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😊Now or Never? (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  “meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me - your fav ethan girl, sam”

Warnings: Mention of daddy but not much else

A/N: Y/S/N-Your sister’s name. Thanks for all the notes on my first imagine you guys! Means a lot to me! Requests are OPEN!

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I did not want to get up this morning, but I needed to. I had to meet my sister to go over some stuff for her wedding this summer. Thankfully we were meeting at Starbucks and her fiancé works there so we get discounts. I crawled out of bed and walked to my closet. I didn’t want to dress too fancy but I also didn’t want to look too bummy in case the cute barista Kyle was working. I decided to wear an oversized powder blue t-shirt with black leggings. I applied a little amount of eyeliner and baby pink lip gloss. I brushed my hair down hoping it wouldn’t frizz to terribly. I threw my black vans on and ran down the stairs and out the door muttering ‘bye’ to my mom who was standing in the kitchen with my dad. I felt the cold wind brush my skin. I sucked in a breath, wishing I had grabbed a jacket. Thankfully, Starbucks was about a 5 minute walk from my house so I didn’t see any reason to grab one. After all, the high for today is 70°F degrees so I’m not too worried. Hopefully the walk will warm me up.

I was wrong. The weather was getting chillier than normal. I could feel my teeth slightly chatter. I checked my weather app on my phone which read 54°F. Thankfully I could see the Starbucks in the distance. Instead of ordering a caramel frappucino I decided I’ll get something a little bit warmer. I pulled open the glass door and I saw my sister inside wearing her varsity jacket and glasses. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and her black framed glasses rested near the tip of her nose. I made my way to the barista who was smiling at me.

“Hey Kyle.” I said blushing a bit. His dark slicked back hair looked really good in his green hat. His dark eyes and big hands grabbed a venti cup as he wrote my name.

“Hey Y/N! Caramel frap extra whip?” He asked me and I shook my head. “What? Y/N are you okay?” He asked setting the cup and marker down. I could hear my sister laughing from a few tables away.

“Yes I’m fine but it’s also -2 outside so I’m feeling something on the warm side.” I said looking up at the menu. “Ooo a white chocolate mocha latte sounds good. I would like that.”  I smiled as his marker wrote on the paper cup. I paid the discounted price and I went over and sat with my sister. “There the soon to be bride!” I exclaimed and she covered her face.

“Hopefully we can pick dresses and flower arrangements today. The colors are pink and charcoal so the guys will have pink boutonniere and the gals will have pink bridesmaid dresses. And you Y/N will wear a charcoal dress with a pink bow around the waist, yes?” My sister says and I scroll through all of my social medias on my phone. Y/S/N was still talking and going on and on about this wedding this August. I didn’t really care at this point. I would rather be at home in my warm bed watching 13 Reasons Why. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw one of my favorite twins had tweeted.

@ethandolan: Just finished editing the video for this week you guys. Probably Gray and I’s favorite so far! See you on Tuesday!

I smiled at my phone. “Hello?” I snap out of my thoughts and look at my sister puzzled. Her eyebrows were furrowed like she was confused but her lips were in a flat line as if she knew I wasn’t paying any attention. “Y/N have you been listening to me at all?” Y/S/N asked and I decided to lie.

“Of course Y/S/N! You and Tyler want flowers at your wedding.” I saved and she rolled her eyes, obviously not impressed.

“What kind?”


“Tyler’s mom is allergic to daisies. We want orchids. Gosh if I would have known you were going to be on your phone the whole time I would have just invited mom to help me.” Y/S/N lectured me when I heard the sweetest sound.

“White chocolate mocha for Y/N.” Tyler, sister’s fiance, says and I look at my sister. I hear her huff as I stand from my seat. I walked to the bar and grabbed the little plastic piece you can stick in the mouth hole to keep you hot drinks from spilling. I decided I wanted to add some milk to tone the heat down. I looked around before I saw the touch up station which had sugars, cream, milk, etc. so you can make your coffee how you wanted.

