “triple” and single cappuccino’s and one single café mocha. Every lunch we have the lawyers from the Labour Courts at the bay window (4 Parma Ham Sandwiches, 2 Coke Lights, 1 Americano and 1 Cappuccino), and then there is Simon, who arrives just after our breakfast/lunch for a quiet cappuccino, brownie and the newspaper. Believe us, there are many more.

So in our humble opinion POST makes the best coffee in JHB, can you tell us the secrets of your amazing black gold?
The secret is not that secret. We wanted to serve the most authentic coffee as we possibly could. Alessandro Morrico, from Tazza d’Oro, is fiercely passionate about coffee and making sure that true Italian/Roman coffee is served at all establishments he supplies to. We serve our coffee according to traditional Roman methods and we also went for the most robust, and maybe more expensive, roast but totally worth it in flavour. We all underwent intensive coffee training and brought on board Sabelo, without a doubt one of the best baristas around. He loves coffee, and is always pushing us all to make a better cup of coffee.

If you had a new breakfast dish called 'The elephants & easter surprise’ what would be in it?
Knowing elephants & easter, it would have to be French Toast. We made you a dish,
inspired partly by an Italian dish of crumbed and egged bread with filling. Simply, a brie
sandwich on Sourdough bread, soaked in egg with a touch of cream, fried slowly in butter, served with crispy bacon, roasted tomato and honey. We ate it after we made it for you. (Picture featured above)

Where on earth did you find your record player and can I have it?
Eric’s brother, Mike, bought it for Eric as a wedding gift. The whole thing was not working, so Mike took it apart and rewired everything. We all brought in our personal record collections to start, and with the opening of Aware down the road we are able to bring in a constant stream of records (and players if need be, from Aware).

How important is music with regards to the POST vibe?
It is very important. Dave and Eric are in the band Swivelfoot, which has actually just
changed its name to Restless Road, Adrian and Claudia are DJ’s from the alternative
Johannesburg scene, Alan is lead guitarist in Zebra and Giraffe, and Don’s brother is Mike, ex-drummer for Harris Tweed/ Dear Reader (and now keyboardist for Zebra and Giraffe). Adrian’s company Deconstruction is also focussed on producing music and content in relation to music. So yes, it is important, but not nearly as important as serving the best coffee and food – it is a consequence of who we are as a collective.

Where would you like to see POST going into the future?
We would like to augment and hone what we do in a different ways. POST we feel is a
once-off kind of a thing and that is why we have infused the space with custom made items which aren’t easy to replicate. However we do have plans afoot to expand in interesting way, including a city rooftop food-garden alongside the shop where we can plant and harvest all the fresh produce we would like to use, and taking more ownership of the pavement in more interesting, subtle ways. And as always, we are permanently on the lookout for new suppliers and produce to use in our ever-changing and adapting menu, only the best will do for our customers.

Any closing thoughts/comments?
Adrian: We are really proud of POST and thanks for acknowledging our attempt to do
something unique. We acknowledge that we are not there yet, but that is also the story of POST, it reflects the story of life in our corner of our volatile city. It does it in an authentic, honest and real way, whilst offering a warm, safe and caring atmosphere. We really do care for the people who walk through our doors, we concern ourselves with what their days are like, do they enjoy their food, are they well, healthy, are they cold this winter, is Monday okay for them.

- end -


70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg


072 248 2078

Images courtesy: POST, Denver Hendricks, Rudi Jeggle & Leon Krige.


Another fashion inspired pic for winter,

Ok guys, i am quite excited about tonight’s Fashion Friday event at the Twenty-Two store in Braamfontein’s 70 Juta. It has become my ultimate monthly-fashion-fix and following the success of the Mens Wear Edition event last month. I cant wait to see the fabulous winter fashion in-store for us tonight.

Another awesome evening of music, drinks, food & most importantly local South African designer fashion, awaits Jozi’s ‘IT’ fashion crowd.

“Fashion Fridays is a celebration of South African fashion design, art, food & music.” said the fabulous Twenty-Two owner, Vuyiswa Mutshekwane.

The diverse mix of guest fashion designers that are invited to exhibit as part of a night shopping experience will sizzle the winter-chill away, fabulously so.

As, Vie’s blog-post earlier this week, which said it best - “come join us, and have some yummy sundowners & shop up a storm!!!”

See you there


Vincent Zondo Mhlanga