As I was pouring my milk into my drink to help cool it down, I heard the bell ring signalling someone had walked into the store. I turned my head and I almost dropped the milk when I see two familiar faces. Ethan and Grayson Dolan had just walked into Starbucks. The Starbucks I go to on a weekly basis. The Starbucks my soon-to-be brother-in-law works.

“Eth what do you want?” Grayson asks as they both walk up to the menu. He was wearing a black snapback and a long sleeved shirt with jeans. Obviously he knew it was chilly outside today. I am shook right now. I look around to see the only people in the Starbucks is my sister, me, baristas (like 5), the twins, and some old guy. This was my chance.

“Caramel frappuccino extra whip? Why do you even ask.” He says as he runs his fingers through his hair. He was wearing his 4OU hoodies and some sweats. He must have been at his house just chilling and editing when he probably got a craving. He looked extremely attractive right now. I was about to ask for a picture until my sister snaps at me.

“Y/N!” I heard my sister snap. I look towards her and I notice the boys also look my direction. Embarrassed, I scurried off to my seat across from my sister and I’m basically hyperventilating. I want to go up and ask for a picture because how often does this happen? Never! Ethan and Gray don’t casually always come to the same Starbucks as me. Then again, I don’t want to bother them. They are probably just getting coffee and leaving to go finish for the video for Tuesday. My sister looked towards the twin and then mouthed ‘is that them?’ to me. I nodded and put my finger over my mouth signalling her to please not say anything. “Go ask for a picture.” She says and I shake my head. She looked back at the twins who were talking and waiting for their coffee.

“Y/S/N please.” I begged.

“Hey!” She shouts and the boys turn their head towards us. “Are you guys the youtube kids?” She asks and I bury my face in my hand. I could feel my cheeks changing temperature from a nice cool to fire burning red right about now.

“Yeah I’m Gray and this is Ethan. We just finished this week’s video it will be up Tuesday.” He says smiling at me. Ethan was smiling at me too and I blushed even harder.

“That blush is super cute just saying.” Ethan says and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to say.

“Excuse me?” I said and Ethan laughed again.

“Your face is as red as Winnie The Pooh’s shirt. I said it was cute.” He says changing his posture to be standing taller.

“T-Thanks. It’s nat-natural.” I said awkwardly stuttering. Ethan kept smiling. He even licked his lip, cracking a wider smile.

“Sorry she doesn’t get out much and plus she’s a big fan.” Y/S/N said and I lightly hit her

Shoulder which made Ethan laugh.

“Haha don’t worry about it. We’ve had girls who were hysterically crying to the loudest most boisterous people ever so we’ve seen it all. What’s your name?” Grayson asks us with a smile.

“Y/N.” I replied smiling.

“Well Y/N would you like a picture? Your sister can be in it too if she wants.” Grayson asks and my sister looks at me.

“I wouldn’t but she would.” My sister points to me. She pulls out her phone and Grayson stands in front of the muffins and other baked goods.

“Come on Y/N.” Ethan says as he pulls out my chair making me get up. I stand to my feet and walk over to them smiling. My sister follows and stands a few feet in front of us.

We take normal pictures, funny pictures, even pictures of them kissing my cheeks. They were honestly the sweetest most down to earth guys I have ever met. We even did a picture where they picked me up sideways and held me. That one took a few shots because we all kept laughing.

“Dolans!” The barista shouts.

“I got it.” Grayson says leaving just Ethan and I by ourselves. I looked at Ethan who was smiling which made me smile.

“Sorry for being awkward earlier and thanks for the picture.” I said picking at my jeans. He chuckled throwing his head back.

“Don’t worry about it. Want to do another picture? Just us two?” He asks and I nod. I pull out my phone and angle it up. This was my chance. I was never going to see them again and I was just going to be any other fan. Ethan kisses my cheek and I snap the picture. I showed Ethan and he nodded his head. “Make sure to tweet that to me so I can follow you and so I can have it on my phone. I love meeting fans.” Ethan says as Grayson walks up with coffees.

“E we have to get going. It was nice to meet you Y/N.” Grayson says giving me a hug. I hugged him back of course. I turned to Ethan. Now or never. I lean in for a hug.

“Thanks daddy.” I whispered in his ear. I could feel him freeze. I pulled away with a kiss on his cheek. I heard him gulp as I pulled away from him. “Hey Y/S/N ready to go?” I hollered at my sister not even worrying about the shocked Ethan that was standing still. “Hopefully I’ll see you guys around!” I said with a wave. Grayson waved back and Ethan stood frozen in his place.

Part 2?

your not-so-average pleco

Over the years the chain stores have begun offering a wider assortment of plecos to the every day public, each with different needs, but have the same info slapped onto them at the store. Commons, rubberlips, bristlenoses and clowns all have different care and come from different environments. Plecos are not algae eaters; they may eat it if they wish, but only with they are not provided with other options. A starving pleco is a pleco that eats algae. These are fish that have lifespans of nearly 20 years, that’s two whole decades of your life, that’s longer than most dogs. If kept properly, you will have your plec friend for a long time.

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*Provide succulent plants with full sun or direct bright light. A Southern or Western [Northern or Eastern] facing window is ideal if you live in the Northern [Southern] hemisphere. Gradually put your plants outdoors in the summer weather, then bring inside for winter.

*Ideal temperatures are between 70-85 degrees F (20-30 degrees C) during the day and no lower than 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) at night.

*Do not overwater. With succulents, less is more. Let the soil dry completely before watering again.

*Dry soil is necessary. Succulents should be potted in a fast-draining mixture. The grittier the better, and if you think you may have an issue over watering then add more sand or perlite to your mixture.

Sauna for dummies

  • Sauna is an essential to Finnish culture. Back in the days Finns did not only bathe, but also cooked, gave birth and healed the sick in the sauna. There are also many old sauna-related beliefs.
  • Go naked! It’s better, trust me. If you feel shy or uncomfortable, you can always take a towel.
  • Bring a small towel you can sit on. For hygienic reasons. Also because the benches may be uncomfortably hot.
  • Some public saunas are unisex. Just letting you know. But don’t worry, people usually act very appropriately.
  • Don’t wear a swimsuit in a sauna if you swam in a pool! You most likely have chlorine on your swimsuit. It will vaporize and it’s toxic.
  • First shower, then sauna, then shower again. If you’re at a summer cottage, it might not be possible to take a shower first, though.
  • Spanking yourself with a birch whisk may sound weird, but it’s really worth it. It’s called vasta or vihta in Finnish. It helps your blood circulation and it smells good.
  • Some like it hot, some don’t. Quite often you hear Finns say that the perfect sauna temperature is somewhere between 80 and 100 °C (176-212 °F) degrees but some like lower temperatures around 60-70 degrees (140-158 °F). Or even lower. And it’s totally okay! Sauna is not a competition. Though Finland used to host sauna world championships. No more championships have been held since 2010 when the men’s final turned out to be fatal.
  • There’s a lot of sauna-related vocabulary in Finnish. See some examples here!
  • There’s nothing sexual in sauna. Though there are ”gay saunas” all over the world and sweating naked in a steamy dim room while spanking yourself with twigs may sound kind of peculiar, sauna is just for bathing and relaxation purposes. 
  • Electric sauna in the city is good, but nothing beats a wooden sauna by a lake in the middle of nowhere.
  • Experience the smoke sauna! Smoke saunas have no chimney, which means that the room will be filled with smoke. When it’s hot enough, the smoke is ventilated out and only after that you go in. It takes time and skill to prepare the smoke sauna properly and safely. 
  • Add some scent. Many shops sell different kinds of sauna scents which are basically scented oils you add in the water you throw on the sauna stove. Some typical scents are eucalyptus, birch and tar. Some throw beer on the stove (it will smell like bread).
  • Opposites attract. Run out of the steamy sauna and jump into a lake or dive into a pile of snow. Or combine these two and go ice swimming! If these outdoor activities are not possible, take a cold shower. You will feel alive.
  • Humidity is as important as the heat! A hot, dry sauna is very uncomfortable. Remember to throw water on the stove.
  • The more water you throw, the hotter it will be. Also the higher you sit, the higher the temperature.
  • Sauna is not dangerous, but there are some things you should pay attention to. Don’t stay in for too long. Don’t go to sauna if you are sick. You sweat in sauna, which means you lose fluids; remember to drink afterwards. If you have heart problems, avoid sudden temperature changes. 
  • Sauna makes you relaxed. It is not recommended to go before exercising; it’s not dangerous, but you will feel lazy. 
  • Have a beer afterwards. It’s just a tradition.

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Here’s the official outfits and information about my super villain/hero au, I hope you guys appreciate this because I’ve been working on it all day!

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11 Question

Already did one, was tagged again (this time by @irina-s-solo), thought “what the hey, let’s do this!”

1. How many languages do you speak? English y Español

2. What weather do you prefer? My favorite season is fall, where it’s a cool 70 degrees (F), a little breezy, sun shining down on me, not too coudy

3. What was your dreamjob in childhood? Astronomer

4. Which colour combinations do you like? I really love the cool colors (blue, green, and purple)

5. What was your best holiday ever? I’m not sure if you mean holiday as in Christmas or Thanksgiving or holiday as in vacation … My favorite Xmas was when I got a signed photo of Daniel Radcliffe from HP #3, favorite holiday was a trip to Disney in Orlando

6. Would you prefer train or plane? Air travel sounds more fun

7. There’s always a first time, so when you firstly became a fan, what was you a fan of? I’ll tell you something I didn’t like at first was the music, which I have since come to absolutely adore. At first I was a fan of Friedkin, as I’m sure many people were, he seemed so innocent before we found out he was a dick

8. Do you have any favourite painter/sculpter/architect? Rothko, Dalí, Stella (not really familiar w/ sculptors and architects, but I tend to favor modernism)

9. And what about favourite book characters? Harry and the gang, Percy, Vlad Tod, Tris, Max Ride, Tory Brennan, Sethe, Offred, Alex (Clockwork Orange), the Doctor, Jean Louise aka Scout, Anthony (Sharp Teeth), Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn, Victor Frankenstein, Ender, Kady (The Illuminae Files), Juliette (Shatter Me), Citra and Rowan (Scythe), Katniss, the list goes on forever <3 <3

10. In which fantasy world would you like to live? Wizarding World, Starfleet Academy, Camp Half-blood, Middle-earth, MCU (if I could be a mutant or Inhuman), Star Wars Universe, The Four Nations (Earth), Narnia, Gallifrey, Illuminae files, and probably many more

11. Space-travel: warp or cryopreservation? Beam me up, Scotty! (let’s do the time warp again)

anonymous asked:

🌀 💪 🔞 📚 🔮

🌀 - Favorite type of weather?

I don’t know if this is considered weather really, but I like cool 70 degrees F(21 C) in the fall where the leaves are all red and the sun is shining but you aren’t overheating from it and you can just wear a t-shirt and shorts and be comfy.

💪 - Do you work out?

Kind of? I play basketball by myself and I like walking to the pharmacy down the road and taking bike rides through the neighborhood

🔞 - Are you under 18?

Nope I’m 21~ 

📚 - Career goal you want?

I want to be an ancient history and ancient mythology professor

🔮 - Do you believe in luck?


My name is Jenay. I’m 19, closeted, and I’m from Boston but living in DC. I’m an aspiring actress. Im incredibly shitty at describing myself so I guess I’ll just list things that I like lol: Coffee, Harry Potter, Puppies and Kittens, Thunder Storms, 70 degree F weather, nature, reading. I’ll talk your ear off about music. Watching movies is one of my favorite pastimes, one day you’ll see me in them. I love to travel and learn about other cultures. I LOVE meeting new people. Please come by and say hi, I would love to make more friends!